The Emperor Wants To Marry The Doctor

Chapter 2199 - 2199 Start From the Beginning
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2199 Start From the Beginning

Xiao Ran scratched his head. “This lady is really… stubborn. Forget it, forget it. Call me whatever you want. It’s just a way of address.”

Chu Liuyue smiled with deeper meaning.

Even though this Xiao Ran looked lazy and nonchalant, he was a good guy.

After the group of them came to Fantasy Divine Palace, they were discriminated against because they didn’t have a bloodline totem. Only Xiao Ran treated them all the same.

Now, he even willingly spoke up to help her, and Chu Liuyue was indeed very grateful.

“You don’t have to care about what they said earlier.” Xiao Ran crossed his arms and lazily raised his chin. “Fantasy Divine Palace has existed for hundreds and thousands of years, and many cultivators came by. However, only a few of them can completely understand all the Xuan formations, complete the Star Path, and enter the Fantasy Divine Hall. Even though they have bloodline totems, they might not be much stronger than you. Some don’t even finish half of it before they die. What’s so good about that?”

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

“Even if you can’t stay here all the way, you should take this time to study some Xuan formations to improve your own skills. That’s not bad.” As Xiao Ran spoke, he suddenly thought of something and glanced at Chu Liuyue. “Hey, I haven’t asked you. You’re also a Xuan Master?”


Chu Liuyue nodded. “Yes.”

“What standard?”

Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment.

Although she was considered to be a Great King Xuan Master now, she had recently studied the Heaven-Locking Formation and felt that her skills had clearly improved. However, she hadn’t tried out the specifics.

“Great King Xuan Master.”

“Great King Xuan Master?” This time, it was Xiao Ran’s turn to be shocked.

He sized Chu Liuyue up and down a few times in disbelief. “I remember that you’re only 18, right? You’re already a Great King Xuan Master? Aren’t you a legendary warrior?!”

Chu Liuyue nodded rather strangely. “Yeah. Senior Xiao Ran, is there a problem?”

Of course, there is! The problem is huge!Only one in 10,000 who can break through to become a legendary warrior at such a tender age, and I didn’t expect her to be so talented in the Xuan Master path as well. This can only prove that her talent in these two aspects is stunning!

Xiao Ran instantly became interested. “I couldn’t tell that you’re really quite capable, Miss. Then, you can try to study and understand the Xuan formations on the Star Path. If you can understand more Xuan formations or if your standard is high enough, the tokens will feel it and extend your stay here. This way, you’ll have more chances to improve your skills. Isn’t that great?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Thank you for the reminder, Senior Xiao Ran. That was what I was thinking too.”

She paused and asked again, “Senior Xiao Ran, you previously said that a few people studied and understood the Xuan formations on the Star Path and entered the Fantasy Divine Hall?”

“Yeah! The Seventh Deity is one of them. That’s the one who brought you here.”

Jin Yunlai? Chu Liuyue paused for a moment. It was no wonder Jin Yunlai was so proud when he talked about the Star Path.

She thought for a moment and decided to try. This was the only way to legitimately enter the Fantasy Divine Hall!

She thanked Xiao Ran again before she turned toward the Star Path.

Xiao Ran asked, “Hey, you’re going now?”

“Yeah.” Chu Liuyue stopped in her tracks. Even if I can wait, Big Baby and the rest might not be able to.

Seeing that she seemed very anxious, Xiao Ran thought that she was worried that the word in her token would disappear and that she would be chased out of the Fantasy Divine Palace. Thus, he said, “Go ahead, go ahead! It’s good for young people to learn things. If you have anything you don’t know, you can directly come and ask me.”

Chu Liuyue was rather shocked. “Won’t I disturb you?”

Xiao Ran looked up at the sky. “No. I’m too bored.”

Chu Liuyue: “…Then, I’ll thank you in advance.”

Xiao Ran waved his head and turned back into the house.

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and walked toward the Star Path.

The Star Path extended to the Fantasy Divine Hall from the Heaven Gate.

The place Chu Liuyue stayed at was coincidentally nearest to the Heaven Gate. That was also… the part where the Xuan formation standard was lower.

Since she had to study all of them, she naturally had to start from the beginning.

Chu Liuyue came to the Heaven Gate.

The black jade road below the Heaven Gate was covered in light spots.

Chu Liuyue stepped on it, looked forward, and took a deep breath in.

The road was far and long. Only the Fantasy Divine Hall at the end stood tall in a holy and distinguished manner.

“Hey, someone actually wants to start studying the Xuan formations from the beginning? Is she planning to go on the Star Path?”

“I don’t recognize her. She’s new, right?”

“She is new. Did you see the token around her waist? Her age and appearance… She should be the Shangguan Yue who brought three true gods with her, right?”

“Pfft, so it’s her? She doesn’t have a bloodline totem, so why did she come to the Star Path? She should just take this time and find some precious Xuan formation to study and end it.”

Chu Liuyue’s arrival attracted quite a few people’s attention.

On both sides of the Star Path, quite a few people came out to look at her curiously. Clearly, they did not think highly of Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue ignored all of these voices as she looked down at the first light spot.

She flicked her finger, and force flew out, landing on the light spot.

Feeling the sensation, the light spot rapidly became clear.

A complicated and brilliant Xuan formation appeared before her. This was a King Xuan Master-level Xuan formation.

“Thousand-Leaf Formation.” Chu Liuyue recognized it at first glance. Then, a thought popped up in her mind as many rays of light flew out of her fingertips and intertwined in midair.

In no time, an exact Xuan formation was done with its outline!

She pushed it gently with her palm, and the Xuan formation landed on the Thousand-Leaf Formation, perfectly closing.


A small silver spark flew up!

Thousand-Leaf Formation—break!

The originally noisy crowd quietened down quickly.

After a moment, someone gasped in shock. “So fast!?”

They didn’zt even see what was going on clearly, and the Thousand-Leaf Formation actually exploded?

“That’s a King Xuan Master-level Xuan formation. What’s so hard about it? It’ll be harder if she continues,” explained someone.

“That’s true. Perhaps—”


Before the person could finish saying anything, another explosion was heard.

A tiny silver spark bloomed above Chu Liuyue’s head.

As this Xuan formation wasn’t of high level, its commotion wasn’t as big as the Sky Shining Fantasy Formation. However, the crowd spectating nearby was still taken aback

Even if they were just King Xuan Master-level Xuan formations, it was too fast! f𝗿e𝗲𝘄𝗲bn𝐨𝚟𝚎

“With this formation speed, she should be a Great King Xuan Master, right?”

“I heard that she’s not even 20. Her talent is too strong, right?”

“So what? Without a bloodline totem, everything will just go to waste. If I were her, I wouldn’t waste my time on this!”

All sorts of voices entered her ear.

Chu Liuyue treated as if she did not hear it and continued forward.


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