Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1422 Kneel and pay respect to your Master.
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Chapter 1422 Kneel and pay respect to your Master.

1422 Kneel and pay respect to your Master.

"How about I take you in as my disciple?"

Aeliana offered, surprising all her subordinates.

"Lady Ael-"

One of the men wanted to say something, however, just a stare from Aeliana was enough for him to lower his head. Ignoring his existence, Aeliana turned back towards Nux, waiting for his answer.

"Your disciple...?"

"I am the Leader of the Ancestral Order, I highly doubt there is anyone else in this entire world who can guide you better than I can.

As for the question of safety..."

A small, confident smile appeared on Aeliana's face and,

"Trust me, no one in this world would dare to lay their hands on my disciple."

Hearing the confidence in her tone, Astaria couldn't help but raise her eyebrows. This was something she had seen before... the expression on the woman's face... it was something extremely familiar to her.

And why would it not be?

After all, it was the same expression she had, the same confidence, confidence that no matter the problem, she would be able to solve it with her strength... If before, Astaria had any doubts, now, she was sure.

This woman... she was indeed one of the strongest existence, if not the strongest, in the entire world.

"So... you will protect me?"

Nux questioned, looking into Aeliana's eyes, gaining everyone's attention again.

"I won't promise you absolute protection, that will only hinder your progress.

But I can assure you that you will never be in an unfair situation.

I will make sure no one uses you. I will make sure no one bullies you using their status. I will be a protective shield that stands behind you, however, at the same time, I will also be the weapon that continuously attacks you and never let you rest."

Seeing Nux frown at her words, Aeliana's smile widened and she continued,

"I, Aeliana Ruinous, have never once taken a disciple before, you, Nux Leander, will be the first one, because of my status, you will be the centre of attention. You will evoke countless beings' jealousy."

Nux could have sworn that he momentarily saw Aeliana's smile turning sadistic, however, just as he was about to give the Vampire the benefit of the doubt and discard that thought, "I will also announce that if any being, no matter their status or affiliation, defeats you in a duel, they will replace you and become my disciple.

Of course, there will be limits to how many challenges you face, the level of the challengers you will face and many more, but you will have to constantly defend your position against millions of other strong beings.

Though I doubt that would be a problem for you, now will it?"

Aeliana questioned with a playful smile on her face and this time, Nux was one hundred percent sure. This woman... she was feeling a sadistic pleasure while she offered a lifelong misery to him.

'Isn't the illusion supposed to be real!? Just what in the hell happened here!? Aeliana wasn't like this, was she!? Why do I feel like she is even worse than Vyriana!?'

Nux couldn't understand and honestly, he didn't have time, nor the energy to think all of this through.

How would he?

He could already see the impact of Aeliana's words. Even her subordinates, Complete Divine Stage Cultivators with fearsome aura were currently looking at him as if they were ready to destroy and replace him any moment. It felt as if he was being stared at by his eternal enemies and these were just the people he had met a few minutes ago.

Of course, this didn't mean he would give in to their pressure.

So what if these are the beings he couldn't defeat even if he regained all his strength? He was someone who was trained by someone who, despite being on the same level as them, had instilled fear in all of them. Not only that, he was the son of one of the real leaders of the Ancestral Order, he couldn't possibly shame his mother in this situation.

The Pride a certain Dragon had instilled in his entire being would not allow him to bow his head in this situation.

Therefore, despite being pressured by beings countless times stronger than him, Nux stared right into their eyes and refused to give in. 𝗳r𝐞ew𝚎bn𝚘ve𝚕.c𝗼𝗺

It was as if he was openly challenging them to do whatever the hell they wanted.

Something that surprised all the beings who were looking at Nux.

However, along with surprise, they also felt annoyed.

How dare someone from this backward place challenge them?

Aeliana on the other hand, smiled when she saw that. She was liking her decision even more now.

"...I just wanted to ensure my safety," Nux spoke as he glanced at Aeliana, still wanting to complain.

Hearing those words, Aeliana's smile widened even further, her face distorting to unbelievable levels yet even now, the woman looked as beautiful as ever.

"At the very least, this would make you understand what kind of opportunity you are receiving here, no? If not, people would think that I am the one who is desperate to get a disciple in this situation."

The Vampire chuckled.

"...shouldn't someone at your level be indifferent to what people think?" Nux questioned.

Aeliana, however, shook her head,

"That only applies to rogue cultivators, as the leader of an entire organization, I need to maintain my reputation." She spoke and the 4 Emperors nodded in agreement.

As someone who had been in a position of power for a long time, they perfectly understood what Aeliana was talking about.

"Politics huh..." Nux muttered. He was already missing his wives and now, the feeling was amplified even further.

After all, he hated dealing with these things and it was mostly his wives dealing with the stuff related to public relations and whatnot.

Now, however, since he had no one else to rely on, he could only sigh and accept whatever was thrown at him.


He just snorted inwardly, then, as he glanced at Aeliana,

"I will become your disciple."

"Then what are you waiting for, boy?

Kneel and pay respect to your Master."

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