Shota's Isekai NTR Adventure

Chapter 747 Terrible mileage (1)
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Chapter 747 Terrible mileage (1)

As I fell, I felt myself falling into a soft embrace before my eyes closed and I lost consciousness.

When I woke up again, I found that I was inside of a simple looking room that didn't have much other than the essential things that a room should be decorated with.

Then when I looked around, I found that I wasn't alone in this room.

I found that it was completely filled with people that seemed to be looking at something.

I started to sit up and that was when I attracted their attention.

When they turned around, I saw who was in the room with me.

Though there were a few people that I had already recognized because of the height.

It was the Dwarven King and my group, along with the dwarves in robes that were in charge of the Earthen Temple.

Seeing them, I realized where I saw.

This should be one of the rooms inside of the Earthen Temple since the walls were completely made of dirt. In fact, all of the furniture in the room was also made of dirt.

I had thought that the furniture was a strange colour, but that turned out to be because it was made of dirt.

The first ones that came over to my bedside were Elsa and Cecilia.

The two of them immediately came over to my sides and started looking over my body as if they were trying to see if there was anything wrong with me.

A bitter smile crept onto my lips when I saw this, but I didn't stop them since I was already used to this.

This was something that they always did when something happened to me.

I had already learned from experience that it was better to just let them do what they wanted instead of trying to fight it.

So I just let the two of them examine my body as I turned to look at the Dwarven King who was standing nearby.

While they were examining me, I asked, "What happened?"

The Dwarven King shook his head with a bitter smile before saying, "I don't know. You were the one that suddenly fainted after using the Staff of Earth."

Then after a pause, his smile became even more bitter as he said, "It took us quite a bit to calm down the two beside you right now. If it wasn't for the fact that we noticed that you were just asleep, they might have already razed the city with those wyverns of yours."

It was clear that he was complaining to me, but there was nothing that I could say in response to this.

So all I could do was change the topic by saying, "Where's the Staff of Earth now?"

The Dwarven King slightly knitted his brows when he heard this before looking at me as if he was trying to figure out why I was asking this. But in the end, he turned around to look at the dwarves in robes that were still gathered around something and said while pointing at them, "It's over there."

I looked over and found that the dwarves in robes seemed to be talking about something.

There were some of them that seemed to be praying while some of them were discussing something.

At the same time, I could see that there were some traces of brown light that was coming from the gaps in their stances. It seemed like there was brown light that was coming from the area that they were surrounding.

This brown light was just like the one that had come from the mark on my hand when I held the staff.

The Dwarven King saw the way that I was looking at them, so he turned and said, "Bring it over already."

The dwarves in robes seemed like they didn't hear him at first, but eventually they brought it over when the Dwarven King spoke up again.

They just completely ignored him as they brought the staff over to where I was.

It seemed like they wanted to see what would happen if I were to take the staff again.

However, I could see that the brown light that I saw before was coming from the staff that they were bringing over.

Specifically, it was coming from the ball of dirt that was at the top of the staff.

It seemed that this ball of dirt was glowing like it contained some kind of special power.

As for what this power was, it should be the power of Terra, the God of Earth.

As the staff was brought over, I could see that the mark on my hand was also starting to glow.

It was almost as if the mark on my hand was reacting to the Staff of Earth when it came near.

The eyes of the dwarves in robes lit up the moment that they saw this and they wanted to bring the staff closer. However, there were two people that stopped them from approaching in the end.

It was Cecilia and Elsa.

The two of them clearly weren't taking any chances as they didn't want to let anything strange approach me.

But it was clear that the fervor of the dwarves in robes wasn't normal.

So in the end, the Dwarven King backed them up and stopped these dwarves in robes from approaching me with the staff.

The dwarves looked like they had been betrayed when they saw this and they still insisted on bringing the staff over.

In the end, they had support from a source that they never expected.

"Let them bring it over. I want to take a look at it."

Everyone looked at me with surprised looks when they heard this before revealing uncertain looks.

It was clear that they didn't want to let this happen, but they couldn't stop me if I insisted on it.

So the dwarves in robes brought the staff over to me and presented it to me.

Taking hold of the staff, I realized what the problem was.

This thing…had terrible mileage.

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