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205 Beating Up (1)

It was so loud that Ye Xuan could hear it clearly on the other end of the phone.

“Young Master is mighty. Long live our Young Master!”

“Oh my god, I’ve long wanted to enjoy the life of luxury in Shanghai! The Young Master is too awesome and exciting. I love our Young Master!”

“Forget it! With your ugly appearance, even if you love the Young Master to death, there won’t be a response. Give up!”

“Forget it! With your ugly appearance, even if you love Young Master to death, there won’t be a response. Give up!”

Before Zheng Jianghao hung up on Ye Xuan, his subordinates had already run away and gone to take a shower.

Liu Yanran and Ye Xuan got their car and drove around the Bund, wanting to find a hotel that they were satisfied with.

Ye Xuan looked at the Bund under the setting sun and said directly, “Let’s go to the Ten Thousand Country Complex we saw previously. Isn’t the South Building of the Peace Hotel there? Let’s go there!”

What they ate at such a beautiful place like the Bund was no longer important. What was important was the atmosphere here.

Liu Yanran nodded and drove towards the South Building of the Peace Hotel.

Meanwhile, Zheng Jianghao and the others also got the address and immediately drove over.

The South Building of the Peace Hotel was very beautiful. The appearance was grand and luxurious. 𝐟reew𝗲b𝐧𝚘𝐯𝐞l.c𝚘m

In particular, since it was almost dinner time, many lights outside the building had already been turned on, making the entire building look different.

The entire Bund was covered in colorful neon lights. It looked extremely beautiful.

The Bund in the day and at night were like two extremes.

It was bright and lively in the day, but it seemed quiet.

Once night fell, the silence was swept away.

It was like a television which had the mute button turned off. All kinds of loud sounds instantly sounded.

It was as if a fairy had fallen into the mortal world and was instantly tainted by the aura of the mortal world.

Ye Xuan’s group had a lot of people, so the restaurant opened a larger private room for them. There were two huge round tables inside, enough for them to eat and drink freely.

Ye Xuan and Liu Yanran sat down in the private room. Not long after, Zheng Jianghao and the others arrived at the South Building of the Peace Hotel.

Looking at the classical and imposing building in front of them, these subordinates praised.

“As expected of the restaurant the Young Master chose! Look at the decoration and location. It’s really amazing!”

“This place looks so close to the square on the Bund! Even if I don’t have any plans after dinner, it must be very satisfying to go to the river to enjoy the breeze, right?”

“Young Master is still the most generous! In my opinion, we made the right choice to follow the Young Master. Where can we find a Young Master who treats us so well?!”

At this moment, Zheng Jianghao had also parked his car and walked towards the restaurant with his brothers.

As soon as they entered, the aura of so many burly men in black stunned the attendant.

These burly men in black were all muscular and looked like they could fight.

Moreover, the attendant had a feeling that these people gave her a very terrifying feeling.

It was as if their bodies were emitting an oppressive murderous aura at all times.

With just one look, the attendant shrunk her neck in fear and did not dare to take another look.

Even the security officers in the restaurant looked surprised. They stood not far away and did not dare to come forward to ask about the situation.

It was obvious that they were afraid!

The attendant became even more tense.

What were they here for?

Since when did the big brother of a club come to the Bund?

“Um, Big Brother… No, no. Sirs, do you have a reservation?” The attendant couldn’t even speak. When she saw Zheng Jianghao, she subconsciously called him Big Brother.

Zheng Jianghao’s face was cold as he said, “We’ve already made a reservation. It’s Mr. Ye’s private room.”

Mr. Ye?

Only then did the attendant heave a sigh of relief. She hurriedly brought everyone to the second floor and walked into Ye Xuan’s private room.

When Ye Xuan saw that they had arrived, he immediately started to order.

After the attendant brought the menu for them to order from, only then did Zheng Jianghao tell the others what had happened downstairs as a joke.

Liu Yanran smiled so brightly that her eyes curved into a beautiful arc. “I’m dying of laughter! Can’t you change your clothes every time you bring your subordinates out? It’s not like you’re on a mission. It’s easy to misunderstand if you dress like this!”

Zheng Jianghao did not say anything.

Even if his brothers were wearing clothes with SpongeBob SquarePants printed on them, the clothes could not withstand the murderous aura on their bodies.

It seemed like it was time for him to think of a way to get his brothers to disguise themselves.

Of course, the stronger the bodyguards, the better. However, the requirements for higher-level bodyguards were restrained.

They had to look ordinary and not have any lethality.

However, at the critical moment, they would erupt with the most shocking strength and turn the tide.

At this moment, the dishes were already served one after another.

The burly men were all hungry. They looked at the dazzling array of delicacies and kept swallowing their saliva.

However, Zheng Jianghao had previously warned them that they had to follow the rules when eating with their Young Master.

They had to wait until Young Master started eating before they could start eating.

Moreover, they had to be elegant when eating. They could not make too much noise and embarrass the Young Master.


Ye Xuan sat in his seat and drank tea. He looked at the burly men who swallowed their saliva and couldn’t move their chopsticks. Then, he felt helpless again.

“Hurry up and eat. Otherwise, the food will get cold!” Ye Xuan quickly called for everyone to eat.

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