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As Kaizen killed three Spider-Scorpions with a single swing of his sword, he quickly adjusted his fighting stance, holding his sword tightly in his hand. He watched carefully as the other Spider-Scorpions approached, paying close attention to each sharp claw and poisonous jaw.

Just then, one of the monsters advanced on Kaizen, its claws glistening in the sunlight filtering through the treetops.

Kaizen leapt aside, dodging the attack, and immediately retaliated with a sharp thrust of his sword. The gleaming metal sliced the creature in half, spilling its poisonous liquid onto the ground and instantly melting some of the fallen leaves. The other Spider-Scorpions then advanced quickly, but Kaizen was far more agile and faster than any of them could dream of being. So he skillfully spun around them and sliced through their bodies with his sword, each cut being precise and causing the creatures to scream in pain.

The Spider-Scorpions tried to defend and attack, but to no avail. The Psyker's agility was simply relentless, even though there were dozens of monsters together.

Kaizen noticed that more and more Spider-Scorpions were surrounding him as they emerged from the cave beneath the Elder Tree, but he was undeterred. He continued his deadly dance, spinning and striking with precision, using the <Sword Art> skill to coordinate his every move. His sword sliced through the creatures, slicing through their legs, jaws, backs, and tails until almost none of the monsters were left standing.

The acrid smell of the spider scorpions' venom permeated the air, but Kaizen remained undeterred. He lowered his sword and looked down at the ground, littered with mangled bodies and shards of broken armor.

The spiders were mostly dead now, though some were still moving around the elder tree, trying to attack Kaizen, while others were fleeing, but he didn't care. He concentrated on taking a deep breath, catching his breath.

The dead spiders now lay at Kaizen's feet, their shells torn apart and blood dripping on the ground. Each stroke of the Psyker's sword was precise, swift, and deadly. Unlike his first encounter with these monsters, when he had to use his cunning to defeat them, he now knew how to attack, dodge, and defend with his sword, and he moved with skill, making fluid, precise movements that sliced the spiders into several pieces.

When he killed the spiders, some of them simply shattered, their limbs severed from their main bodies, while others were still alive, though mortally wounded. The creatures tried to defend themselves with their claws and jaws, but Kaizen's skill with the sword was superior, and he didn't even take any damage.

Kaizen sighed, feeling a slight fatigue begin to set in his muscles. He knew he could not stand there for long, for other monsters might return. He looked at the Elder Tree in front of him, knowing his destination, put his sword down, wiped his hands on his cloak, and took a step forward. However, as Kaizen took a step toward the Elder Tree, a chill ran down his spine and he immediately jumped backward.

A moment later, several glowing eyes the color of blood appeared in the darkness of the Spider-Scorpions' lair.

Kaizen frowned and quickly took a defensive stance, his hand ready to draw his sword.

Suddenly, a disturbing and heavy sound echoed through the air, as if something large was moving to leave the cave. Kaizen looked ahead, and his heart began to beat faster as he saw that the glowing eyes were no longer a horde of Spider-Scorpions, but a single creature, a creature so large that it looked like an approaching shadow. And then a huge creature emerged from the darkness, revealing its sinister features to the forest.

Kaizen could hardly believe his eyes - it was a giant spider scorpion, the size of two or three elephants, and even more terrifying in appearance.

The monster's body was covered in a shiny shell full of spikes that reflected the sunlight. Its claws and jaws were the size of spears, ready to tear apart anything in its path. The monster moved without much agility, but its sharp paws scraped the ground as it slowly left the cave.

As its scorpion tail finally rose, the creature let out a guttural, terrifying sound that seemed to echo throughout the forest. Kaizen felt another shiver run down his spine, and his mind went blank for a moment.

[You are suffering from the Sonic Stun condition applied by the Scorpion Spider King].

Kaizen knew he had to fight, and his hand trembled with excitement as he gazed into those cold, glowing eyes that seemed to cast a deadly curse upon him.

Suddenly, the King Spider-Scorpion advanced on Kaizen, its claws hitting the ground with a deafening sound. He could smell the sickening stench of its poisonous breath filling the air around him.

Psyker's ground shook from the stun, but he didn't flinch. He adjusted his fighting stance, even as his ears whistled, and swung his sword firmly, his eyes never leaving the creature.

The monster approached quickly, and Kaizen screamed in fury, jumping aside to avoid the attack. He tried to strike at the creature, but as his sword sliced through the monster's thick hide, he heard a sharp clang.


The saber bounced off the monster's natural defenses, not even scratching it.

The King Spider-Scorpion growled, its jaws opening and closing in search of an opportunity to strike as it turned in Kaizen's direction.

Kaizen realized that he was at a disadvantage, facing a creature many times larger and more resilient. But his courage did not waver, not for a second.


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