Supreme Magus

Chapter 3068 Family Trip (Part 2)
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Chapter 3068 Family Trip (Part 2)

3068 Family Trip (Part 2)

The Siren's appearance and her velvet voice as she performed a love song had the male audience staring at her with an enraptured gaze while most female clients looked at Haug like they wanted to kill him.

Because that was the plan.

Or rather, the plans. The women in the Tavern were just weighing their options before choosing their course of action.

"Lith, it's so good to have you here again." Parmegianno Haug, Elder of the Council, unparalleled chef, and owner of the Travelling Tavern said as a cold sweat ran down his spine. "I hope you- Oh, shot!"

The Guardian's autocorrect altered Haugh's speech but he was still panicking. He wasn't expecting so many women and more people after his head was the last thing he needed.

Luckily for him, between the constant presence of Tista and Tyris, no one among the latest batch of his patrons was impressed by the singer.

"Is it a spell or a bloodline ability?" Lith felt drawn to the Siren, but only because of her song that seemed addressed to him.

"Bloodline ability." Haug sighed in relief when he noticed their reaction. "Please, follow me to your tables. Tonight, I'll serve you personally."

'Because everyone knows that putting yourself between a Divine Beast and his meal means becoming one of the dishes.' He inwardly added.

"Where is our guest of honor?"

"Right here." Lith lifted Elysia while Morok pointed at Quylla.

Useless to say, Haug looked at the Tyrant like he was insane.

"Guys, we have among us the first Awakened from conception in Mogar history and the beloved granddaughter of the Guardians so behave." He lifted the baby girl above his head for everyone to see her six colored streaks.

"Ba?" Elysia's short horns and stumpy tail came out in surprise, making her look even more adorable in her Tiamat-looking onesie.

The female patrons of the Tavern forgot about their grievances and gave the baby a standing ovation, quickly followed by their partners.

Lith had brought Valeron as well, but due to the identity of his parents, Lith preferred to keep the bloodline of the baby boy a secret.

"Was it really necessary?" Kamila sighed as Haug led them to their table and put Elysia in a special crib. "Now everyone will make a fuss about her and disturb us during our meal."

"Yes, it was." Lith nodded. "We couldn't leave her home or hide her once we got here. We might as well announce her presence and make the surprise blow over while we wait for the food. Also, Haug offered me a discount."

"You are unbelievable!" She scoffed. "You should be called the Miser Magus because you can do the unthinkable just to save a few coins."

"Here is your honeymoon table." Haug's voice drew their attention and curiosity got the best of Kamila's anger.

Mork and Quylla had a table big enough for six people all for themselves. It was covered in rose petals and had a large bouquet of red roses and white lilies on its centerpiece.

Various kinds of chocolates were arranged on a platter in a heart shape to serve as a sweet appetizer.

"This is so romantic!" Quylla wolfed down a chocolate, discovering it was delicious. "I feel bad for our friends, though. Are we supposed to spend the evening ignoring their company?"

"It's not a matter of wanting our privacy. The space is just enough for us." Morok replied.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Well, there's me, you who eat for two, and the babies." He said like it was obvious. "Sure, there should be room for the plates of another person, but I'd rather been safe than sorry."

"I don't eat for four people let alone five!" Quylla said in outrage.

"Riiight." Lith and Friya said in unison, scoffing.

They exchanged a knowing look before turning to Quylla.

"I mean, not since the academy!" She blushed in embarrassment. "And that was because of Vastor's tonic and my growth spurt. I'm not a glutton!"

The words died in her mouth as she followed their gaze to the now-empty chocolate tray.

"That was supposed to be for the two of you and last the whole evening." Haug said with an apologetic tone. "I could bring more, but I'm afraid it would spoil your appetite."

"Can I have at least one?" Morok sighed.

"Of course. In a moment." Haug moved away and Lith followed him.

"Since when are honeymoon tables a thing?" Lith asked, whispering.

"Since now. Morok just told me what he wanted and paid me in silver for it, you cheapskate!"

"I'm not- I mean, it's because I'm pregnant with twins!" Quylla wanted to die already and her stomach rumbling like a lion only made things worse.

"Of course, dear. I had triplets so I know how you feel. Sit down and enjoy your meal." Rena patted Quylla's back with motherly care but the compassion in her voice made it clear that she didn't believe one word she was saying.

Luckily, the focus of the attention soon moved to the patrons coming to pay Elysia their respects. The Travelling Tavern was a neutral zone where people of all races, Awakened or not, could gather and mingle.

Even members of the Undead Courts were welcome as long as they behaved.

"Oh gods, they are adorable!" Dryna said while pinching the cheeks of the babies.

She was one of Haug's barmaids and a Wyvern. In her human form, she looked like a pretty young woman in her early twenties with blonde hair and red eyes.

She had yet to master shapeshifting so she had a small set of golden wings on her back, horns on her head, and a knee-length golden tail coming out of her spine that she couldn't get rid of, no matter how hard she tried.

Elysia and Valeron both wore onesies resembling their respective Divine Beast forms and fit their extra limbs, giving them a fluffy appearance.

"Ba!" Elysia wanted to bite her, at least until their scales touched and she felt the loneliness of Wyvern. "Rhaka."

Elysia used the Dragontongue word for "I'm sorry for you" while nuzzling against Dryna's hand.

"And they are also very smart! You are a lucky woman, Lady Verhen."

"I know." Kamila sat near the corridor, with Lith between her and the wall.

It wasn't her first rodeo with the other races and she wanted to avoid women from volunteering to spread the Tiamat bloodline.

Despite the general excitement, the crow moved orderly and dispersed as soon as the first dish arrived. It wasn't just a matter of politeness but of survival. Elysia was getting annoyed by all those strangers and people were afraid of what would happen if she called for the Guardians.

Once the visitors left, the Verhens had a delicious and pleasant meal.

Solus moved from one table to another in between servings, introducing herself and making conversation with those who seemed to have interesting stories to tell. For once she didn't have to hide her seven streaks which garnered her lots of admiration.

Awakened etiquette considered handshakes a rude attempt at using Invigoration so physical contact wasn't an issue. Solus had lots of fun exchanging pointers about magic and exchanged her contact rune with a few merchants who dealt in rare Forgemastering ingredients.

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