Suppressing the Protagonist in the Start to Seize the Heroine

Chapter 96: Salary Day, Excited Lin Xiaowan
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Chapter 96: Salary Day, Excited Lin Xiaowan

Unbeknownst to Su Lin, he had become an internet and TV sensation over the past few days. Jiangnan TV, as the provincial station in Jiangnan, enjoyed high viewership.

Especially with Su Lin’s flamboyant remarks, like claiming a score of 140 in Chinese was just average and that he could easily achieve full marks, he became a topic of online banter.

Some netizens teased him for being thoughtless, while others believed he must have the confidence to back up his words. Unfortunately, the era of smartphones had not yet arrived; otherwise, Su Lin’s words would have certainly gone viral.

In a few years, once smartphones become widespread, Su Lin’s words would be often brought up online. By then, he would become an idol for the younger generation.

The first day of summer vacation was a joyous day for Su Lin, Lin Xiaowan, and their friends – it was payday. Especially for Lin Xiaowan, who was very excited.

It was her first salary, a significant milestone. When Xia Shiyu brought out the pay slips, Lin Xiaowan rushed up excitedly, “Xiaoyu Xiaoyu, how much is my salary? Let me see!”

Xia Shiyu, slightly bumped by Lin Xiaowan, felt a bit overwhelmed. She suddenly realized Lin Xiaowan’s chest seemed to have grown bigger, and comparing it to her own, she felt a bit dejected. Fortunately, Su Lin didn’t mind her size.

Lin Xiaowan grabbed the salary slip and exclaimed, “Wow! So much. Over fifty thousand! Xiaoyu, are you sure this is right? Why is it so much?”

Xia Shiyu smiled, “Xiaowan, your salary is accurate, calculated strictly according to what Su Lin said. I also got a lot. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it~~.” She then looked at Su Lin with a slightly plaintive expression.

Su Lin, a bit speechless, said, “You’re not happy with the high salary? As part of the management, it’s normal to have a higher salary. And remember, this is for more than two months, not just one. You should ask Zhang Yong how much he got this month. He earns more than me.”

“Zhang Yong is different. He gets a performance bonus. Besides, the company is yours, why do you care about this?” Lin Xiaowan said cheerily.

“That’s right, the company is yours. If you want, millions can be transferred to your account in an instant,”

Su Lin waved his hand, “That won’t work, we need that money for expansion, buying land costs over ten million.” f𝐫eewe𝚋nove𝗹.𝗰o𝚖

“Speaking of which, when will my salary be credited?” Lin Xiaowan asked.

“If nothing goes wrong, it should be in your account now,” Xia Shiyu replied.

“Wow! I’m going to buy clothes, pants, dolls, lots of things! Xiaoyu, come shopping with me this afternoon.”

“I can’t, I still owe Su Lin a lot of money,” Xia Shiyu said.

“Oh right, you owe Su Lin several hundred thousand,” Lin Xiaowan realized.

“Yes, and Su Lin’s birthday is coming up; I need to prepare a gift.”

“That way, there isn’t much left to spend,” Lin Xiaowan calculated.

Su Lin touched his nose and said, “You don’t have to buy expensive gifts for me, just the thought is enough, especially Xiaoyu, since you don’t have much money. It’s okay if you don’t buy anything.”

Hearing Xia Shiyu’s words, her face blushed slightly. She had already told Su Lin that she would give herself to him on his 18th birthday as a coming-of-age gift.

Thankfully, Lin Xiaowan was unaware of this, or Xia Shiyu would have been too embarrassed to show her face.

“Buying an expensive gift? Forget it. I’ll just pick up something from the dollar store,” Lin Xiaowan said in a feigned ferocious manner.

She remembered something Su Lin had mentioned before. He was a typical case of someone who would take a mile if given an inch, so he needed to be kept in check.

Su Lin shrugged, “Xiaowan, you don’t even have to spend a penny, I’d gladly accept anything from you.”

Lin Xiaowan felt like Su Lin was implying something and kept staring at him.

“Uh… Xiaowan, why are you staring at me like that? Today is a good day for getting paid, aren’t you two going to treat me to a meal?” Su Lin asked with a smile.

“I didn’t even think about eating, but now that you mention it, I’m feeling a bit hungry,” Lin Xiaowan said, touching her stomach.

“What are we waiting for then? Let’s go eat. You two get ready, I’ll go start the car,” Su Lin called out.

“Alright, we’ll be right down. Just to let you know, I’m paying for the meal today, so nobody fight me for it.”

“Okay, okay, we won’t fight with you,” Su Lin said indulgently.


Su Lin drove around the city center of Zhongjiang.

“Ah, I always thought Zhongjiang was big, but around mealtime, it feels too small. It’s hard to find a place to eat.”

“Yeah, we’ve already tried all the well-known restaurants in Zhongjiang. But it’ll be okay in a few days. Su Lin, I’ve already spoken to my dad, and we’re going to Donghai together in a few days,” Lin Xiaowan said with a smile.

“Together? Is your dad okay with letting you go?” Su Lin asked in surprise.

“He has no choice. My dad is busy with work now. He’s going to the countryside for research soon, and he’ll be gone for ten days to half a month, maybe even longer.”

“My mom is also going on a business trip, so I told them I’m going to Donghai for fun, and they agreed,” Lin Xiaowan replied.

“Oh! Then it’s settled, we’ll go together.”

Lin Xiaowan was happy at the thought of enjoying some alone time with Su Lin. Turning to Xia Shiyu, she asked, “Xiaoyu, are you going to join us?”

Xia Shiyu shook her head, “I won’t go for now. Xiaowan, you and Su Lin go ahead. Su Lin has left me in charge here, and my dad also needs someone to look after him. I can’t leave.”

Hearing this, Xia Shiyu looked a bit downcast. The thought of not seeing Su Lin for a while saddened her.

Lin Xiaowan patted Xia Shiyu’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, Xiaoyu. I’ll keep an eye on this rascal. Once we’re done with the branch opening in Donghai, we’ll come back for you, okay?”

Xia Shiyu nodded with a smile, “Okay.”

Su Lin chuckled, “Xiaoyu, don’t be so downcast. I won’t be going to Donghai until after my birthday, so we still have several days. I’ll spend these days with you and Xiaowan. Whatever you want to do, we’ll do.”

“Right, right!” Lin Xiaowan agreed.

“Su Lin, Su Lin, let’s eat here. I haven’t had cold pot rabbit in a long time.”

“Hehe, you’re paying today, so you decide. Xiaoyu and I will just bring our mouths and stomachs.”

“Heh, then you two better eat a lot.”

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