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Chapter 764 Reward

Thanks to the Wolf Curse's peace offering, Michael had fewer issues with the Wicked Spear Arts, and it didn't affect him that much anymore.

While the Wicked Spear Arts' effect hadn't vanished entirely, Michael found solace in the fact that it was now manageable. It seemed the curse had found a way to extract a portion of his overwhelming emotions, or perhaps it was using its power to isolate and control them within him.

Michael was uncertain about the exact nature of the Wolf Curse's actions, but one thing was clear-it was helping him. His feelings towards the Curse, a mix of gratitude and wariness, deepened once again.

"I still don't like you trying to take my body, but I don't hold you accountable for your desire to survive. Even if you do not care about me and my survival, you still care about yourself enough to give me a helping hand."

The Wolf Curse—which Michael suspected it to be after it formed into a Wolf Head multiple times—didn't respond, but Michael thought that was better. He didn't need another chatterbox in his head. The World Serpent and Danny were already more than enough.

The Primedival Pyramid continued its relentless collapse, leaving Michael with little time to search for more secret treasure vaults and other valuables. He had to leave, and he had to leave quickly. With a swift Cosmic Stride, he teleported outside the pyramid and materialized high above the crumbling ruins, the urgency of his escape palpable.

He levitated in the air using a minuscule amount of wind-attributed energy and looked down. The sand surrounding the Primedival Pyramid was stirred up as the massive structure collapsed, leaving Michael no choice but to use Cosmic Stride again. He landed on the searing-hot sand more than two kilometers from the Primedival Pyramid.

There were no Undead in the vicinity, which was good because Michael didn't feel strong enough to defeat an ordinary Undead Summon at this point. He slumped to the ground and allowed the searing-hot sand to prickle his skin. The rays of the afternoon sun shone dazzlingly on him, but Michael didn't care.

He took a deep breath and stopped restraining the Extraction Aura. It devoured the surrounding origin energy and annexed it instantaneously. The Extraction Aura expanded slowly while simultaneously filling Michael's body with origin energy. Only small amounts of origin energy entered his body simultaneously, but that was better. He had yet to digest the massive energy influx of the Undead Pharaoh, and it was unsure how much more energy his body could handle right now.

He might have healed, but his body, mind, and soul were worn out. They were sore and felt like they had been ripped into shreds just to put them together later.

Michael was unsure how much time passed, but it got cold at some point. But that was only for a moment. Zeroa emerged from the Taming Tattoo and engulfed Michael in her mythical flames. Under normal circumstances, the mythical flames would have hurt a little since the Elemental Empress was currently not fused with Michael. Still, the Elemental Empress's control of her mythical flames increased considerably over the last few days.

[Mythical Flames, Purgatory Flames, Soul Flames. I'm the flame master~!!!]

Michael sighed inwardly. He momentarily forgot that Zeroa was also a chatterbox.

The silence had been great while it lasted. Unfortunately, the Elemental Empress didn't know how to be as considerate as the World Serpent and his brother. At least they didn't bother him while he was resting from defeating a crippled Divine Lifeform. It was a matter of fact that Michael didn't defeat the Undead Pharaoh alone, but he was the only one who had to suffer, being on the verge of death for most of the fight. The World Serpent could have crushed the Undead Pharaoh easily, but it didn't do that. Why? Cause it desired to stay hidden.

Michael understood that, which is also why he didn't say anything. There was no way that Michael would complain to the World Serpent just because it didn't want to be discovered. But that was also why it was basic courtesy of the World Serpent to keep its mouth shut when Michael didn't want to be bothered.

The Elemental Empress didn't know what that was. Basic courtesy? Is that tasty?

At some point, Michael fell asleep. Zeroa had bothered him a little bit, but she was too busy practicing with her new flames to talk to Michael all night.

He woke up when the sun burned upon him. It was hot, but Michael felt terrific with a faint gust whirling around him. Once he got up from the sand, Micahel stretched his body for a few minutes. After that, it was time to take a look at his gains.

First of all, Michael retrieved the Undead Pharaoh's corpse. He activated the Cursed Seals, used a Soul Tear on Extraction, and added Enhancement before unleashing True Extraction's full power upon the Undead Pharaoh's corpse.

"Will…if you can hear to me… Please do not give me anything useless. I'm a Lesser Lifeform and managed to deal with a Divine Lifeform. That should be value something!"

Michael omitted that the Undead Pharaoh was crippled or that he had received aid from some extraordinarily powerful entities, but that should be fine. One way or another, Michael managed to defeat the Undead Pharaoh. He delivered the finishing blow. The Will would reward that under normal circumstances.

Fortunately, the Will was on his side. For once, Michael felt like he had obtained something valuable, such as a golden metal stamp and a small parchment.

Mots of light sparked around the metal stamp and the parchment as they landed on the Undead Pharaoh's corpse. Michael's eyes narrowed to a slit when he felt that True Extraction wouldn't be able to extract anything else other than the remaining curse power left within the corpse. He retracted True Extraction and picked up the golden metal stamp and the parchment.

"You can feast on the Undead Pharaoh's curse power. I do not need the corpse anymore," Michael allowed the Serpent and the Wolf to devour the remaining parts of the Undead Pharaoh. There was no need for the corpse anymore.

[He didn't even drop a Memory Orb. What a loss!] Danny commented, but Michael shook his head.

It would have been great to receive the Undead Pharaoh's memories. That was only obvious. However, Michael felt that the two items in his hands were perfect for him.

The golden metal stamp gazed faintly familiar. It wasn't big, but Michael's heart leaped out of his chest when he saw the symbol that could be stamped with it. It was a War Rune.

[Wait! Isn't that a Lord Seal?]

Michael nodded slowly, his smile widening even further.

[That's great.] Daniel Fang uttered in Michael's mind, but his excitement died down quickly

[But you won't make much if you sell it. Selling a 3-Star Soultrait Symbol will earn you several times the money offered for a Lord Rune. They're rare, but why are you so excited about it?]

Michael continued smiling, his eyes landing on the small parchment. It was old and didn't look like anything special at first glance.

However, everything changed after looking at the words written on the old parchment.

Claim Note – The Awakened who tears this note will be considered the rightful owner of Paradise Valley. All entities native to Paradise Valley and the Blazing Sand Mountain Range, Sacred Beasts included, will be amiable toward you and your forces.

The Lord Seal was amazing, but its true value could only be determined by combining it with the Claim Note.

It was perfect.

It was almost too beneficial to be true!

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