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Chapter 711 Research Method
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Chapter 711 Research Method

The Underground Forging Hall expanded further, occupying most of the vast hall underground. That was only possible with the resources earned through the trading cycle. The Blacksmiths continued working on their projects, including the creation of more defensive mechanisms for the settlements in the Untamed Jungle, new enemy detection markers, forest traps, and various miscellaneous items that were needed to improve the living standard in Arx and Brynud.

The Blacksmiths' progress was interesting but the happenings deeper in the cavern system were even more impressive. The Elementals Empire spread far. The Elemental Empress created thousands of Lesser Elementals and more than a dozen Noble Elementals. The Noble Elementals also had the power to create Lesser Elementals of a certain element. They took much longer to make one Lesser Elemental, but their power aided the Elemental Empire's expansion.

It was only a matter of months before the Elemental Empire's population crossed 10,000 residents. At that point, many things would change drastically. First, more elemental crystals would be created in the presence of 10,000 Elementals. The quality of the elemental crystals wouldn't increase, but the quantity would. As the lands of the Elemental Empire transformed into a place overflowing with elemental crystals, more Lesser Elementals would be stimulated naturally. They would comprehend the elements that are the most natural to them and trigger an evolution.

The probability of Lesser Elementals evolving naturally was low, but it was not impossible. They only had to accumulate enough energy within their cores over months or years and stimulate their cores with impulses.

Michael's influence on the Elemental Empress was enormous. She couldn't be stopped anymore. She expanded in all directions and occupied everything underground. The sole exception was the massive gate sealing the cavern tunnel leading to the hibernating monstrosity below.

Michael and the others were still uncertain about what kind of beings lived deep underground, but it was not like they were eager to find out. It was already scary enough when it spoke into Michael's mind. He didn't want to meet it again. Not yet, at least. In fact, the hibernating beast could stay underground forever.

It was a little bit worrisome that there was no news about the hibernating beast because Michael expected something to happen after the World Serpent's presence swept through the Untamed Jungle. However, neither the mysterious winged serpent nor the hibernating beast acted. That was nice, but Michael couldn't help but feel a bit worried. No news was never good news in Michael's case.

That was also why he focused on the good news that reached him. He visited the Elementals Empire for a while and retrieved some goods that would aid the creation of more Lesser Elementals. Simultaneously, Michael brought a device that purified elemental energy in the air. As the elemental energy in the Elementals Empire is purified, more Lesser Elementals would meet the requirements to evolve naturally.

The artificially evolved Elements would also aid the purification process. Their presence increased the quality of the elemental crystals created in the vicinity.

Slowly but steadily, all Lesser Elementals would transform into ordinary Elementals.

The Elementals Empire looked better than expected, but Michael didn't stay behind for long. He visited the Alchemists to hand out presents. The Alchemists had worked hard in the last few months to improve their knowledge. They tended to various plants and worked closely with the Farmers and Botanica Magicians to create and expand their herbal garden.

Michael rewarded the Alchemists with more seeds, many of which were exceedingly rare to find anywhere. Some of these seeds cost hundreds of Common Energy Stones, which was even more ridiculous than the pricing of some high-quality potion recipes. Even recipes for potions that could only be efficiently used by Higher Lifeforms weren't as valuable as some of the exotic seeds Michael had procured for the Alchemists.

The Alchemists were overjoyed. They thanked Michael multiple times before returning to work and leaving their Lord alone in the Alchemy Lair's meeting room.

"I will leave the books here then…" He mumbled, a little bit flabbergasted.

[Weird people. They fit perfectly into your settlement.]

After Michael visited the Alchemists, he visited the Architects, the Farmers, the Tamers, the Mages, and others.

His meeting with each party didn't take long. He gifted the architects a few new projects, including the expansion of the Ranches and the training grounds for the mages. Like always, Michael purchased countless books and research materials for his subjects. He also bought a bunch of blueprints for the architects to study. Some of them said they were on the verge of a breakthrough. Michael hoped that the goods he purchased could help them somehow.

The architects were crazy with their inventions. Unfortunately, most of them didn't work out. Some were implemented into Arx and Brynud but were only torn down later. It was painful to watch their inventions fall apart and be torn down, but the architects didn't even think about giving up. Their ambition had been ignited. It flickered brightly in their hearts, pushing them to move onward and to keep trying.

Michael liked that everyone in his territory was doing their best to improve. Some tried to enhance by strengthening, whereas others focused on studying and experimenting. Only a tiny fraction of all subjects decided it was not worth giving their all to improve. The ambition has been extinguished for a long time. They didn't dare to try other things anymore, for fear that they would fail…once again.

The Untamed Jungle has changed a lot in the last six months. However, one of the most apparent changes happened to the Greater Nature Spirit and its vicinity.

The Greater Nature Spirit's root network stretched farther and farther. The Forest Pixies multiplied and showed signs of evolving, and the first Dryads formed from the trunk of the Greater Nature Spirit's main body and the towering trees around it. Dryads and Treants were given birth to. Their presence changed a lot. Plant life's growth was accelerated. Flowers blossomed brighter than before, and the potency of medical herbs increased as well. Even mangoes and cacao tasted much better than they used to.

Michael was overjoyed by the changes happening in his territory. Even the Untamed Army enlarged rapidly. The construction of the Advanced Sacred Knight Temple had begun a few months ago and was already on its way to completion. But that was not all.

Another Sacred Knight Temple was being built in Brynud. For the time being, it was only a Basic-rank Sacred Knight Temple, but that was good enough to train Starless Summons into 1-Star Blessed Squires and 2-Star Holy Knights.

Arx was still the headquarters in his territory, but Brynud was being constructed and enlarged to fit several times the number of residents. It wouldn't be a border city built to protect the borders of his territory. Instead, it was a mixture between a highly populated city and a training ground for various academies and places like the Sacred Knight Temple. Many soldiers would stay in Brynud's barracks to be read and move toward the adjacent border cities on command.

It was the second line of defense and the first line to counterattack those who dared to attack his territory.

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