The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 1000 - 1000 The Gourd Used for Nourishing Weapons
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Chapter 1000 The Gourd Used for Nourishing Weapons

The stick had become a golden Coiling Dragon Cudgel of 54,000 kilograms.

Holding it in his hand, he didn’t think it was light anymore. He felt its weight suitable now.

To improve his Broadsword-using method, he had studied countless secret books on martial arts. When he was on the Molderad, he had practiced countless secret skills in martial arts. Therefore, he was familiar with the cudgel techniques. He could know the power of this divine artifact, Heavenly Exclamation, was extraordinary without using it.

Moreover, Li Mu had a hunch.

If this divine weapon fell into the hands of an expert of the devil races, it would exert its true power, making it even more powerful and terrifying.

In a novel on Earth, Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s will-following golden-banded staff, the Sea-stabilizing Magic Cudgel, only weighed 54,000 kilograms.

At this time, the coiling dragons on the cudgel stopped twisting.

If it continued to twist, perhaps its weight would continue to increase.

Li Mu closed his eyes and carefully felt the aura in it. Gradually, he felt an extremely familiar aura, the aura of Wang Shiyu’s soul and psyche, coming from it.

He was overjoyed.

Half an hour later, Li Mu mastered some skills in using the cudgel. With a stir of his mind, the pattern of the coiling dragons changed. Finally, a white light poured out of the cudgel.

The white light fell on the ground and turned into a woman in a white dress. She was slender and graceful, with black hair like ink clouds, and her facial features were pure and lovely. She was extremely delicate. She was Wang Shiyu.

Li Mu was overjoyed.

He had succeeded!

The figure was definitely made of two souls.

In this way, he had found all the souls and psyches of Wang Shiyu.

Finally, he had gathered all of them.

Li Mu’s excitement was beyond words.

The rusted sword vibrated.


The illusory figure of Wang Shiyu turned into a flash of white light and went into the rusted sword.

Holding the rusted sword, Li Mu breathed a long sigh of relief in his heart.

“Shiyu, I’ve finally found all your souls and psyches. Wait for me. When I return to Earth, I’ll resurrect you.”

Li Mu’s heart was filled with infinite tenderness.


Right at this moment, a stream of light suddenly penetrated the wall of the room silently and shot toward Li Mu’s glabella as fast as lightning.

Li Mu was alarmed, but it was too late for him to react. He felt pain between his eyebrows, and his body flew backward as if he had been hit by a heavy hammer. He hit the stone wall of the room.

A figure with long gray hair pushed the door open and walked in.

“You haven’t died, right?” The voice was from an elder. There was a scar on his face from left to right, which almost cut his nose in half. He looked very ferocious. His gray hair emitted a strange aura of death. He closed the door casually like a ghost.

Li Mu slowly slid down from the wall and pulled out a copper needle from between his eyebrows.

That light was this needle.

“Who are you?” The wound between Li Mu’s eyebrows quickly healed.

The grey-haired elder with a scar was slightly surprised. “Eh? You have such a strong self-healing ability. You’re so interesting. Who am I? Ha… No one has asked me this question for a long time. There are only a few people qualified to know my name in this world.”

“Do we have a grudge against each other?” Li Mu exerted force with his five fingers and instantly crushed the copper needle.

The grey-haired elder replied, “No, but you’ve offended someone you shouldn’t have.”

“Huh?” Li Mu almost laughed, “Are you qualified to say such words to me? These words are exactly what I want to give you. Do you know who I am?”

“It doesn’t matter who you are,” the grey-haired elder said. “All you need to know is that you’ll soon be beaten half to death by me. Then I’ll take you to see someone. In the end, you’ll die a miserable death. That’s all.”

Li Mu said, “Well, you have the guts. I hope you can say that later.” Then Li Mu said to the suite in this room. “Brother, I may not be able to defeat this pretentious man. You have to help me deal with him.”

A middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, reeking of alcohol, came out of the room.

“Boy, you called me here from afar just to deal with this kind of people?” The middle-aged man reeked of alcohol, holding a chess manual in his hand, looked at the gray-haired elder with great interest and glanced at him casually.

His glance made the grey-haired elder feel as if his soul had been peeled out of his body by a ray of sword light. He was scared and lost the will to fight at once.

“Are you the Sword Savant?”

He was extremely shocked and said in a hoarse voice.

“Oh? You know me.” The Sword Savant spoke indifferently.

“Senior, I am…” The grey-haired elder was frightened. All his previous pride and arrogance had disappeared without a trace at this time. He lowered his head and looked like a harmless little white rabbit.

“I don’t want to know who you are. Explain it to my seventh brother.” The Sword Savant held the chess manual as if immersed in it.

The gray-haired elder’s face was already extremely ugly because of the scar. Now, the face looked even more sinister because of embarrassment and fear.

He looked at Li Mu in great shock.

“Seventh brother?

“Is this young man the seventh brother of the Sword Savant?”

