Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 954 - Getting Respected in the Art of Healing
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Chapter 954 Getting Respected in the Art of Healing

Qinghu was obsessed with his memories of the past. At that time, he wished he could forget everything, but now he hoped to recall everything bit by bit to help them break through the current predicament.

After thinking for a long time, he rubbed his brow with some fatigue.

However, the expression in his eyes was becoming more serious.

“I’ve never seen the leader before, but I’ve heard that the personal attendant in charge of taking care of his diet and daily life would usually mix a small amount of datura flower into his diet. Although this flower is poisonous, there are many poison-making doctors in the Candle Dragon Cult. So this is not a big deal. At that time, I thought it was just a habit of the leader. But now I think that there seems to be a lot of things in his diet that can relieve pain.”

Qinghu had followed Lin Mengya for many years, so he naturally knew some common herbs.

But his words made Lin Mengya think with him.

“Datura flower can be used as an anesthetic, a painkiller…”

Her pupils contracted slightly, and an idea gradually shaped in her mind.

Especially when she looked at Qinghu, she had more complicated emotions in her eyes.

“Have you ever wondered what the kind of medicine that made your life worse than death before, but could keep you young forever, was used for? The reason why there are so many kinds of living experiments in the Candle Dragon Cult is probably, all for the same purpose.”

According to her uncle and teacher, the Candle Dragon Cult was not an evil organization that would kill people at the beginning.

It was only after the current leader took office that things became more and more uncontrollable.

In this case, such a crazy and radical person would not allow anyone to impede him.

Candle Dragon Cult would not be like an abandoned pawn to him unless his goal had been achieved.

This discovery made Lin Mengya feel like a fishbone was in her throat, and she could not resist, as if she was completely grasped by someone.

“I suppose I’ve guessed the purpose of the leader. The reason why he asked people to carry out these crazy experiments is that the results of these experiments are all for him. The reason why he hasn’t been seen by anyone for so many years is that there is something wrong with the experiments. The datura flower and those painkillers should be used to relieve his pain. The reason why he doesn’t care about Mr. Zhu’s betrayal now is that he has more important things to do.”

In the past, Lin Mengya only thought that the leader of the Candle Dragon Cult was a smart but cruel person.

Then now, she thought that the current leader was just a lunatic.

She was not afraid of a fierce and ambitious person because he had the consciousness of a human at least.

But she had to deal with a lunatic cautiously who could even hurt himself.

After all, who would understand the thoughts of a madman?

“You mean that all the suffering we’ve endured is for the sake of attaining the goal of this madman?”

Qinghu’s face fell and he clenched his fists. His foxy eyes were no longer glistening. All that was left was extreme anger.

The torment he had suffered since young and the inhumane treatment he received were all for a man’s personal desire.

Feeling that Qinghu’s body tensed up and his breath became unstable, Lin Mengya stood up and held his long and slender hands.

“Everything has passed. No one will dare hurt you again. And I won’t let him achieve his goal. I’ll avenge you.”

The woman’s gentle and mellow voice gradually brought Qinghu back to his senses.

He lowered his head and looked at the gentle smile on Lin Mengya’s face. His heart was filled with warmth.

He held her little hands. Yes, he had family members to worry about now, and his heart had already come back to life.

He was completely different from that person.

“You’re right. If we let him achieve his goal so easily, we suffer for nothing. We can’t let him live so freely.”

He raised his eyebrows slightly and a few traces of shrewdness sparkled through his eyes. There seemed to be a trace of a smile on his face. He was so seductive that people couldn’t help looking at him.

Lin Mengya finally felt relieved. Qinghu seemed to be indifferent to the world, but things before had always shackled him.

But now it seemed that this guy had completely figured it out.

This could be considered a good thing. At the very least, he would not be exploited by others because of his past.

“Girl, nothing can escape your eyes.”

He patted Lin Mengya’s hands to reassure her.

He would not be so useless as to lose to those assholes.

“However, although I don’t know what your uncle and your two cousins want to do, I will never allow them to hurt you.”

A trace of ruthlessness flashed across his narrow eyes. In his eyes, no one deserved more respect than her.

Lin Mengya smiled, but there was a hint of decisiveness in her smile.

“After all, this is what my grandparents have done. If my uncle and cousins really have the intention to repair this relationship with me, then they are our companions. But if they want to sacrifice me, hum, you know me. No one has ever taken advantage of me and walked away in one piece.”

