Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3868 - 942 - The Oriole Behind?
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Chapter 942 – The Oriole Behind?

When the Lightning Nation launched a thousand bolts of Lightning of Destruction and turned the sky above Plot 079 into a sea of lightning, the spectating players gasped. Although many of those present had long known about the terror of Siege Weapons, they never thought that it would be this terrifying.

Normally, even one bolt of Lightning of Destruction would be enough to severely injure a Tier 6 God. Yet, the Lightning Nation had launched a thousand bolts simultaneously.




As if the bolts of Lightning of Destruction had eyes of their own, they all arced toward Ink Crystal. The power they carried far exceeded that of Ink Crystal’s Twofold Thornstorm.

However, Ink Crystal did not panic at this sight. She simply performed a simple step, causing a vague, illusory world to descend upon her and alter the World Laws of her surroundings. This, in turn, suppressed the power of the Lightning of Destruction and allowed her to exhibit greater power.

Immediately afterward, Ink Crystal split into a hundred physical copies of herself, using them to distract and mislead the Lightning Nation’s operators as she advanced on the Epic Siege Weapon. Although the Lightning Nation’s operators had tried to attack her doppelgangers regardless, she never failed to have her doppelgangers evade any oncoming attacks.

“Even that isn’t enough to kill her? How strong is she?”

“As expected of a Mortal God. Not even an Epic Siege Weapon can threaten her. I guess this proves that even royal powers are powerless against sixth-floor experts.”

When the spectators saw Ink Crystal successfully surviving the Lightning Nation’s first barrage of attacks, admiration colored their eyes. They had never thought Ink Crystal would be so strong as to render the Epic Siege Weapon of legend ineffective. At this point, they couldn’t think of anything that could possibly kill a sixth-floor expert.

Normally, it would take at least a thousand experts executing Peak Gold-ranked techniques to neutralize an attack comprising a thousand bolts of Lightning of Destruction. However, not even royal powers commanded a thousand of such experts. In other words, not even royal powers could kill Ink Crystal right now.

Currently, even Kowloon Demon and the other chosen ones of Dragon’s Crown gawked at this scene. Kowloon Demon, who had also reached the sixth-floor standard, was especially dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. No matter how he racked his mind, it shouldn’t be possible for anyone to face a thousand Peak Gold-ranked techniques and emerge unscathed.

“Is this the true strength of a sixth-floor expert?” When Hidden Soul saw Ink Crystal’s mesmerizing performance, desire and anticipation filled her. She inwardly decided to lock herself in the Tower of the Abyss after the competition and not come out until she reached the sixth-floor standard.

Previously, Hidden Soul thought she had already become an apex existence in the Greater God’s Domain after she reached the fifth-floor standard. However, this trip to Everlasting City had shown her that, in reality, fifth-floor experts were a dime a dozen, and players could only be considered to have reached the apex after reaching the sixth-floor standard.

Once a player reached the sixth-floor standard, they could go head-to-head with even apex and royal powers.

While most of the other spectators were excited over Ink Crystal’s performance, Shi Feng remained calm. He did not share the excitement of those around him. Neither did he have an optimistic view of Ink Crystal’s chances against the Lightning Nation.

The might of Epic Siege Weapons was not limited to their offensive capabilities. Their other abilities were equally incredible. They could also defend against attacks from Level 240-plus Ancient Gods, place a lockdown on designated areas, replicate World Projections, etc.

In his previous life, these Epic Siege Weapons were pivotal to the Holy Race’s success in pushing the human race back all the way to the Twelve Sanctuaries. If sixth-floor experts were enough to deal with these mighty weapons, the human race would never have lost so much territory.

“It seems you are quite good at evading. I wonder how long you can keep that up.” At the height of the spectators’ excitement, Parting Forest suddenly shouted, “Activate the Law Projection!”

At Parting Forest’s command, the Lightning Nation converted its surroundings into a world of its own, placing a powerful suppression on Ink Crystal and her Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection. Immediately, Ink Crystal’s speed plummeted, and over half of her doppelgangers were obliterated by the second wave of Lightning of Destruction. In the blink of an eye, the tables had turned on Ink Crystal.

“I guess this is my limit,” Ink Crystal sighed. When she saw that her death was imminent, she pulled out a pitch-black stone tablet from her bag and crushed it without hesitation.

Suddenly, Ink Crystal transformed into a streak of light and disappeared from Everlasting City. However, as the Everlasting City Tokens she carried could not be taken out of the city, they fell out of her bag when she disappeared.

Ink Crystal held over 30,000 tokens. When these tokens appeared, the four royal powers’ members promptly moved to snatch them, their eyes shining with greed. As for the other powers present, none dared to step forward. Even King’s Paradise’s members only dared to watch from the side.

If even an expert as strong as Ink Crystal was no match for an Epic Siege Weapon, anyone else in her shoes would merely be cannon fodder. Not to mention, the Thunder Empire wasn’t the only one taking action this time. All four royal powers were competing over the tokens. Any other power that dared to step forward would face the wrath of four royal powers. Only a fool would aim for the tokens in this situation.

The four royal powers’ members drew closer and closer to the tokens.

Five hundred yards…

Three hundred yards…

Two hundred yards…

When the four royal powers’ representatives were within 100 yards of the tokens, a figure suddenly zipped past them and arrived next to the tokens before they could react. Then, the figure waved his hand, swiftly collecting the tokens on the ground with his Mana Domain and stashing them in his bag.

This scene shocked everyone present, especially Lunar River, who was hatching up an escape plan some distance away.

“Guild Leader Black Flame?”

When Lunar River looked at the figure who had collected the Everlasting City Tokens, she recognized the other party immediately. The other party was none other than the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, the Guild she had sought to partner with.

Black Flame!

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