The First Store System

Chapter 1174 First Day After The Sixth Product(1)
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Chapter 1174: First Day after the Sixth Product(1)

Aakesh didn't let the people wait any longer, turned around, and returned to his chair.

The large number of people flooded the store, hoping to be in the first group. When they stepped inside the store, they were greeted with shock.

Seeing anything inside the store from the outside was impossible due to the powerful sense-blocking array, so the customers didn't feel anything was different. But now that they entered inside, they found that the space inside the store had grown severalfold, and there was also a new room.

The next moment, people excitedly looked around them, and when they saw the number of people surrounded by golden lights was still 13,148, they couldn't help but become disappointed.

Every time there was such a change in the store, the number of virtual portals also grew, but nothing of the sort happened that day.

"The store will have six products starting today.

"The new product is skills, and cultivators ranging from Divine Transformation to Supreme God can buy them. Similarly, the pills, beasts, and weapons will also now be available for cultivators up to Supreme God," Aakesh announced while seated on his chair.

Since the majority of the people arriving that early in the morning were regular customers, they already knew about the store's products. Not to let himself get swarmed by answering all, Aakesh introduced the sixth product and also talked about the upgrade of the previous products.


"Hello, store owner!" Maria greeted Aakesh. She then turned around and left the queue, proceeding toward the portal room.

Maria was only a late Divine Transformation level cultivator, so she was fine with whatever the earlier level of products was. She was also interested in skills, but there was no product with more significance to her than Panagea. And since she was in the first group, she decided to enter Panagea first and then later check out the new product.

After Maria left, another customer took her place. It was Holand, one of the regular customers of the store.

"Hello, store owner!" Holland greeted Aakesh.

"Store owner, six hours in Panagea," Holland immediately requested. Since he had been a regular, he already knew that Aakesh had no reaction to greetings from store customers.

Holland then took out thirty-five lesser Sacred stones from his space ring and handed them to Aakesh.

"You can enter now," Aakesh informed Holland after the purchase was complete.

Holland then thanked Aakesh and proceeded toward the portal room. After he left, Favan took his place.

"Store owner, what is this new product?" Favan asked after greeting Aakesh.

"If you want to know, give up your Panagea spot and wait," Aakesh responded.

Aakesh couldn't introduce skills or other upgrades before the first group had entered Panagea. There were several customers in the first group behind Favan in line, and it would completely mess up the schedule of Panagea entries.

Favan decided to go to Panagea first and then learn about the products, so he thanked Aakesh and proceeded toward the portal room.

Time flew by, and soon all the spots in the portal room were taken, while those customers who had to wait decided to check out the newly obtained products and upgrades.


Around ten minutes had passed since the store opened its doors for the day.

"Hello, store owner!" A new customer finally reached Aakesh, and he respectfully greeted him.

Aakesh silently nodded and waited for the customer to ask about the store's products.

The customer didn't disappoint Aakesh and immediately came to his purpose, not wasting any time on the introduction or other questions, "Store owner, tell me about the store products."

"The store currently sells six products, and they are Pills, Weapons, Beasts, Cultivation Arts, Panagea, and Skills.

"There are three grades of pills, Lesser, Higher, and King grade available for sale, and each category has thirty pills with various uses…

"Similar to the pills, weapons are also available to King grades…

"The skills are available for cultivators from Divine Transformation to Supreme God. There are five types of skills available for sale, and there are seven levels of each type available for each cultivation level…" Aakesh concluded the introduction of all the store's products in a single breath.

Since the man was here to see the competition to be in the first group to enter Panagea, he didn't ask about it and focused on other products.

The man was a True God level cultivator, so the store had all the products available for him. The man asked for some pills and then left the line, walking toward the weapons room.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Aakesh was in conversation with a customer when he heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside the store. Aakesh didn't look at it since it was familiar.

Not long after, Katrina and Autumn stepped inside the store. Katrina and Autumn usually came to the store early in the morning to get their spots in Panagea, but they were late by several minutes for the day.

Katrina and Autumn didn't look surprised when they saw the change inside the store. They had already learned from Aakesh the previous day that there was going to be a new product.

They noticed the new room in the store. Their eyes then fell on Aakesh talking with a customer. Autumn looked disgruntled when she saw the large number of people waiting for their turn in Panagea.

Autumn was working for Lily, so she was posted in her territory. She wanted to stay in Panagea every day if it was possible to help Lily, but since it wasn't possible, she liked to enter Panagea early in the day.

Katrina could only helplessly sigh when she noticed Autumn's expression, but she could do nothing. They were late for a reason, despite Katrina being extremely curious about the new product.

If possible, Katrina wanted help from Aakesh, but unfortunately for her, Aakesh was too weak to help her outside the store. And there was also the fact that she and Autumn were already indebted to Aakesh, so they decided not to involve him in it.

Katrina then stopped thinking about the trouble and focused on what was ahead of her. She and Autumn then stepped forward, approaching Aakesh. She wanted to learn about the new product directly from Aakesh.


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