Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 953 - The Secret of the Leader
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Chapter 953 The Secret of the Leader

“Go ahead and do whatever you want to do. No one will dare to stop you in Dajin from now on.”

Long Tianyu said in a low voice. After kissing her on the head, Long Tianyu took out a golden waist token and stuffed it into her hand.

Lin Mengya looked at the token curiously. There was only the word “Dragon” in the Seal Script engraved on it.

The writing was extremely powerful and unusual.

At the back of the token, there was a soaring dragon with a monstrous aura.

She hadn’t seen it before, but as long as it was given by Long Tianyu, she knew it was a good thing.

“Your Highness, it’s time to enter the palace.”

When the two of them still wanted to be with each other, an awkward reminder came from outside.

Then, they heard another voice from a woman who lashed out at the former person.

“Butler Lin, do you know the rules? The Highness has told us not to let anyone disturb our Master. Be careful if our Master is in a bad mood, the Highness will behead you.”

It was Baizhi who spoke. She relied on her young age to be spoiled by the brothers and sisters in the yard.

And Lin Kui was an old man in the mansion who had a good relationship with them.

Sometimes Baizhi would make fun of Lin Kui, but he was not angry.

“You’re right, Miss Baizhi. But I have no other choice. Our Princess is extremely kind and considerate. She would not bother to be angry with me.”

These words praised Lin Mengya so much.

Lin Mengya, who was resting on the bed, blushed slightly. Lin Kui, who used to be meticulous, seemed to be a little off too.

“Alright, shut up. Master, Your Highness, can we come in?”

In the end, it was Baiji, the big sister, who settled the situation.

After Long Tianyu’s permission came from inside, several maids came in one by one, carrying things.

By this time, Lin Mengya and Long Tianyu both had put on their tunics.

The maids helped them put on layers of coats in a well-trained manner and helped their two Masters freshen up.

Not long after, Long Tianyu was in full attire, which made him handsome and elegant.

“Stay here and wait for me to come back.”

The woman sitting in front of the dressing table had bright eyes and was extremely charming.

He couldn’t help lowering his head and kissing her hair with his eyes full of affection.

“Alright, you may leave now. Don’t make those elder officials anxious. I’ll discuss with the Empress Dowager about entering the Palace.”

Lin Mengya lowered her head and said softly.

In the end, Long Tianyu left with Lin Kui, leaving her and her trusted maids in the room.

“You all can leave. I would like to speak with Qinghu for a while.”

Early in the morning, Qinghu had been standing at her door like a log.

Lin Mengya knew that he had something to tell her, so she asked everyone to go away, leaving only the two of them in the room.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you have something to tell me?”

Qinghu looked weird. Lin Mengya looked at him and asked in confusion.

“A few days ago, I got a message. Girl, let’s not go, ok? Whatever the relic of the Guwei State, whatever the Candle Dragon Cult. Even if I die, I will still keep you safe. So let’s not go, ok?”

Qinghu lost control of his emotions. For the first time, there was such a deep fear on his handsome face.

Lin Mengya looked at him directly with gentle eyes.

“Exactly what happened? No matter what, you should tell me.”

Qinghu looked at his hands as if he was going to collapse.

He had wanted to use his hands to protect her.

But he could only send her to death.

“The Candle Dragon Cult has found the way to enter the relic of the Guwei State. Girl, do you know why your Lin Family chose to give up your responsibility before?”

The more Qinghu spoke, the more confused Lin Mengya became.

She shook her head and looked at Qinghu with confusion.

“It’s life! Every member of the Lin Family who wants to enter the relic of the Guwei State has to use the lives of their family members to exchange this opportunity. At that time, your mother married your father because her parents wanted to use the blood of the Lin Family to open the relic of the Guwei State. But your mother refused and destroyed their hopes with her death!”

So this was the truth of the matter.

Lin Mengya’s heart was filled with mixed feelings. She had figured out the last thing, which was her mother’s inexplicable death.

“Do you mean that my grandparents’ family wanted to push me to my death?”

By now, nothing could shake Lin Mengya’s heart.

However, when she heard that her grandparents’ family, who had once warmed her and helped her, had forced her mother to her death and pushed her into danger, the sadness in her heart was still hard to control.

“That’s right. That’s why they tried their best to help us. Do you know that the liar surnamed Zhu is your biological uncle?”

Qinghu gnashed his teeth. Obviously, compared with Lin Mengya’s calmness, he was more resentful after being betrayed by his friend.

“I’ve known about this for a long time, but how did you know it?”

