Star Odyssey

Chapter 2812: An Undefeatable Innate Gift
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Chapter 2812: An Undefeatable Innate Gift

The idea of crossing realms to kill a large number of higher level corpse kings was simple, but to do so, one needed to be on the Endless Frontier. In that place, it was possible to run into a Progenitor-level corpse king at any moment.

Not even Sage Yuan or the other peak powerhouses wanted to step foot onto the Endless Frontier, as it was easy for anyone to die in that place. Even so, Chu Jian had fought on the Endless Frontier.

Sage Yuan let out a sigh. It was true, the Junior Sovereign was the Silencer. Sage Yuan had fought with the young man on the Endless Frontier, and he was thus aware that the Junior Sovereign’s true strength was terrifying. What was more, the Junior Sovereign could not die. He had endured powerful attacks from the most powerful corpse kings, and yet Chu Jian had remained unharmed by full-powered attacks. Not even Sage Yuan understood how that was powerful, but he did know that this was the capabilities of the perfect Junior Sovereign.

Chu Jian wiped the smear of blood from the corner of his mouth as he stared at Lu Yin. "If we’re comparing our records on the Endless Frontier, Dao Monarch Lu, my own aren’t even worth mentioning compared to yours. You managed to kill peak powerhouses while only a Demi-Immortal. Isn’t that right, Dao Monarch Lu?"

Lu Yin stared at Chu Jian for a moment. "Killing peak powerhouses isn’t too difficult, but it seems that killing you won’t be easy."

"Hahahaha!" Chu Jian laughed. "Peak powerhouses aren’t too difficult to kill? Before this, I would have felt that you were incredibly arrogant, but I no longer think that. You are able to withstand my full-strength Annihilation Palm without being harmed at all. Lu Xiaoxuan, you are fortunate enough to qualify to fight with me. You will be my first victory after becoming an Ascendant. I promised Master I would never lose to anyone after becoming an Ascendant, so let’s see if you can break my oath.

"Secret Technique: Phoenix Tail Sweep." For the first time, a gray-brown energy emerged from Chu Jian’s body, rather than stellular energy. The energy twined and churned about in the air, roiling like a turbulent gas. Chu Jian stared at Lu Yin. "Annihilation—Phoenix Tail Sweep. "

There was a roar as the gray-brown energy shot up into the sky where it took on the form of a gray-brown phoenix. The bird screeched at the sky.

The sky turned dark, and the void trembled and broke apart to reveal the terrifying Hollow.

Lu Yin grew serious as he looked up at the sky. This attack was more than a little powerful.

"Lu Xiaoxuan, let's see how long you can endure! Annihilation Phoenix, fall!"

The gray-brown phoenix shot down towards Lu Yin, its eyes blazing with gray-brown energy. The wings drew two black lines in the sky where the void was sliced open, revealing the Hollow to Lu Yin’s sight.

This was the most powerful attack that Chu Jian had launched so far. Lu Yin was facing an attack that could destroy the universe. It appeared evident that an average Progenitor would struggle to survive this attack.

Xu Leng shot to her feet and fearfully called out, "Junior Brother!"

Xia Shenji frowned. Why was the current generation of youths so terrifying? While this attack was not as powerful as Xia Shenji’s full strength Shenwu World, it was actually quite close.

Both Annihilation and this secret technique were from the Great Sovereign. For the first time, Chu Jian was revealing what he had learned from his master.

Lu Yin looked up to watch the Annihilation Phoenix fall, but then he turned back to look at Chu Jian. "You misunderstand the difference in our strength."

The Annihilation Phoenix dropped down, but everyone stared in disbelief as Lu Yin stopped it with a single hand.

It looked as though Lu Yin was lifting a true phoenix.

Both the power of Annihilation and the Phoenix Tail Sweep secret technique could do nothing to Lu Yin.

The purplish-black substance that covered his raised arm was impenetrable.

The people watching were startled. While they were not personally facing the power of Annihilation, how could any battle technique granted to Chu Jian by the Great Sovereign be blocked so casually?

Mu Shen just smiled. "Gu Yizhi’s inheritance provides a path for a human body to gain enough strength to match a peak powerhouse. This boy is truly talented."

Lord Xu sighed. "The Origin Universe was a glorious place that gave birth to the Three Realms Six Dao. Each of them was incredibly powerful, and they all achieved such strength by forging their own path. Any one of their inheritances is enough to overshadow an entire era. In comparison, now..."

