The First Store System

Chapter 1176 First Day After The Sixth Product(3)
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Chapter 1175: First Day after the Sixth Product(3)

"Three Months!" Landon mumbled, looking at the training time.

Three months wasn't a very long time, as sometimes, an entire meditation session spanned over the years, and the cultivators of the Sacred Dimension had endless lifespans. Time was the last thing anyone worried about.

Landon felt the details were fine, so he made the decision to buy the skill. He then returned to the counter.

Landon's primary requirement was a good defensive skill since he had none to use, while for attacking, he had three of them.

Landon was also ready to splurge on it, so reaching the second row from the bottom, Landon reached into the Master shelf. When he brought his hands out, there was a card in his hands.

Landon didn't find the skill to his liking, so he gave it another try and reached again.

[Name: Verdant Shield

Type: Defense

Level: Master

Cultivation Level: Early to peak Divine Being

Effect: Protective barrier of resilient wood

Description: The user taps into the essence of the wood element, summoning a protective shield made of resilient and sturdy wood. The shield forms a spherical barrier with a diameter of one meter. Immune to wooden attacks up to peak Divine Being level.

Price: Fifty ordinary Sacred stones.]

Landon nodded in appreciation when he read the details of the skill. When Landon read the last line of the skill, his eyes erupted in joy.

He suddenly had an idea, and he went to the pillar again. Soon, after a wait of some seconds, his turn arrived.

The customers could also experience the activation of two skills at once, so he placed both [Wooden Shower] and [Verdant Shield] into the specific compartment.

The next moment, Landon found himself back in the area, surrounded by people charging at him. There was a change this time, as the people not only charged but also attacked with long-range skills related to the wood element.

Landon's body acted on its own, activating [Verdant Shield] and then soon after [Wooden Shower]. The next moment, a spherical barrier of trees appeared around Landon, while the sky in the range of ten meters also began to rain wooden shards.

As the [Verdant Shield] was immune to wooden attacks below peak Divine Being, the wooden shards raining on it did no damage, and the same was the case for the attacks from the people.

Soon after, Landon was left with no injuries, while all around him, corpses were spread across the ground, lying in a pool of their blood.

The next moment, Landon returned to the store, and the screen lightened up. The information on the screen was imprinted into the minds of the users with a single glance, not letting a long queue form in front of the semi-pillar.

Landon also left the spot and focused on the details he saw on the screen.

[Skill 1: Wooden Shower

Level: Novice

Cultivator: Peak Divine Being

Compatibility: 82%

Training Time: 45 Days

Skill 2: Verdant Shield

Level: Master

Cultivator: Peak Divine Being

Compatibility: 80%

Training Time: Seven Months.]

He found that the training time for [Wooden Shower] had been reduced to half the original time with the help of the [Verdant Shield.] Everything else remained the same for the first skill.

For the second skill, Landon's compatibility had dropped, while similarly, the training time was seven months. He didn't fret over the compatibility since anything above 70% was great according to the store owner.

Landon was fine with what he read, so he decided to make the purchase. Landon didn't have more money to buy skills of other types or levels, so Landon turned around and left the room with the two cards in his hands.

Since only one card could be bought from a level, Landon could no longer purchase Novice level attacking skills and Master level defensive skills in the Divine Being cultivation.

When Landon exited the room, he found a line in front of the store owner, so he went there and joined it. It hadn't been that long since he left for the room

It didn't take long for Landon's turn to arrive, and he reached the store owner.

"Store owner, I want these two skills," Landon requested, pushing the two skill cards toward him.

Aakesh nodded and took the card from his hands. He then glanced at it, and the next moment, its details appeared in his head.

"You need to pay fifty ordinary and one hundred thirty-two lesser Sacred stones," Aakesh expressionlessly informed, returning the two cards.

Landon nodded since he had already calculated the cost. Experiencing [Verdant Shield] cost him fifty lesser Sacred stones. Since Landon wasn't disappointed with that purchase, he happily took the amount out of his space ring and pushed it toward the store owner.

"You need to pay in the denominations as told if you don't have a store card," Aakesh informed Landon since he had paid fifty-one ordinary and thirty-two lesser Sacred stones.

Landon nodded, clearly not expecting to hear it. Since he could do nothing but follow the store owner's words, he took one ordinary stone back and replaced it with one hundred lesser stones.

"Your sale is complete," Aakesh informed Landon after he got the alert from the system. f𝗿𝐞ewebno𝚟𝚎𝗹.𝗰𝐨m

The next moment, the two cards in Landon's hands suddenly glowed blue. The light disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. Landon focused on it and found out that the details had disappeared; only the skill's name was left on the card, while in the center at the back of the card was the storefront pattern.

"You need to place the card on the area between your eyebrows and channel your energy to absorb the knowledge of the skill," Aakesh informed Landon.

"Thank you, store owner." Landon thanked Aakesh and then did as told.

He started with [Wooden Shower] and placed it on the area between his eyebrows.

As he channeled his energy, the card exploded into light particles and seeped into the spot between the brows.

The next moment, Landon had complete knowledge of how to execute the skill. He only needed to practice slowly, and then he would have complete control over the skill.

Landon then repeated the process for the second skill. Soon, he had completed the process.

"Thank you, store owner." Landon thanked Aakesh and then turned around to leave since whatever wealth he brought with him was spent.

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