Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1423 Start being selfish.
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Chapter 1423 Start being selfish.

1423 Start being selfish.

"Then what are you waiting for, boy?

Kneel and pay respect to your Master."

Aeliana spoke and with a smile on his face, Nux knelt down. The group was still in the air, but for Nux, this wasn't a problem, he hadn't trained his balance for nothing.

Don't forget, he was married to an elite-level assassin, his overall body balance and flexibility were beyond what anyone could think.

Aeliana nodded satisfactorily. For the first time in a long while, a genuine smile had appeared on her face. After all, she wasn't expecting to find a gem like this here.

Her subordinates, however, didn't share her excitement, rather, they were looking at Nux as if he was the final enemy they had to defeat in their journey. None of them liked it when the boy stood up against them, although the act itself was commendable, they felt like they were being put down in front of the leader they respected with all their hearts and... it was not a great feeling.

Petty? Yes.

But that was just how unreasonable their devotion to Aeliana was. Even a child was not spared by their jealousy.

Of course, Nux could sense their feelings very clearly. Vyriana had once told him about how much Aeliana is respected in the Ancestral Order. He had seen the dragon constantly complaining about how tiring it was to be Aeliana's friend since the woman was like a Goddess in everyone's eyes. A Goddess they were willing to give their life for.

Not that he cared about their feelings.

When has he ever respected the side characters?

They are called side characters for a reason. You tend to forget them as time goes on.

"Master," Nux called.

On the other hand, the 4 Emperors, who were observing everything play out couldn't help but stare at the scene in front of them with deadpan looks on their faces.

They didn't have to be geniuses to understand it.

They were forgotten.

Yes, that black-haired woman had completely forgotten about their existence... fre𝚎w𝐞bn𝗼v𝗲𝐥.𝚌𝗼𝚖

'Are we really that... small...?' Astaria, who was treated like this for the first time in her entire life, couldn't help but think in her mind.

As someone who conquered every challenge that was thrown at her, she didn't like this feeling. Her pride was hurt.

The worst part, she knew there was nothing she could do in this situation.

Let alone the woman or her subordinates, even this little boy wasn't someone she could just ignore. Unlike the other Emperors around her, that man was skilled.

Astaria had no clue what 'Complete Cultivator' or whatever the woman spoke meant, however, as a warrior, she could see one thing.

Even though that man was kneeling on the ground, she couldn't see any openings. It was as if even if she attacked her right now, he would react just as fast as he would if he was already in his battle stance.

That's no normal feat. He was someone who had trained for decades. Something that shouldn't be possible since the child was only 22 years old.


While Astaria was thinking all this, Aeliana spoke, accepting Nux as her disciple. Nux stood up, and finally, Aeliana's eyes returned to the 4 Emperors standing in front of her.

"You 4 need to take your men and leave this continent, I will arrange a specific land as big as this for you, you can manage your 4 Kingdoms there however you want.

Of course, you also have the option to leave that land and join other forces, something I would recommend since that would help you widen your horizons.

As you are right now, you will only be devoured by other forces that are far stronger than you."

"Are you asking us to leave the land we were born in?" Astaria narrowed her eyes as she stared at Aeliana. Aeliana, however, shook her head, and looking back into the woman's eyes, she spoke in an authoritative tone, "I am not asking.

I am ordering you to leave.

Accept my offer when I am being generous, trust me, I have more efficient ways of getting what I want."

The Vampire's eyes shined brightly as she stared at the 4 Emperors, sending shivers down their spine.

Astaria wanted to refute, wanting to do whatever in her power to save her homeland, she, however, couldn't open her mouth. The unconscious pressure Aeliana was releasing was already too much for her to bear. It was as if she demanded obedience and Astaria had no choice but to follow.

"W-We understand. We will take our people and move the land you want us to." Herms was the one who spoke.

Astaria stared at the old man but in the end, she turned silent and nodded.

The Strong ruled while the Weak obeyed, such was the rule of nature and she had to follow it.

Of course, this didn't mean she would let this end like this. With the Mana around her being denser than it ever was, she would continue her journey to the peak and once she reached it, she would take back what belonged to her in the first place.

For now, managing her Kingdom was the top priority.

"Astaria Skyfall."

Suddenly, Astaria heard a voice and frowned when she noticed the boy looking at her with an unusually serious look on his face, "Stop thinking about your Kingdom. It would mean nothing when you enter the new world. That place is holding you back."

"What...?" Astaria narrowed her eyes, not liking what she heard.

"I said that place is holding you back, with the Mana rush we all felt, you should have already broken through the Emperor stage and reached the stage beyond but you didn't because you were busy thinking about your Kingdom.

If you continue like this, you will remain stuck at the Emperor Stage and will never move forward."

Nux then looked directly into Astaria's eyes and,

"Herms, Alcimus, and Amletus, I don't care about any of them,

However, you, Astaria Skyfall, aren't supposed to be weak.

So stop focusing on the Kingdom that will fall eventually and start being selfish."

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