The First Store System

Chapter 1175 First Day After The Sixth Product(2)
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Chapter 1175: First Day after the Sixth Product(2)

"Yes, the skills belong to all possible elements in the Sacred Dimension," Aakesh answered to the man, interested in skills.

The man nodded and asked another question, "Can I, as a wood element user, buy a water element skill and use it?"

"Yes, you can buy skills of any element, but I will suggest you not do it.

"There are no restrictions on the element's choice, but you will have to learn the skill yourself. If you choose a powerful skill that belongs to a different element, that might harm you more than help you," Aakesh answered.

"Are there limits on the sale of skills like pills and other products?" The man had decided to see the pills, so he asked one last question.

"Yes, you can only buy skills at your cultivation level or below it. In addition to that, you can only buy one skill from one level for all seven levels and five types," Aakesh answered.

The man nodded in appreciation. The sale restriction for the skills wasn't as tough as other products.

There was no rule that enforced that customers could only buy one skill of different levels, so in total, any customer could buy seven different skills from each type for a cultivation level.

"Thank you, store owner," The man thanked Aakesh and proceeded toward the skills room.

Another man took the customer's place and began to ask questions about the products.

Autumn and Katrina didn't disturb Aakesh and sat down on their chairs, which had automatically appeared.


Landon had a surprised expression when he entered the skills room. He looked around and found the walls painted with different murals across the wall, like in other rooms.

Landon wasn't alone, but there were many like him in the room. Some were looking at the murals and feeling awe; some were near counters, trying to find a suitable skill; and some were at the semi-pillar at the end of the screen.

From Aakesh, Landon had learned what the semi-pillar did, so he wasn't surprised by the short queue since the feature wasn't free. Only those who had found their skills or had the money to enjoy were playing with it.

Landon's cultivation was peak Divine Being, on the verge of stepping into Divine Lord, so he went toward the counter for that cultivation level.

There were four more people with him at the counter. When they noticed him, they only gave him a quick glance and returned to the shelf.

The store owner had told Landon that the customers could think of what element skills they wanted, and they would only get skills from that element when they reached the shelf.

After Aakesh's suggestion, Landon didn't try to play with other element skills and thought of the wood element. The next moment, he reached into the bottom row for Attack type skills and Novice shelf.

When he took his hands out, there was a card in his hands detailing the skill.

Landon focused on the card and found it to be a good attacking skill. Landon then had an idea, so he returned the card and reached into the Advanced shelf, thinking of the same skill.

When he took his hands out, there was a card detailing the same skill, but its level had grown. There wasn't much difference in the power of the two skills, but the one from the Advanced shelf was better.

Landon then tried the remaining five levels as well. As the level of the skill grew, its attack power also increased. Similar was the rise in its price.

Landon then returned to the Novice shelf and reached it again. When he took his hands out, there was a card in his hands.

Time flew by, and Landon kept trying to find a good skill for himself. Finally, after several tries, he found the one he felt was the one for him.

Landon looked at the card and read its details. π‘“π“»β„―π‘’π‘€π˜¦π‘π‘›β„΄π“‹β„―π‘™.π˜€π“Έπ“‚

[Name: Wooden Shower

Type: Attack

Level: Novice

Cultivation Level: Early to peak Divine Being

Effect: Rain of sharp wooden shards

Description: The user channels the wooden element's energy, allowing them to create a rain of sharp wooden shards in a range of ten meters.

Price: Eighty lesser Sacred stones.]

On top of one-fourth of the card, there was an illustration of the skill. In it, wooden shards were raining down, dealing damage to the ground.

Landon decided to pick [Wooden Shower], so his eyes turned toward the semi-pillar. The screen there would tell him his compatibility and the training time, so he proceeded forward and joined the queue.

People were leaving instantly when their turn arrived since no matter how long they stayed in the experience, no time had passed in reality.

Landon got his turn only after a few seconds of waiting. It cost one percent of the total price of the skill and since Landon could take a hit of 1 lesser Sacred stone, he didn't worry about it.

Landon then placed the card in its specific compartment, and the next moment, he found himself in a different environment.

At that moment, Landon was in a battle with a group of people slowly charging at him.

Landon's body moved on its own and channeled the wooden element energy in his body. The next moment, the range of ten meters around him turned into a wood storm as sharp wooden shards repeatedly crashed to the ground, hitting the people surrounding him.

It didn't take long, and only corpses and pools of blood remained when the rain came to an end. Landon had a shocked face as he experienced the skill.

The Landon on the scene wasn't immune to the wooden shards raining down. Many also came at him, but whenever anyone would come close to him, a familiar scene would occur. The wooden shard would turn into elemental energy.

Landon couldn't help but be surprised since doing it was immensely tough.

The next moment, Landon found himself back in the store while the screen lightened up.

[Skill: Wooden Shower

Level: Novice

Cultivator: peak Divine Being

Compatibility: 82%

Training Time: Three Months.]

Landon looked at the screen in front of him, detailing his compatibility with the skill.

The information seemed to be imprinted into the minds of the users, so Landon left the queue.

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