The Primordial Record

Chapter 805 Web of Seeking
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Chapter 805 Web of Seeking

?The creation of a second Singularity would be a clarion call to all the great powers in all of creation, even the Primordials would be drawn to this dying universe. This would lead to a war that would end all wars. Everyone would want to control this Singularity, right before inside this small universe, their gaze would turn to Rowan.

The decision was before Rowan. Merge with the Primordial Record, and for a short moment he would be invincible, but he would draw the attention of all the great powers in creation. If he survived this first clash with every Primordial in existence, and perhaps a few more battles with them, he would become invincible.

He would be able to perfectly control and develop all this bloodline, creating a body of power that was unbreachable.

If he fails, he dies, along with the Primordial Record.

This bet was an or-nothing affair. There would be no turning back or maneuvering against Primordials, he would have access to ultimate power for an instant, with no chance to learn or familiarize himself with it before all hell would break loose.

Not to mention that if a Primordial collected the new Singularity, with their powers and experience from their extremely long lifespan they might be able to create something unexpected with this power.

There was no way Rowan could be sure that he would be strong enough to control the outcome when it came to powers of those levels. Powers that he was not familiar with in the slightest.

He had only one chance at this, due to a series of events that led to this moment that seemed intractable, Rowan had the chance to merge with his Singularity. If he recovered the last page of the Primordial Record, that chance would be lost forever.

If he became a three-dimensional being, the chance would be lost too. He was in a unique position to become the most powerful being in all existence in a single step, and if he missed it, he would not get this chance again.

This decision was too heavy to be taken lightly, and Rowan decided to push it forward until he was adequately prepared. For one, the Primordial Record may be able to grant him all the powerful bloodlines there was in existence, but it would all be at the mortal level.

Just like all his other bloodlines, they all needed resources to grow, and even if he had a thousand bloodlines, it was useless if they all remained at the mortal level when he had creatures like Primordial, who resided in the 9th Dimension prowling through this universe who could completely eradicate every single living thing in all the universes if they truly wanted.

If he could not survive the blows of a Primordial when he had a thousand bloodlines, it was useless to consider this option of merging with the Primordial Record at this moment.

What he needed was more information, he needed time and he needed resources.

His mind went towards the area where he had just collected the treasures he used in creating his Forge. Perhaps if he had all the treasures that were inside that Exchange Space where he used the Labyrinth Coins.

Not only that he would also need access to at least a billion or more Soul Crystals, a couple of Principalities, and higher powered Angels to buy him a few seconds once the Primordials reached this universe then he might be able to risk it.

All of this preparation was the least he could have before he considered merging himself with the Primordial Record.

Rowan swallowed his desires, the mission had not changed, he needed to get stronger, gather more resources, and understand all he could about the powers of Primordial, and if he felt he had a certain percentage of success, he would leap and merge with the Primordial Record.

It was an unmatchable opportunity for great power, but only one he would enjoy if he could survive

He figured out that the best method to find out if he could win against Primordials was to win the war against the Reflection of a fallen Primordial. If he won this fight against his father and his forces, he would have gone through a Trial of Fire that would have judged him worthy enough to challenge Primordials, maybe not enough to win, but at least survive.

Besides, he suspected that his father and the other Reflections now had Souls, and the amount of Soul Crystals he would acquire from the Reflection of a Primordial must be astonishing, perhaps enough that for the upcoming future, he would never need to find another source of Soul Energy.

With the knowledge he would gain from those Reflections, he would have the complete picture of what could be found outside the universe, he would know potential allies and enemies. Fighting and winning this war was the first thing he needed to do before considering his merger with the Singularity.

The only problem with this decision was simple, the Primordial Record disagreed with him.

Rowan sighed in exasperation, "Why am I not surprised."

He suddenly felt a profound force taking hold of his consciousness, weaving it in a manner that left him helpless, and his perception was promoted to look above him and he gasped in shock and annoyance.

The Primordial Record had emerged from his body and hovered above his body, it was the size of a massive star, and it opened itself revealing a vast open void. The Forge quaked, about to explode, but time unexpectedly went still.

The Primordial Record wanted Rowan's body and it was willing to take the risk of perishing if they fell to the Primordials. It knew that merging with Rowan would lead to unknown potential benefits, and it would not wait.

Rowan was dragged to the Primordial Record, and as he gathered all his energies to fight back, he could not help thinking, "Fuck, everything wants a piece of me today."

The Primordial Record closed over him and everything was covered in darkness.


Minerva was floating through the Sea of Destruction. For the past few weeks, she had been investigating the Vaults of Bacchus, Vulgim, with the examination of those two gods completed, now she was headed for Boreas.

During the meeting with the God King, she had detected with the help of the strange Centipede something that was not an actuality but more of a sensation, that something there was not supposed to be among their midst, but it was.

Something that seemingly could not die. Everything she saw had the energy of decay around them, and this was the first time she was feeling something that did not hold that decay.

She had suspected that one of the gods had brought along an unknown figure among them, although she could not fully ascertain if she was right, she fully trusted in her instincts and followed her hunch.

Boreas's Vault was not far ahead and Minerva hid her presence, she did not want any quarrel with these gods on the verge of madness.

Like before, she began to spin her web all around the vault. The energies of destruction did not trouble her as much. It was a familiar force that reminded her of better times, and she knew this place did not find her nature to be anathema to its own.

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