In fact, no matter what the plan of her grandparents’ family was, what her uncle told her at that time should be true.

They knew the inside story of the relic of the Guwei State, and thus wished to figure out their curses.

From the perspective of their goals, perhaps sacrificing a daughter did not make them feel too much guilty.

But Lin Mengya had mixed feelings.

What mood did her mother have to bring her and her brother into this world?

“That bastard surnamed Zhu has been plotting for a long time in the Candle Dragon Cult secretly, and now he holds half of the Candle Dragon Cult in his hands. Some time ago, the Candle Dragon Cult has collected the last sacrifice, and they are only waiting for the right time to open the door of the relic of the Guwei State. He secretly took away the sacrifice, revealed his identity, and betrayed the Candle Dragon Cult. Now, that place has been torn apart because of him, but the leader is still nowhere to be found. The man surnamed Zhu said that the leader was dead. But there are still loyalists who don’t believe him. So the two sides have already turned the world upside down.”

The leader was not there?

Lin Mengya frowned tightly. In both her uncle’s and Qinghu’s description, this leader was an ambitious and cruel person.

But the Candle Dragon Cult that he painstakingly operated had been in such a mess. Why didn’t he appear?

This was unreasonable.

“What is the goal of the leader?”

Lin Mengya lowered her head and tried to think about it, but she failed.

“Do you suspect that the purpose of the leader is not to dominate the world?”

Qinghu had the same expression. He had joined the Candle Dragon Cult a long time.

However, not a single person around him had seen the leader.

They only knew him but had never seen him, which made the leader become the biggest secret of the Candle Dragon Cult.

Lin Mengya pondered for a while, rested her chin on her hand and blurted out her analysis subconsciously.

“Has the leader not appeared ever since you entered the Candle Dragon Cult?”

Qinghu nodded. In fact, there were many things in the Candle Dragon Cult that had to be decided by the leader himself.

However, ever since he entered the Candle Dragon Cult, he had never seen him once.

Now he thought that it had been at least 20 or 30 years since the leader of Candle Dragon Cult disappeared.

According to the timeline, Qinghu was about the same age as Lin Mengya’s teacher.

When the current leader of the Candle Dragon Cult took the throne, her teacher said that he was a young man about his age.

“When you entered the Candle Dragon Cult, the leader was not this person now, right?”

Qinghu nodded. He was no longer gnashing his teeth when it came to the past.

“Indeed, I’ve seen the previous leader. But I’ve been sent to the Capital City of Dajin many years when the current leader succeeded the throne.”

After so many years, the current leader had yet to show himself. This obviously did not make sense, did it?

What was he planning? That was for sure.

But no matter what goal he wanted to achieve, the Candle Dragon Cult should be his helper.

But now the sacrificial offering had been snatched away by someone and the power that belonged to him had been scattered.

The reason why he didn’t show up might be that his goal had been achieved, and he no longer needed the Candle Dragon Cult.

Or just like what her uncle claimed, he had died quietly, and the so-called order from the leader was a fake of his men.

Also, he might have found another helper, so he no longer needed the Candle Dragon Cult.

The last point might be that for some reason, he could not appear now.

Lin Mengya pondered for a moment and gradually overturned the previous several possibilities.

In the end, she concluded that the leader could not appear now.

“Do you remember any special habit of this leader of Candle Dragon Cult? A person, no matter what kind of martial arts he cultivates, needs to eat and drink, so he needs someone to take care of him, right? In the Candle Dragon Cult, there must be someone responsible for taking care of him. Think carefully. Does this leader has any special place?”

Lin Mengya’s reminder sent Qinghu into deep thought.

He was a member of the Candle Dragon Cult, but he hated the Candle Dragon Cult so much before.

However, in order to live a better life, he still had to curry favor with those disgusting people like the others.

Among them, the most despicable one was the fat man named Wang Qingda.

That guy was violent and cruel.

He especially liked to cut off the skin of good-looking boys and girls, and then dry the skin to paint on them.

He had almost died at the hands of that fat man before. If he hadn’t taken the initiative to swallow the medicine and become a rare medicine man who survived in the Candle Dragon Cult, he would have become the precious human skin painting in Wang Qingda’s room.

But the reason why this person could do whatever he wanted in the Candle Dragon Cult was not because of his own strength.

Rather, it was because he had a good younger brother.

Wang Qingda’s younger brother was the attendant responsible for taking care of the leader.

He was a man with a gloomy face, tall and strong, but more ruthless than his elder brother.

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