Someday Will I Be The Greatest Alchemist?

Chapter 518: Going fishing
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Chapter 518: Going fishing

「「O, sa, ka, nya, osakanya!」」

Tails were swaying in delight in front of me.

Miri and Lala were holding hands and skipping in front of me.

「Listen, listen, Takumi-oniichan. Do we also have a rod?」

「Yeah, I prepared rods for you guys.」

「Woohoo! I’m gonna fish a lot today!」

「Sara will catch way more fish!」

Today, I was going to the sea and bringing the kids with me.

Everyone rode their bikes up to this place, parked our bikes close to the sandy beach, and were on our way to the fishing spots.

If we just wanted to eat fish, we could have just bought from the Mermaids’ fish market, but fishing was yet another pleasure, after all. Even if you can’t catch anything, it’s still fun.

Wappa and the other kids were raring to go fishing though.

I made the fishing rods, reels, and hooks, and Kaede offered to supply the line.

The members today were the children, myself who was leading them, Sophia who is always with me, and Marnie who was here to take care of me. Maria and Kaede seem to be having a meeting with Akane regarding clothes.

Instead, for some reason, Madam Elizabeth was coming with us. Eve though she was the head of a noble family, her attire was very casual, and she was just as eager. It’s great that she seems to be having fun, but it’s probably because Miri and Lala were here.

Laeva has been having it hard recently too, so she declared that she was going to spend all day today resting in bed.

「Okay, we’re here. It’s dangerous, so don’t run. The older ones should watch over the little ones, okay?」


We arrived at a pier extending from the sandy beach that wasn’t used by small fishing boats.

「Takumi-oniichan, I want to use bait nya.」

「Okay, okay, gimme a second.」

Miri and Lala asked me to put bait on their hooks.

「Iruma-san, myself as well please.」


Not wanting to be far from Miri and Lala, Madam Elizabeth seemed to have come along.

「You have my thanks. Now then, little kitties, let’s dangle it on the line.

「「Okay nya.」」

Madam Elizabeth took Miri and Lala with her when she received the bait.

……I’ll fish too.

「Nya! A bite nya!」

「Good luck oneechan!」

「Oh my, that’s amazing Miri-chan!」

Hmm, it looks like Miri got a bite immediately. I have to do my best too.

「Yaaay! I caught a fish nya!」

「Ah! Lala’s rod has a fish too!」

Uwaa, Lala also got a bite?

「Oh my, something is on my fishing rod as well.」

Even Elizabeth got a bite, but……

「Ohh, it’s coming, it’s coming!」

「It’s pulling really hard, Oniichan!」

Ohh, even Wappa got one……

No, calm down, calm down, be at peace, yup, peace of mind.

「Shirona, pull! Wind your reel!」

「I got it Colette-oneechan!」

Huh? Huh?? Everyone is getting a bite with each catch? ……except me.

「Melanie-oneechan caught it! A red fish!」

「That’s amazing, Malorie. Mother is happy for you.」

Eh, ehhhh~ that looks like a sea bream. I wonder if it tastes good. Wait, I’ve eaten that. If I remember correctly, it tasted just like a sea bream. Okay, I’ll do my best too.

「Yaaay! I caught something big!」

「I did too!」

「Oh, I got another one!」

「Miri also got another one!」

「Lala too! Lala too!」

「Kya! I caught yet another one! Fishing is fun!」

Guh, no, not yet. I still have a chance.

「Takumi-sama, it’s almost time to go home.」

「……yeah, did everyone have fun?」

「Yes, they had a lot of fun.」

「Ha, haha, that’s a relief……」

We all ate lunch together and took a short break before going back to fishing, and it seems a lot of fish was caught in the afternoon.

My pants were tugged on. When I looked down, Lala was holding one fish in her hands.

「Here. I’ll give it to Takumi-oniichan nya.」

「T-thanks. Lala.」

「Kufufu, Lala caught a lot so you can have this.」

Lala’s consideration hurts.

Yup, only I caught nothing for some reason.

Well, the act of fishing itself is fun, so I suppose I should be glad I came.

The large amount of fish everyone caught was stored in my Item Box, and I placed them in the refrigerators in each of the children’s homes. Since Wappa, Sara, Colette, and Shirona were orphans, they each had private rooms in an orphanage-like community home, so I placed a large portion into the refrigerator there.

After I finished going around the children’s homes, I went back home and sank into the living room sofa.

As I drank the tea that a maid prepared, I could hear Madam Elizabeth talk excitedly to Charlotte about the kids catching a lot of fish.

Next time, I’ll catch a huge one too.


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