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Chapter 593 Loans

Michael shrugged helplessly.

"I didn't even know that I could summon Awakened. I'm just as surprised as everyone else," He revealed in all honesty, "All I did was use six Legendary Scrolls. I expected to summon some deceased powerhouses…not Awakened…"

Michael glanced at Master Tigris. It was easy to tell that the old Silverfang couldn't fight anymore.

The old Silverfang had a hunched back and could barely walk two steps before it looked like he lost balance. Michael didn't even know how often he imagined the old Silverfang on the ground already.

Maybe, he was a magic user, but Michael didn't get that feeling from Master Tigris. The same applies to the teenager. The young Silverfang was not old enough to manifest his War Rune. He was, at best, comparable to a Starless Summon.

The others might be able to fight, but only Legion looked like a proper warrior. That was quite disappointing. Six million Summoning Scroll Fragments down the drain…

Of course, he was happy for Tiara, however, the timing could have been better. Only Legion might be able to help them against their enemies. Even that might not be feasible.

Tiara's eyes shot wide open.

"You summoned them through Legendary Scrolls? That's possible?"

Michael nodded slowly.

"Master Tigris emerged through the Summoning Gate when six stars lit up. Legion stepped out when five stars were lit up, and the rest came in a batch with four stars."

He didn't try to sound displeased or anything like that, but Michael had never been a good actor. He sighed deeply and raised his hands helplessly.

"It's great that we can bring your Clan to my territory b–.... Nevermind that. I don't want to mess up your reunion. You have been working hard. Spend some time with your people. I'll finish the last preparations for war."

'War?' Legion's ears perked up, his eyes locked onto Michael, who could only shrug. He gestured to Tiara.

"She can tell you about the issues and enemies. Make sure to rest up a little and talk about everything you have to talk about. The next few days might be a little bit busy for everyone."

A guilty expression covered Tiara. Michael smiled in response and ruffled through her hair.

"Don't overthink. Everything will be okay."

Tiara pressed her lips together but nodded. The news that Legendary Scrolls could summon her kin was great…for her, at least. It was not that great for Michael because he needed powerful subjects right now. The six Silverfangs were Tierless and only Legion was both experienced and healthy.

Michael turned around and left, giving Tiara and her people some privacy

He sensed the Links of Loyalty established with the Silverfang Tigerfolk people and noticed that the link was unusual. It felt like their Link of Loyalty was connected to Tiara as well.

The sensation was weird, however, Michael could tell that he obtained the usual benefits. Simultaneously, the toll each Link of Loyalty with an Awakened ought to inflict…wasn't there.

'Tiara carries the burden. She is taking responsibility for her entire Clan…' Michael realized.

Tiara might not be a Lord, but she was the reason the Silverfang Tigerfolk had been summoned to his territory. Thus, the Will of the Origin Expanse forced her to take responsibility for her kin.

In the meantime, Michael obtained all the benefits. The Silverfang Tigerfolk had to obey him and they would fight for him sooner or later as well.

'Maybe it's not that bad. Their Link of Loyalty is growing stronger rapidly now that they know about their Princess. Tiara will tell them about me, which will further strengthen the Link of Loyalty, providing a boost in Soul Power. I have no time to act like a spoiled child. Get your act together!'

Michael slapped his cheeks firmly and focused back on the most important issues.

The Heart of the Blazing Lion army had roughly 150,000 seasoned Soldiers. Dealing with all of them was never supposed to be a walk in the park. The number of seasoned combatants in his territory didn't exceed 2,000 and the remaining 8,000ish Warriors, Knights, and other combatants would have to combine their prowess to inflict considerable damage.

Michael's strongest weapons were his combat prowess, the Awakened fighting by his side, his tamed monsters, and the unique environment in the Untamed Jungle.

Michael and his subjects knew the outer rings and middle area better than most monsters. The terrain was advantageous for them and it would allow them to do considerable damage to the Heart of the Blazing Lion.

However, the advantageous terrain was not a permanent solution. It wouldn't win the war against the Zentika Empire, not even with the Monster Horde's aid.

Dealing with the Zentika Empire's army alone was not feasible either. Well, at this point…Michael was not certain if he could be strong enough to obliterate the Heart of the Blazing Lion army alone. However, Michael couldn't split his body. He couldn't fight everywhere at the same time. It was possible that he would survive fighting against the Heart of the Blazing Lion army alone, but he couldn't fight 150,000 enemies simultaneously.