The man did not continue, but most people understood what had been left unsaid.

Why did the Great Sovereign despise the Origin Universe? In addition to her grudges with the Origin Progenitor, there was also the fact that the people of the Origin Universe were too exceptional. The Three Realms Six Dao had unquestionably been the Great Sovereign’s juniors, but they had created unique powers that were mysterious and nearly unfathomable. Not to mention, those people had been unruly and difficult to control. This was a significant reason as to why the Great Sovereign hated the Origin Progenitor and the Origin Universe.

However, how many people in the current era could understand such a thing?

During the Great Sovereign’s Tea Ceremony, Lu Yin was demonstrating the incredible strength of the Origin Universe.

Chu Jian stared blankly. He had not felt anything just a moment ago, but he still stared at the purplish-black substance covering Lu Yin's arm. What was it? How had it managed to block the power of Annihilation?

Behind Lu Yin, the Immovable Heavenly King Elephant roared, and a terrifying power shattered the Annihilation Phoenix, which caused the gray-brown power of Annihilation to fall onto Chu Jian's body like raindrops.

"The only thing that I’m curious about is where you get the confidence to call yourself undefeated. Show me where that confidence comes from." Lu Yin lowered his hand to point at the distant form of Chu Jian. There was a bang, and a Hollow Palm shot forward.

Once again, a Fifth Level Lotus blossomed in front of Chu Jian. This time, the lotus flower failed to block Lu Yin’s attack, and it instantly shattered apart. The attack continued on, smashing into Chu Jian, but it only managed to knock him back a short ways.

Lu Yin was not in any hurry. He stared at Chu Jian with Heaven’s Sight, confident that he could find the problem.

A step delivered Lu Yin right in front of Chu Jian once again, and a crushing palm fell downwards. It carried an unstoppable power, and it could not be blocked.

Chu Jian fell back. He could not think of any way to harm Lu Yin. While the Junior Sovereign remained confident that he would not be defeated, Lu Yin was the one who was constantly attacking, and Chu Jian was losing face for the Great Sovereign during her Tea Ceremony.

Being undefeated did not mean being victorious.

Chu Jian had absolutely no hope of being able to win.

However, Chu Jian learned that, no matter what he wanted, it was impossible to escape from Lu Yin's attacks.


One palm strike.


Two palm strikes.


Three palm strikes.

Another palm strike fell upon Chu Jian. Regardless of how he retreated or dodged, he was unable to evade any of Lu Yin's attacks. The Dao Monarch was overwhelming Chu Jian every step of the way, and every attack was landing true.

However, no matter how many times Chu Jian was struck, being able to harm him seemed to be something else entirely.

Chu Jian gritted his teeth, his expression growing worse as time passed. He never stopped watching Lu Yin, and palm strikes continued to rain down upon the Junior Sovereign. He could see them, but no matter how badly he wanted to dodge, it was impossible.

Chu Jian could not keep up with Lu Yin's speed. Lu Yin moved around like a ghost.

Bastard, bastard, bastard! The bastard keeps crushing me, but why? Why can he do this? I just became an Ascendant, while he’s still a Demi-Immortal, so why is it like this?

Right, Xuan Qi managed to learn Xu Wuwei’s Spiral Domain, which means that he is quite skilled with the power of space, the bastard!

Chu Jian’s eyes grew bloodshot as he stared at Lu Yin. The Junior Sovereign glanced around, and the void twisted and formed a crescent moon shape that spread out and enveloped Chu Jian. The horizontal crescent moon then twisted and formed a full circle.

Chu Jian took a step forward and entered the circle. It was his inner world: Miniature Cycle of Reincarnation.

The Junior Sovereign did not believe that, while he remained within his inner world, Lu Yin could still land attacks with the power of space. Unfortunately, the inner world was unable to increase Chu Jian’s combat power by much, which was infuriating.

There was a bang, and Chu Jian's body went flying again. Lu Yin might not be able to target Chu Jian by using the power of space, but that did not stop Lu Yin from simply targeting the entire inner world and overwhelming it. Chu Jian's inner world was not bad, and it could even be regarded as incredibly impressive. He might even be able to use it to master the power of space, but at the moment, even if Lu Yin was unable to utilize the power of space against Chu Jian, the Junior Sovereign was still forced to retreat.

Additionally, if Lu Yin used Inverse Step, he could influence both time and space.

