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"It's just a big joke. What kind of person are you Li Tianmei? Mu Yan is my daughter-in-law. Even if you can't settle accounts, you can't come." Bai Fenghua is arrogant and doesn't pay attention to Li Tianmei.

The woman was able to stand in front of her, but because of Gu Tingchen and Mu Li, she would not dare to come to the home if she was ordinary.

Li Tianmei's mouth rose slightly. She knew Bai Fenghua was arrogant. She didn't expect to be so overbearing.

"Mrs. Li, don't worry with her. I know that Muyan has suffered a lot in our family recently. I hope you don't mind.

I know she's with you now. If we can, we'd like to take Muyan back. "

Mu Yan married into their family, and did not make any big mistakes, and never complained, but Bai Fenghua did not know contentment.

"Ha ha, joke, do you still need us to be the elder, and ask her to be a junior? Li Tianmei goes back to tell Mu Yan to return my grandson as soon as possible. Otherwise, don't blame me for letting Gu tingye divorce her. There are many people who want to marry into our family. We don't need Muyan. "

Bai Fenghua is arrogant and doesn't pay attention to Muyan. If it wasn't for Muyan, she couldn't even enter the company of Mu's group. She could only rely on their family.

Now give her a chance to let Mu's group cooperate with his family. She doesn't agree. It seems that Mu Yan doesn't put her mother-in-law in the eye.

"Bai Fenghua, can you stop for a while? If it wasn't for you, how could Muyan and Sun Tzu leave? How can you not realize your mistakes?"

Gu Shaoan was very angry. Although he didn't care about him recently, every time he was attacked by words, he was really blocked.

Li Tianmei sat aside and watched their husband and wife quarrel without dissuading them.

"Mr. Gu, I know your attitude towards Muyan, but if your wife dares to bully Muyan again, I can guarantee that you will never find your grandson for the rest of your life."

Looking at the slap mark on Mu Yan's face yesterday, it can be seen that the family is not really good to Mu Yan. Even Gu tingye has not come to help his wife, and so far, he has not seen Gu tingye's people. It can be seen that Mu Yan has lived here.

"Dare you, you shameless woman, where do you want to hide my grandson? I tell you, what my grandson has left is the blood of his family. If you dare to touch a hair of his hair, I will die with you even if I die. "

"How dare you say that child has nothing to do with Muyan? If the child is allowed to make his own choice, he will definitely choose Muyan instead of Gu tingye. " Li Tianmei knows that she and Bai Fenghua have no way to communicate. Since they are unkind, don't blame him for his injustice.

Li Tianmei stood up: "I came here to remind you to take good care of Muyan. I didn't expect that you were stubborn and never paid attention to Muyan. In this case, why should I go and spend more time with you?"

"Mrs. Li, please wait a moment. We can discuss if we have something to discuss." Gu Shao'an stops Li Tianmei when he sees her leaving.

"I will take care of Muyan and the children for you. When will my wife figure it out and come back to pick up the children, or I will never let them meet."

Li Tianmei did not stay at home and left here directly.

Bai Fenghua is to curse: "you shameless woman, sooner or later I will let you pay the price, I tell you Muyan's child, but if she dares to take away, I will let her pay a hundred times the price."

"Shut up, why are you going? Don't you know? Sooner or later, your family will die because of you. " Gu Shaoan angrily threw away the newspaper, turned away, leaving Bai Fenghua alone in the living room to curse.

A month later, Muyan came back very late. Li Tianmei and Mu Li were waiting for her.

"Why did you come back so late today? Isn't all the work done? In the future, we must inform the family about something. We are very worried about you. " Li Tianmei takes the food to Muyan.

"Recently, the company is receiving a big cooperation. I have to deal with that client, or I will be preempted by other companies."

Recently, Muyan has put all her energy into her work. She doesn't pay attention to Gu tingye or Bai Fenghua's unreasonable provocation, because she knows that a woman must have her own economy in order to be able to stand firm in her husband's family.

"You child, even if you are working, you must pay attention to your body. During this period of time, you have been working hard day and night, and your face is yellow."

"Yes, sister, you must pay attention to your health. Don't forget you have a son to take care of." Mu Li sat aside and advised.

"You have to take care of yourself now. The company has me. Don't worry. You just got pregnant now, and your stomach will be bigger and bigger, so you can't work harder." Mu Yan looks at Mu Li while eating.

It seems that the two sisters have never had such a good chat and sit together for dinner.Before, she was too ignorant, and only after experiencing, could she know the importance of love.

"After a while, I will go abroad with Gu Tingchen. My mother will take care of you at home. I'm relieved. As for your mother, your father will take good care of him, but you must also take care of yourself. As for Gu tingye, he has not come to see you during this period of time. You two need to have a good talk

After marriage, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is really difficult to deal with. In addition, Bai Fenghua has been so crazy recently that Mu Yan will only be bullied when she goes back. She might as well live here more comfortably.

Gu tingye usually treats Muyan well, but when facing his mother, Gu tingye always favors his mother. After all, he is the one who gave birth to him and can't abandon it.

Muyan swallows all these sufferings into his own stomach, because Muyan knows that even if these things are said, they will not be solved. It is better to calm down and think about the future road.

"By the way, I have to remind you that Mai Xiang seems to want to buy Mu group recently, but it has been rejected by my father several times. She has also approached me alone. It seems that she is really going to sell."

That woman is quick, accurate and ruthless. If she really uses the power behind her, Mu's group will fall into a crisis, so she must not let her wishful thinking be accurate.

"We know it well, and since she stabbed in the back, we will never forgive her."

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