Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1424 A family he could trust.
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Chapter 1424 A family he could trust.

1424 A family he could trust.

"Thaddeus, you will be responsible for managing the people of the Forgotten Continent as they free the Continent, make sure everything is done within a week and once that happens, warn all the World Leaders to not do anything about the Forgotten Continent and that is it being protected by the Ancestral Order, make sure no one enters the place once it is emptied out.

Garrick, you deal with the three Human Emperors, ask them to free some land for those people and make sure you make them and other powers in the world sign a peace treaty that ensures those people's safety for the next few centuries, giving them enough time to grow.

Renard, you will be the leader of the entire mission, if Thaddeus and Garrick face any problems, they will report to you and you will be responsible for solving the matter."

After returning from the Forgotten Continent, Aeliana passed her orders, she had already sent Nux away to his room, a place where he is supposed to rest and cultivate.

She had also given him many books to read, as his master, the first 'task' she gave her was to make himself familiar with Yrniel and the Ancestral Order. Learning about various races in Yrniel, their different features to identify them, their strengths and weaknesses, ways to tackle them, different powers in the Yrniel, how these powers are divided and manage Yrniel in general, what is Ancestral Order, what are Complete Cultivators.

Of course, there were still some things she hid from him, since the boy was still a child, there was no need for him to learn about everything, especially about the dark side of the world related to the otherworlderers and the constant war they are supposed to fight in.

Right now, Aeliana only wanted him to know the basics and continue his cultivation. Of course, she also wanted him to interact with others to learn more about the world naturally and for that, she had already made the arrangements.

A smile appeared on Aeliana's face as she thought about all this, since this was the first time she had taken a disciple in her long life, she was looking forward to it. She also wanted to see just what sort of being Nux would grow up into, after all, he was a 22-year-old Emperor... She would have understood if he was an Incomplete Cultivator, that was, although not very common, was still something seen quite frequently in the past but this...?

Not to mention he came from a Continent where the Mana was much sparse... Aeliana didn't need to be a genius to know that the child was a monster.

"As you command, Lady Aeliana."

While Aeliana was thinking all of this, Renard, the supposed leader of this new mission bowed his head, accepting his duties. The other subordinates lowered their heads as well.

"You can leave." Aeliana nodded and her subordinates followed.

Now, the only ones left in the room were Aeliana and Althea, another one of Aeliana's subordinates, who decided to stay back because she had something to discuss.

Aeliana turned towards her subordinate, waiting for her to start, she could already tell what she would talk about but she still gave her the chance to continue, "Lady Aeliana, are you really sure about that child?" Althea questioned and Aeliana just shook her head as she sighed.

It was just as she expected.

The Vampire then glanced at the woman in front of her and, "Are you doubting my decision, Althea?"

"Of course not, Lady Aeliana." The woman shook her head with a calm look on her face.

"I am sure Lady Aeliana must have noticed it as well. That child is not normal."

Althea spoke, it was as if she had noticed something strange and was sure that Aeliana had noticed it as well.

This was also the reason why she couldn't understand why Aeliana would make such a decision. Rather than questioning her decision, Althea was trying to understand Aeliana's reasoning and as someone who knew Althea quite well, Aeliana knew that and because of that, she wasn't offended.

"I sensed that as well, the three Emperors didn't seem to know him, however, that old man seemed like he knew Nux and for an arrogant Emperor like him to act so submissive to him... I am sure he didn't do it just out of respect. Nux must have done something. Something he didn't want us to know. I also didn't miss that old man's surprised expression when Nux interacted with me.

It was as if the interaction didn't go how he predicted it to.

All of these signals are more than enough for me to understand that Nux is hiding something from us, Althea."

Aeliana spoke and hearing those words, Althea's frown deepened,

"Then why..."

Before she could even complete her question, she received her answer,

"He is a child, Althea.

That is something I verified myself.

He is a 22-year-old boy who hasn't even experienced the world yet. What could a child like him possibly be hiding? I know this is a risky approach and that I shouldn't think like this but... Who amongst us does not have secrets they wish to hide from the rest of the world?

How would you feel if I used my powers or authority to learn every little thing about you and uncover all your secrets? Would you be as loyal to me then as you are now?"


Althea didn't answer.

Like Aeliana, she had been alive for a long time now as well, obviously, she had a few things she didn't wish for anyone to know, even the woman he treated like a Goddess.

"See? When he grows up, I want that boy to be on my side, I assure you that he will be an invaluable addition to the Ancestral Order.

And for him to be on our side and be loyal to us, we need to show him that we deserve his hard work and dedication. We need to become his family.

A family he could trust."

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