Again and again, Chu Jian was beaten back. All of his defensive techniques and movement techniques meant nothing before Lu Yin. Only the Junior Sovereign’s confidence in remaining undefeatable remained.

Lu Yin stood still for a moment, giving Chu Jian an odd look. He had finally seen it. "With an innate gift like that, no wonder you believe yourself undefeatable."

Chu Jian gritted his teeth and glared at Lu Yin in fury. A crazed light filled the Junior Sovereign’s eyes. He had just experienced a terrible nightmare; he had been beaten, looked down upon, and brazenly insulted in front of the entire Sixverse Association, including many peak powerhouses and even Bai Xian'er.

Chu Jian was the perfect Junior Sovereign! He was perfect! He should not be suffering like this. How was this happening? Lu Yin should not be anywhere close to being on the same level as Chu Jian, so what was going on?

Bloodlust appeared deep in Chu Jian’s eyes, and it quickly grew. He looked like he was about to go crazy.

"Nine of Ten Chambers Empty," the Great Sovereign stated. Her voice seemed to wake everyone, including Chu Jian, who had been about to lose his mind.

Everyone was dazed by the sight of Lu Yin thrashing Chu Jian. What people had expected to be a stalemate turned out to be a one-sided beat-down, and they were unable to react to the unexpected development.

Chu Jian’s abilities and performance were truly amazing. He had mastered the battle techniques of the Three Sovereigns and Nine Sages, as well as received battle techniques from the Great Sovereign herself. It was clear that, even as an Ascendant, Chu Jian could threaten peak powerhouses.

Even so, the Junior Sovereign was being beaten by Lu Yin to the point where Chu Jian could not even fight back. His unshakeable confidence in being undefeatable remained, but it was clear that he was simply not qualified to fight against Lu Yin.

The gap between the two was too vast.

Throughout the entire match, Chu Jian had only managed to land a single attack, but despite the Junior Sovereign’s absolute confidence, that attack had not had effected Lu Yin at all.

Chu Jian could see that he had no hope of victory.

Was this why Lu Yin had managed to become the Dao Monarch of the Origin Universe’s Heavens Sect? The gap between him and Chu Jian was so shocking.

"His innate gift allowed him access to ten chambers, nine of which are empty. Any attack can be transferred to an empty chamber so that Chu Jian does not have to endure it. This is the meaning of ‘Nine of Ten Chambers Empty.’"

Everyone stared at Chu Jian. Was this his innate gift?

Not to mention everyone else, not even Sovereign Shao Yin or Sovereign Ninth Lotus had known about Chu Jian’s innate gift.

Aside from the Great Sovereign, no one had been aware of the young man’s innate gift.

Sovereign Ninth Lotus exclaimed, "No wonder he is confident in being invincible and was willing to brazenly wander about the Endless Frontier."

Outside of where others from the Sixverse Association were watching, Jiang Xiaodao exclaimed, "He actually has an innate gift like that? If I had that, I’d be able to control the Endless Frontier!"

Xu Jie was shocked. "His innate gift is certainly powerful, but even so, it can’t compensate for the difference between him and Xuan Qi—no, Dao Monarch Lu."

In Proximity, Sage Bodhi was staring at a display from her chair. "So that’s his innate gift. No wonder it’s never been revealed before, even after I did my best to uncover it. However, Master is exposing it now... Does she want him to use the power of Annihilation? If so, that’s quite interesting.”

Above the Nine Heavens and the Ten Earths, the attendees of the Tea Ceremony watched as Chu Jian was beaten almost to the point of his mind breaking. He had done everything in his power, but he had still lost the qualifications to remain “perfect” before the entire Sixverse Association. The perfect Junior Sovereign—it had been an incredibly arrogant title, and yet he was being mercilessly crushed without any ability to fight back.

"Chu Jian, do you still not understand?" the Great Sovereign spoke again, her words shaking Chu Jian's mind.

The crazed light faded from Chu Jian’s eyes, and he stared blankly at the Great Sovereign. "Master?"

"Why are you obsessed with being invincible?"

Chu Jian was stunned by the question. "You told this disciple to remain undefeated."

"What is it that you fear?"

Chu Jian was confused by the question, and his eyes lost focus. What did he fear? Was he afraid? No. He had an innate gift that made him immortal and unable to be defeated by anyone, so what was there to be afraid of?

"What is it that you fear?" the Great Sovereign’s voice boomed.

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