The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 913 - 913 Lin Qingzhu’s Transformation
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913 Lin Qingzhu’s Transformation

“Go!” Ye Qiu exerted strength after the drop of blood fused into it. The Immortal Slayer turned into a stream of light and flew towards Lin Qingzhu.

Lin Qingzhu couldn’t help but reach out and grab it. The Immortal Slayer was already in her hand.


The moment the Immortal Slayer was in her hand, Lin Qingzhu’s sword force instantly erupted. A heavy and extremely bloody desire to kill, it seemed to be uncontrollable. Under the cold and desolate sword intent, it looked even colder.

At this moment, Lin Qingzhu seemed to have entered a good state and felt an unprecedented sense of power.


“Sword energy to the gods! Turning one’s body into a sword.”

Lian Feng was shocked. She did not expect that the upgrade of the Immortal Slayer would bring Lin Qingzhu such a huge improvement. At this moment, she was like a bloodthirsty sword. When she erupted, she could not control herself at all.

Even Lin Qingzhu felt this feeling of blood boiling in her body, and her mind flickered with endless desire to kill.

“No!” This was not the Sword Dao that Lin Qingzhu had expected. Her heart immediately sank and she entered a strange realm. The righteous energy in her body erupted and began to suppress this bloodthirsty sword intent.

As Ye Qiu’s disciple, Lin Qingzhu also cultivated the Dharmic Dao that Ye Qiu cultivated. This purest righteous energy in the world happened to be the nemesis of this evil and extreme bloodthirsty murderous aura.

In just a moment, Lin Qingzhu suppressed this bloodthirsty sword intent. However, she did not completely destroy it and only suppressed it. This was because she knew that this evil power came from the Immortal Slayer itself. Once it was completely destroyed, the Immortal Slayer would no longer exist.

Therefore, she could only hide it. When necessary, this would be her greatest trump card, a trump card that could turn the tables.

Lian Feng was already completely amazed by Lin Qingzhu’s stunning performance and was delighted. As their mistress, she was also very proud when she saw her disciple’s strength increase and achieve some achievements.

Weren’t these disciples the ones the two of them were looking forward to and worried about? If these precious disciples became stronger day by day and had the ability to protect themselves, why would they be afraid?

The reason why they did not dare to do many things and could not do them was because there were too many things they needed to consider.

“Haha… Immortal Slayer Divine Sword! It’s done!” The moment he saw the Immortal Slayer in Lin Qingzhu’s hand emitting a dazzling light, Ye Qiu knew that he had finally succeeded in upgrading. While he was excited, he was also very curious. He wondered how much the power of the upgraded Immortal Slayer had increased.

Confused, Ye Qiu said heroically, “Disciple, come! Try the sword in your hand.”

His aura immediately changed, and the righteous energy of heaven and earth erupted, forming a world around him, as if it was nothing. Ye Qiu raised his hand and gestured. Lin Qingzhu immediately understood what her master meant. The Immortal Slayer in her hand turned and instantly changed her previous calmness.

“Master, please excuse me.” Lin Qingzhu’s eyes gradually turned cold. She had already entered the world of swords. That endless sword intent swept through her limbs and bones, and a powerful sword force instantly enveloped over, covering the sky and earth.

Lian Feng was very tactful. She did not want to disturb the competition between the master and disciple and silently left the cliff. A violent wind swept past within a radius of dozens of miles, stirring up leaves, green grass, mountains, and rivers. Sword energy surged over like a sea.

“Cursive Sword Technique!” Lian Feng was shocked. She had never learned the Cursive Sword Art, but she had always known this Ten Fiends Treasure Technique and was incomparably shocked.

Lin Qingzhu, who had the upgraded Immortal Slayer and had entered the mysterious realm of transforming her body into a sword, had a tremendous change in aura.

Lin Qingzhu’s expression did not change as she enjoyed the baptism of endless killing desire. Her mind was not affected at all, but she could feel that the power in her body was constantly increasing and boiling under the enhancement of this vicious aura.

“What a strange feeling! Is this the Immortal Slayer?” Lin Qingzhu was shocked. She originally thought that the Immortal Slayer’s origin consciousness was an endless extreme killing. Once it was used, she would more or less be affected.

She never thought that she would not be affected at all. Not only that, she could feel the changes in the Immortal Slayer at all times and completely control this bloodthirsty sword intent.

This might be the reason for that drop of blood. She had completely refined the Immortal Slayer with her blood. She was the sword, and the sword was her. Turning her body into a sword was the most magical realm in the world.

Lin Qingzhu slowly closed her eyes and quietly felt this surprising change. It was as if the world in front of her had become incomparably bright. She could clearly capture the strands of sword intent flying past her. Her endless desire to kill was rising. “Instant Youth!”

Suddenly, sword energy enveloped the world, as if an infinite barrier had opened. Lin Qingzhu jumped up. She raised her sword and the Immortal Slayer streaked across her fair hand. She suddenly opened her eyes. It was like a sword energy that quickly streaked across.

“Sixth strike?” Ye Qiu was shocked. He didn’t expect Lin Qingzhu, who couldn’t completely master the sixth sword technique, to completely master this sword technique at this moment. He couldn’t help but feel a little surprised, followed by excitement. “Haha, interesting.”

Instant Youth was the sixth sword technique of the Cursive Sword Art. One could tell its essence from its name.

Among the many sword techniques, most have area of effect damage and powerful amplification effects, they were extremely powerful. However, this move was different. It was an extreme single-target move, and it was an extremely fast insta-kill move.

From the name, it could be heard that once Instant Youth was activated, it meant that the battle would only end in an instant.

Ye Qiu rarely used this move because it was very difficult to grasp. Every move he made would definitely draw blood. He would either kill the enemy or injure himself.

In terms of power, although it could not compare to that super immortal technique, One Strike Separate The Worlds, its speed was unpredictable. It instantly killed the enemy from ten thousand miles away and was not restricted by time.

Lin Qingzhu had completely entered a state. She had demonstrated the shadow of the sixth strike countless times in her mind and had completely grasped this move. She was not worried that this move would hurt her master, so she did not feel any burden.

What a joke. How could she be worried? In this world, no one knew this sword better than her master. It would be strange if she could hurt him. Could a child who had just learned how to walk defeat a strong and in good condition adult?

That was impossible, okay?

Therefore, she did not hold back at all. She almost erupted with all her might. She only wanted to see how powerful the upgraded Immortal Slayer was.

“Master, be careful!”

The moment the sword force condensed, the Immortal Slayer streaked across her hand. The power of the Heavenly Cycle gathered in her palm like a vortex. In just a moment, a shocking sword force instantly erupted.


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