Everyone in the entire Battlefield of Chaos knew that the Sword Savant were sworn brothers with the other five top Sword Whizzes of the Brotherhood of Swords. The Sword Savant was the head of the six top Sword Whizzes. All of them were extraordinary in the Sword Way. They had formidable strength and ran amok. They were known as the six untamed swords that couldn’t be provoked. No one in the Battlefield of Chaos dared to offend them.

When did these six swords become seven?

“If I had known it earlier…”

He knew that he and his Young Master had provoked someone they could not afford to offend.

“This is a misunderstanding.” The grey-haired elder tried to explain to Li Mu.

Li Mu stroked his chin and said, “Now tell me, who provoked someone it can’t afford to offend? Huh?”

“It’s me.” The grey-haired elder’s heart was filled with bitterness.

“Didn’t you want to beat me half to death, take me to see a person, and let me die miserably?” Li Mu continued to take advantage of the Sword Savant’s power and said with a smile, “Why don’t take action? I can’t wait to be beaten by you.”

“This is truly a misunderstanding.” The gray-haired elder wanted to cry but had no tears.

What else could he say?

He didn’t expect to offend a person with such a strong background.

Such a low probability had happened to him. He had never been so unlucky before. If he hadn’t met a ruthless person, Sword Savant, today, the gray-haired elder wouldn’t have become so timid.

“I don’t want to listen to your long-winded explanation. Tell me, who sent you to assassinate me?” Li Mu asked.

He had never seen this person before. He thought none of the people he had provoked in the past few days could have such a powerful follower.

The gray-haired elder hesitated slightly.

Li Mu waved his hand and said, “Forget it. I don’t want to know it anymore. Brother, please send him to hell.”

The gray-haired elder was scared out of his wits. He crashed into the wall as fast as a bolt of lightning, leaving a big hole. He fled into the distance like a flowing light.

“Ah? Are you sure you want to kill him now?”

The Sword Savant’s reaction was slightly slower as he was immersed in the chess strategy. When he noticed that the elder had run far away, he slapped the green gourd that hung at his waist and shot a flying sword out explosively. It circled in the distant sky and returned almost at the instant it had left.

The gray-haired elder, who had already fled several kilometers away, was beheaded in the air and fell like two pieces of wood.

Li Mu had observed very carefully.

The swordsmanship of the Sword Savant seemed to be nothing special. His word moved fast, and there was no gorgeous visual effect. With a flash of light, the enemy was dead. However, such swordsmanship made Li Mu think it was unstoppable.

From beginning to end, the Sword Savant’s eyes had not moved away from the chess manual.

“Is it over? I’ll go and study the chess manual,” the Sword Savant said. “Ha… Thanks to your mobile phone, I even won the old Chess Sage. Ha… He had no choice but to let me see the Nine Dragons Chess Manual he has collected. Ha… When I master all the chess skills of each master, I will be able to dominate the world without the Single Player Master on your mobile phone! Ha…”

In the past few days, he had used the Single Player Master on the mobile phone to defeat his rivals, won countless bets, and watched the chess manuals collected by others. He had made up his mind to be more proficient in playing chess.

Li Mu was also moved by his unprofessional spirit.

“Big brother, the gourd on your waist,” Li Mu’s eyes fell on the cyan-skinned gourd.

The Sword Savant said, “Sword-cultivating Cucurbit? Do you like it? Then I’ll give it to you.”

Li Mu was speechless. He quickly waved his hand and said, “No, big brother, you misunderstood me. I also have a gourd. Its aura is very similar to your cyan-skinned gourd. It’s bronze. That’s why I asked you about your gourd. Brother, please take a look.”

As he spoke, he took out the bronze gourd of Yin and Yang that was used to nourish the Darkest Soul-devouring Fires.

“Oh? Is it also a Sword-cultivating Cucurbit? It looks better, but I smell something in it that I don’t like. It seems to be the Darkest Soul-devouring Fire, right?” The Sword Savant said.

“Big brother, you’re indeed a master in the world. You’ve seen through it at a glance.” He flattered the Sword Savant in a row and said, “I can’t figure out the origin of this gourd. Is it also used to nourish swords?”

“Actually, it should be called the Gourd Used for Nourishing Weapons. The ancient experts liked to use it to cultivate weapons. It has unpredictable power and wonders, but I usually use this kind of gourd to nourish my swords. It’s convenient for me to call it Sword-cultivating Cucurbit,” the Sword Savant said. “You’re in the Broadsword Way, so you can also use it to nourish your broadswords.”

Upon hearing that, Li Mu was overjoyed and hurriedly asked a few more questions about the specific usage of his gourd.

The Sword Savant told him everything about it. “This gourd is of a very high level. It’s a top-grade Gourd Used for Nourishing Weapons. Maybe it’s a divine object growing up on the Chaotic Vines of Yin and Yang. There’s also a trace of a mixed aura of a great emperor in it. It should belong to an ancient great emperor. Hand it to me. I’ll help you refine it again.”

He was nice to Li Mu, his sworn brother.

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