The Primordial Record

Chapter 806 The Voice of The Singularity
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Chapter 806 The Voice of The Singularity

Minerva found it difficult to pretend that she was something other than her nature. She would like to think the millions of years on Trion would have transformed her, but that transformation was only skin deep.

She spun her web masterfully, no single fluctuation escaped from her activities, and if Boreas had been paying attention, he would have witnessed nothing.

The Web of Minerva was created out of the tides of destruction in this area, reinforcing its strength, and she soon encircled the entire Vault of Hekaton, Boreas's home with it. From afar the web resembled her face that had been magnified a million times. The eyes in the face suddenly opened and Minerva could see everything in the vault of Boreas.

This was not the first time she had been spying on the Gods of Trion, and she was familiar with their secrets and activities, although she might find some of their activities amusing at times, she could not deny their potential. It was a shame that they were kept in a state of ignorance, their powers halved, nothing more than puppets, but she understood the necessity of control.

She was a creature that thrived off control, and it was the reason she always found Telmus her child so fascinating. Not his powers like he thinks, Minerva had made sure that she crippled him in that area, but in his tenacity. How could she break him?

Minerva frowned as she recalled past grievances and slights against her, but pushed those matters aside to focus on her task, as she examined every single inch of this vault.

The Gods of Trion usually have hidden projects, Minerva considered these actions like little pieces of resistance against their slavery.

It was surprising to her that Golgoth encouraged these acts by providing them with access to Labyrinth Coins, she considered this to be a gigantic waste of resources, but if she was as wealthy as the God King, perhaps she would also be as extravagant in her activities.

Minerva hesitated, 'No she wouldn't,' a Labyrinth Coin was not a resource you could just give away at your whim, and it made her annoyed that she was still being paid the same amounts of Coins as the other glorified puppets. Yet she could not complain about receiving such an unexpected bonus.

The first thing she noticed while looking inside the Vault of Boreas was that his little hidden projects were all gone. The god sat on his throne with his eyes closed and for all visible indication, his consciousness must be elsewhere on whatever activities he was concentrating on, most likely trying to get more powerful.

She snickered internally, 'Becoming nothing more but a fatter lamb to be slaughtered.'

Minerva was not here for Boreas, the god was insignificant, she was here for something stranger. Her gaze swept past the god, looking for secrets, and she found them. Unexpected secrets that delighted her senses.

"Someone has been busy, oh silly brother, you should have asked for my help." she smiled and vanished from the Sea of Destruction, but she left her webs behind. Who knew what else she might find?


The darkness over his consciousness receded and Rowan found himself pressed against the ground. There was an ungodly pressure on his body so strong, that he only kept himself alive with every single iota of endurance he had.

He was lying on a terrifying dense entity, and his body could not make it budge a single inch, effectively crushing him between two immovable forces.

Rowan felt the incredible changes in his body and was filled with awe. Moving his consciousness was like a mortal trying to lift a mountain, but he managed to do so in fits and starts.

The first thing He immediately noticed was that his size was different, bigger than a universe, his body was now so powerful it dwarfed his imagination, he could feel his three bloodlines had merged, creating something so powerful it almost felt impractical.

His consciousness was weighed down but he understood that he had become a Dimension that could stand before the powers of creation, his light would reach all eternity, and a single wave of his hand could end multiple universes, and yet he was at the edge of death because of a single reason—A baby boy.

If Rowan's body was the size of a universe, this baby was a thousand times bigger than a universe. The baby appeared to be asleep. The infant was hairless, and due to his massive size, or was possible to see that his body was filled with countless wounds that were slowly closing, but it would take a while for this child to heal and then begin to grow.

He had just been born and his birth had been incredibly violent and placed the baby at the edge of death. Rowan went still in shock when he noticed something familiar about this child and before he could confirm his suspicions, the baby shook as if he was in a bad dream.

The clothes used in covering the baby were made from countless newborn alien universes emitting colors that could corrupt the senses of anyone who saw it.

These universes had been woven in the shape of a blanket, and his agitation caused the universes that kept him warm to end, but they were reborn once more due to the Aura of endless vitality around the sleeping infant.

That slight agitation from the baby did not end only in the death of the universes, the force that action carried echoed into eternity and slammed into Rowan, and he screamed.

His body was being crushed to pieces, and he could not recover from this wound, all his powers were nothing before the slight shrug of this infant.

In every moment that passes, trillions of lives are lost inside of him. He held on to his life with a madness that had remained inside him for so long that he did not know the meaning of giving up. When his back was to the wall, he had always fought for his life, this time would not be any different.

He was fighting against the end, and he was winning… somewhat.

The baby opened his mouth, and to Rowan's horror, he gave his first cry.

It was a funny thing, all the ways he thought he could die, but dying from the cry of a baby was not one of them.

He could see the cry traveling at him, like a shockwave emerging from the deaths of a thousand universes, and he knew that he could not survive. Rowan had made peace with death a long time ago, and he finally settled down to observe his demise.

The shockwave began to slow down and then it stopped a few inches away from his head.


The Primordial Record spoke to him, and for the first time, he could hear it clearly. It showed him a vision of the future that was not so far away. He only needed to accept it.

The Primordial Record was showing him that at the height of his powers, Rowan would still be nothing before the birth of this child.

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