Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3814 - 888 - Flame Dragon God’s Exchange
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Chapter 3814 - 888 - Flame Dragon God's Exchange

Flame Dragon God’s Treasury, Central Plaza:

Under Xiao Yilong’s lead, Shi Feng and the others quickly arrived before a 1,000-man legion of Level 235-plus experts. Sitting in front of the legion was Apocalypse, one of Holy Dragon Spear’s former commanders. As a Level 240 player fully equipped with Divine Artifacts, his aura could make most Level 230 players tremble.

“Frost, where have you all been?” Apocalypse inquired when he saw the party walking toward him. “I’ve been looking for you since a while ago, but you just disappeared. I even thought you all were killed.”

“We were in the Underground City this whole time. There is something special about that place, so we couldn’t be reached,” Red Frost said, chuckling. Then, she asked curiously, “Did something happen here while we were away? What’s with the blockade?”

“It’s nothing. It’s just the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary’s various powers jointly monopolizing this place,” Apocalypse said nonchalantly. “News of the secret land spread across the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary shortly after it appeared. In just three days, over eight pseudo-apex powers have mobilized a large number of experts into the secret land. Many adventurer teams have also found their way inside. So, after discussion, Holy Dragon Spear and the other pseudo-apex powers have decided to station some experts at this plaza to prevent other powers and players from redeeming items.”

“I see.”

Realization dawned on Shi Feng when he heard Apocalypse’s explanation.

Nobody could resist the temptation of the Flame Dragon God’s Treasury. Although pseudo-apex powers were powerful, their available manpower paled compared to the vast number of independent players and adventurer teams.

If the various Guilds, adventurer teams, and independent players were allowed to freely exchange for the treasury’s items, it wouldn’t take long before everything good was redeemed. But now that the several pseudo-apex powers had joined forces, outsiders could no longer enter the central plaza. After all, there were thousands of Level 235-plus experts stationed here. Not even an apex power could come up with so many high-level experts on such a short notice.

“You don’t have to worry. You all are members and friends of Holy Dragon Spear,” Apocalypse said, smiling at Shi Feng and the others. “So long as you reveal your identity, you can freely enter the plaza and exchange for items. None of the powers here will stop you.”

“Elder Apocalypse, what if I want to bring some people in?” Shi Feng asked.

Shi Feng was used to the law of the jungle practiced in God’s Domain. It was common for powers to seal off entire maps so that they could monopolize the resources there. Thus, he wasn’t surprised to see the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary’s pseudo-apex powers blockading the exchange plaza.

As an ally recognized by Holy Dragon Spear, Shi Feng naturally wouldn’t encounter any trouble if he redeemed some inconsequential items from the treasury. However, it would be a completely different story if he redeemed one of the more important items.

The current blockade was very thorough. Not only did the blockade prevent outsiders from entering the exchange plaza, but it also functioned as a trap for those who entered it. There were only so many players inside the plaza. If he were to redeem one of the more important items, the various pseudo-apex powers would immediately discover his actions.

It might still be fine if he only redeemed some of the ordinary Divine Artifacts, but they wouldn’t let him get away with any of the top four items. At that time, they would retaliate.

“That’s not a problem.” In response to Shi Feng’s question, Apocalypse pulled out one of Holy Dragon Spear’s elder’s tokens and handed it to him, saying, “You can bring a few dozen players with you if you have this elder’s token. That should be enough, right? Don’t tell me you want to bring hundreds or thousands inside.”

“Of course not,” Shi Feng said with an awkward smile. freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

If possible, he really would have done so. Unfortunately, the circumstances did not allow it.

“Alright, go inside if you want to redeem items. If there’s anything you want, you should act quickly. The number of available items will only decrease with time,” Apocalypse said.

“Thank you, Elder Apocalypse,” Shi Feng said as he accepted the token.

After Shi Feng’s party parted ways with Apocalypse, Red Frost suddenly turned to Shi Feng.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, do you need me to talk to the old commander?” Red Frost suggested. “You have several million Undying Souls on you. Although this isn’t enough to affect the several pseudo-apex powers’ core interests, there’s no guarantee that some won’t get greedy.”

“Indeed. The millions you have are already enough for some pseudo-apex powers to take action secretly,” Heiser said. She similarly understood Shi Feng’s predicament. It might be fine if he only exchanged for items worth a few hundred thousand Undying Souls, but the items worth several million Undying Souls would most likely tempt a few pseudo-apex powers into action.

“No need. You guys go and redeem your items first. I’ll be there in a moment,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he turned down Red Frost’s suggestion.

The Dragon God Palace and the Divine Wing Dynasty were no longer Holy Dragon Spear’s only competitors in the Flame Dragon God’s Nest. Many other pseudo-apex powers had also joined the competition. If Holy Dragon Spear were to stand out right now, it would have to face all these pseudo-apex powers simultaneously. Even if Holy Dragon Spear was a pseudo-apex power, it wouldn’t last long against so many pseudo-apex powers.

Since Holy Dragon Spear couldn’t be depended on, Shi Feng might as well depend on himself from the beginning.

After watching Red Frost and the others enter the central plaza, Shi Feng went to a hotel in the Flame Dragon God’s Treasury and rented the largest VIP lounge.

I originally wanted to wait a little longer, but it seems I have no choice but to summon them now.

Shi Feng smiled wryly as he looked at the Chapter of Space in his hands. Then, he took out a bunch of Seven Luminaries Crystals and began to summon Kowloon Demon and the other chosen ones of Dragon’s Crown, whom he had added as friends beforehand.

When Shi Feng injected all the Seven Luminaries Crystals into the Chapter of Space, space-time passages appeared in the lounge one after another. Then, individual figures walked out of these space-time passages, exuding auras that caused the lounge’s magic barrier to shake.

“Is this the world outside?”

When all 100 Dragon’s Crown members appeared in the lounge, the magic barrier shattered, unable to withstand their terrifying auras any longer. As a result, their auras spread throughout the hotel.

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