She pinched a hairpin on her hair that was made of pure gold and inlaid with rubies as red as fire.

All these were carefully instructed by her two cousins to send to her as dowries.

If they intended to harm her, they would have to pay a high price.

Up until now, who had she ever feared?

“That’s true. Every time someone tries to scam you, they will ultimately be scammed by you till nothing remains.”

Qinghu smiled playfully but did not mention that he was the one helping her secretly.

He glanced at the door with a nonsensical smile on his lips.

He reminded Lin Mengya casually as if he had really forgotten.

But the malice on his lips betrayed his thoughts.

“Yunzhu has been waiting for you at the door for several days. Earlier they wanted to tell you, but I told them that you were busy these days, and unfortunately, I had so much going on that I forgot about it.”

Glancing at Qinghu, Lin Mengya certainly knew his character.

Those who dared scheme against her and betray her were branded with a heinous mark in Qinghu’s eyes. 𝘧𝓇𝘦𝘦𝔀ℯ𝘣𝓃𝓸𝓿ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓂

If not for the fact that Yunzhu was still of some use to them, Qinghu would have found an opportunity to kill her.

“I should go make good on my promise. Where’s the teacher, where is he?”

Her teacher had been in a good mood these days. Although perhaps he had already guessed that Baili Wuchen was his son, he was actually a very open-minded person.

He would rather things remain like this than hurt that poor child.

But Yunzhu couldn’t wait. These days, she might have already figured out the ins and outs.

That woman was hateful, but also somewhat pitiful.

After all, she ended up like this because she had been deceived by a man.

But at this point, it was her own choice. Some things were really hard to say.

She got up and went to a small courtyard outside Liuxin Courtyard. Long Tianyu respected Lin Mengya’s teacher very much.

But Baili Rui had already seen through the affairs of the world, so he just asked to live in an ordinary and quiet courtyard.

Since he recovered, he had been living here alone with only one clever and young assistant to serve him.

Sooner or later, Long Tianyu would enter the palace, so there must be someone guarding here.

Baili Rui volunteered to stay here, which saved them a lot of trouble.

After all, no one dared to trespass into the Hidden Dragon Mansion.

As soon as they entered the yard, they heard the laughter of a child in the room.

“Moyan, why are you being naughty again?”

Lin Mengya said with a smile through the window.

A little boy in a dark green coat rushed out of the room at once. He accidentally fell a bit when he crossed the threshold because of his short legs.

But this little guy had a high tolerance for pain. He got up from the ground and patted his knees, and then he hugged Lin Mengya’s legs and looked at his aunt with a big smile.

“Auntie, Grandpa, teach me, medicine.”

Moyan was very smart. He learned to speak at an early age.

However, when the child was happy, he couldn’t express himself clearly.

Qinghu grabbed his short and fat body. The child was not afraid of him, but took the initiative to hold his neck and put himself in Qinghu’s arms.

But his eyes were full of excitement and he looked at Lin Mengya.

“You are here. I am teaching Moyan how to identify herbs. You don’t know that this child is very talented.”

Baili Rui also came out of the room. Recently, his tortured thin body had recovered a lot under the nourishment of countless useful drugs sent by Lin Mengya.

Thankfully, he used to have a strong body. Although he was still a bit weak, he was in high spirits.

Lin Mengya reached out and pinched Moyan’s white and tender cheeks.

“This child is ultimately related to the herbs, and he is more fortunate than me to have been taught by you from a young age. Later, when I am free, I will write the music score for the green stringed instrument from my memory. Although this book contains a lot of killing, it is a wonderful book that can save people’s lives.”

Baili Rui’s eyes flickered and finally turned into an indescribable smile.

The music score for the green stringed instrument was the dream of everyone in the art of healing and poisoning.

The frantic struggles of people all over the world were all for the sake of reaching an unprecedented peak.

But the only person in the world who had gotten everything wanted to give up willingly.

Some things were destined to be.

“That’s good. Medical books are used to benefit the world. A great number of people will benefit from it if you think so.”

Baili Rui looked at his only student, and his eyes were full of gratification.

After all, he was the most discerning person. She was a carefully selected student. Not only was she loyal, but she was also a broad-minded person.

To him, both the art of healing and poisoning were nothing but floating clouds.

And he had a hunch that from now on, all the doctors in the world would respect the woman in front of him.

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