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204 Cheers (3)

What was wrong with this girl? Why was she blushing?

Could she be sick?

At the thought of this, Ye Xuan quickly went forward and made Liu Yanran lower her head. He touched Liu Yanran’s forehead and heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that she didn’t have a fever.

“What are you thinking about? Is there something wrong?” Ye Xuan looked at Liu Yanran with concern and asked.


Liu Yanran seemed to have seen something extraordinary. She exclaimed and shook her head in a hurry. “It’s nothing. I was just thinking about it. I was just thinking about some embarrassing things in the past.”

Ye Xuan stared at Liu Yanran for a while and saw that other than her face being a little red, there was nothing strange about her.

He was relieved.

As for her other feminine thoughts, it was a person’s little secret. Did they matter to him?

Liu Yanran quickly returned to normal and asked Ye Xuan, “Young Master, do you still want to continue shopping?”

Ye Xuan shook his head and calmly looked at the river in front of him. He felt relaxed and happy.

He took a deep breath. Such an endless scene made him want to conquer it.

For some reason, he actually thought of the Ye family’s head forcing a marriage. Anger instantly rose in his heart.

This was simply too much!

A trace of coldness flashed across Ye Xuan’s eyes. He said to Liu Yanran beside him, “Are you free next month? Come with me to Tianjing.”


Liu Yanran blinked and asked curiously, “Young Master, why are you going to Tianjing? Is there something wrong?”

Liu Yanran subconsciously thought that Young Master had a new project.

“Why am I going? Haha.” Ye Xuan sneered and his voice became colder. “Of course I’m going to cause trouble!”

This so-called head of the Ye family thought too highly of himself.

If he did not do anything, it would be unfair to these arrogant people.

Of course, it would be fine if they were polite, but if they angered him…

Hehe, he didn’t mind snatching the title of the head of the family.

At that time, they would also experience what it meant to be bestowed a marriage and despair by the main family!

After making up his mind, Ye Xuan couldn’t help but pinch the space between his eyebrows, feeling very tired.

Every day, there were so many people causing trouble. He was about to become a master monster hunter!

If this continued, he would be old before he grew up!

“Alright, we’ve seen too much good scenery and it’s easy to get tired of it! Let’s go somewhere else to play!” Ye Xuan waved his hand and announced.

When Liu Yanran heard this, she immediately stood up. She looked at their location and asked, “Young Master, we’re a little far from the parking lot. Do you think I should go get the car myself, or should we go over together?”

From the bottom of her heart, Liu Yanran didn’t want to tire Ye Xuan out, but she was also worried that Ye Xuan would encounter some danger in such a crowded place.

After thinking about it, she decided to listen to Ye Xuan’s decision.

She would do whatever her Young Master said.

Ye Xuan thought about it. There were so many people here and Liu Yanran was so good-looking. It was best not to encounter any danger.

He should go with her. Otherwise, if she encountered two lechers, she might not be able to chase them away.

“I’ll go with you. I’ll make a call on the way,” said Ye Xuan as he followed Liu Yanran.

Ye Xuan took out his cell phone and called Zheng Jianghao.

The call was quickly picked up. Zheng Jianghao’s panting voice came from the other end of the phone. “Young Master, are you looking for me?”

Ye Xuan was stunned. “What are you doing?”

From this commotion, it sounded like he was engaging in a lot of exercise!

“I’m training in the gym with my brothers! Although we followed you out, we can’t stop practicing our martial arts!” Zheng Jianghao replied. They were bodyguards who lived a life of bloodshed. Kung Fu was the skill they used to settle down in their career and life.

Therefore, no matter how carefree his life was, Zheng Jianghao had to bring his brothers to train every day.

Now that the conditions were good, even if he went out, he could train in the gym at will. He was already too happy.

Zheng Jianghao was very satisfied.

However, Ye Xuan shook his head helplessly and said, “I gave you money to have fun, but you don’t even know how to play! I think you’ve trained enough. Come out, let’s go to the clubhouse to relax tonight!”

“Alright, I’ll listen to my Young Master!” Zheng Jianghao knew that Ye Xuan treated them well and was very touched.

When the other subordinates heard Ye Xuan say that he would bring them to the clubhouse to relax, they shouted in unison.

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