Some would escape his grasp and attack his territory, bulldozing it mercilessly. 𝘧𝘳𝓮𝓮𝓌𝘦𝓫𝓷𝘰𝘷ℯ𝑙.𝓬ℴ𝘮

That was also why Michael decided to call the Untamed Awakened – which he called them lovingly – to gather.

Mika and Opars were also available at the meeting. They were caught in a bad depression, but the thought of getting stronger to fight against the Teleporters in the future and tear their bodies apart was enough to force them to get up and get their act together.

Michael didn't expect Lilica to arrive until a few days later, but she appeared from her Runic Gate merely as Michael was about to talk about Jungle Loans, Soultrait Symbols, and Soultrait Upgrades.

"You're already back?" Michael seemed at Lilica, who looked both exhausted and distant.

However, upon looking at Michael, her expression crumbled. She pressed her lips together and sighed heavily.

"Liopham and Pheli's parents didn't take their deaths well. The Elders told me to make certain to take revenge. They also told me to ask if you require reinforcement. They'll gladly help to get rid of the Council of Xylon…."

Michael raised one eyebrow but he didn't say anything to that. He gestured to the other Forest Elven Adventurers, which Lilica took as a sign to walk over to them.

Mika embraced Lilica tightly. She patted the young Forest Elf's back and consoled him.

Michael cleared his throat, attracting everyone's attention.

"From today onward, the Jungle Shop will give out loans. Jungle Loans are simple credits with low-interest rates. You can get Jungle Points through Jungle Loans, allowing you to purchase Soultrait Symbols, and Soultrait Upgrades up to 4-

Star. The purchase of two Soultraits and three upgrades to 4-

Star are discounted heavily since we're at war. HOWEVER, purchasing a discounted Soultrait and Soultrait Upgrades means that you cannot terminate your contract with me anymore."

Michael didn't have an endless supply of SoulStar Fragments and couldn't offer too many Soultrait Upgrades Fortunately, he was certain that the Untamed Awakened would focus on procuring more Soultrait Symbols. Getting something new was more exciting than upgrading something old, after all.

The strongest Soultraits were still expensive, which made it difficult to purchase multiple Soultraits while simultaneously upgrading all of them to 4-Star.

"The Jungle Shop has already received all necessary pieces of information about Jungle Credits and the Soultrait Symbols that can be purchased. I realize that some of you have already accumulated a decent amount of Jungle Points. Use them wisely to upgrade your equipment, procure new Soultraits, or upgrade your existing Soultraits!"

Since he couldn't split his body to fight on all frontlines simultaneously, Michael could as well empower his subordinates and ensure that they would be strong enough to deal with multiple Adventurers at their level, simultaneously.

By investing in the Untamed Awakened's growth, Michael would gain a lot more in return. His military force would grow rapidly, and the Untamed Awakened would be able to eliminate more and stronger enemies. Investing in the Untamed Awakened would grant excellent benefits. That was something Michael learned from the Savannah's Regional War.

He had too many enemies to fight at once. The Trilance was probably doomed at this point, and the Council of Xylon found out about him as well. They didn't like him either. But that feeling was reciprocated. Meanwhile, the Zentika Empire wasn't in favor of his existence either.

He had too many sides to fights. Michael presumed that the majority of enemies were either at the higher ranks of Tier-2, or lower ranks of the 3rd Tier. Even if they were weaker, their numbers would transcend theirs manyfold.

The Berserkers and Warlock Centaurs cheered loudly. Their thunderous cheers reverberated throughout the territory center before spreading deeper into the Untamed Jungle. Meanwhile, the Forest Elven Adventurers glanced at him.

Mika was the first to speak up

"Will the discount count for us as well? For two Soultraits and three upgrades?" He asked.

The young Forest Elf knew that they had already been given various benefits from Michael, but he had to be brazen. Michael's answer determined whether Mika, Opars, and Lilica could utilize the same benefits of the Jungle Shop and Jungle Loans as the Untamed Awakened.

"I gave you your Soultraits and upgraded them because I needed your strength then. I don't expect to receive anything in return," Michael answered slowly, "But if you want the benefits of the Jungle Loans and Jungle Shop, you'll be given the exact same requirements."

If they purchased discounted Soultrait Symbols and Soultrait Upgrades, the Forest Elven Adventurers would never be able to abandon Michael. Even if he were to lose his Lord Powers, the Soul Pact would prevent them from doing anything to harm Michael.

"That's fine then. Please give me the biggest Jungle Loan. I need more power!!" The young Forest Elf declared, a blazing flame igniting in his eyes.

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