The Primordial Record

Chapter 807 Wiping The Slate Clean
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Chapter 807 Wiping The Slate Clean

Everything he would ever become in the future was nothing. The Primordial Record did not lie, Rowan knew that the Singularity understood the concept of falsehood, but it would never stoop to the level of making Rowan believe a lie.

"This future," Rowan gasped, even though words were difficult to speak when around this child who had just given his first cry, "show everything to me. Show me how long this future of ours will last."

The Primordial Record went silent, and when Rowan thought it would keep him there in this state of near-death forever, it spoke, "AS YOU WISH. IF YOU CAN WITHSTAND THE SHOCK OF WITNESSING… THEN YOU MAY."

The hold over time ended and Rowan shuddered in shock as he weathered the impact of the cry of the baby slamming against his body. If he wanted to know the entire truth, he would have to pay for it.

His massive body began to shatter to pieces, massive chunks of body the size of galaxies threatened to be scattered to the farthest reaches of eternity, but Rowan gritted his teeth and held on.

He needed to see.

His impending death was pushed to the side, what was on his mind was the future of this child. The infant was powerful, but it was not alone, and as he feared that future he dreaded… it was not far away.

In the distance, reality was broken apart and rearranged, madness took form and unreality, super realities, minor realities, and infinite types of realities converged on this place and the Primordials came through.

He wanted to look, Rowan wanted to finally understand what the creatures that stood on top of the food chain were like. However he nearly cried in anger for his consciousness could barely withstand the might of the baby, talkless additional more Primordials.

It was difficult enough to stay alive, trying to understand more details about these Primordials was impossible. He had to be patient with just following the general direction of what was happening.

The Primordials had carried with them their dimensions, and just the appearance of the dimensions of more than one Primordial in the same place nearly drove Rowan insane, and he dared not look at their masters.

Describing what he was witnessing was impossible, even with how powerful he had become, his mind was still too small. Rowan realized in horror that his present state was just one step from achieving the Ranks of Primordials, but that step was a wide chasm that was impossible to cross.

The Primordial Record had shown that he grew to the height of an Eight-dimensional entity, and perhaps in all of reality, the number of beings who were at this level could be counted on one hand, but it was not enough. With all of his potential, he could not cross that last step, it was impossible.

Rowan recalled how prideful he had become after becoming a Dimensional entity and defeating Caine, he had thought he would be the first one to not just become a Primordial, but a Primordial of multiple 9th Dimensional Wills.

Was it the tag of a Nascent Primordial and all the benefits that came with that name that convinced him that he was assured that he would become a Primordial?

His steps to this level, although difficult had been too smooth, and that had blinded him to the fact that he might not succeed in becoming a Primordial, and the possession of the Singularity did not help matters, for even with the most powerful treasure in existence, he was not assured to become like them.

Did his Primordial Record know of this? Was it the reason it chose this merger because it was the greatest chance, even if failure would lead to death?

Every Primordial in existence was born a Primordial, they did not grow to occupy this level.

They all occupied a sphere of power that no creature in existence could train towards, and no matter how much time had passed, no one else would ever achieve their rank.

There had been countless geniuses in the past, all with various opportunities that were unique, some of them might have had access to treasures or abilities that in a manner might even be more powerful than what Rowan had access to, but none of them had succeeded.

This display of power from the Primordials had nearly crippled Rowan of his motivation to achieve that level.

He was struck with the knowledge that he was nothing but a child who saw the reflection of the sun in a pond and believed he could grab it.

His only chance of becoming a Primordial was to merge with the Primordial Record, otherwise, he would labor until the end of time and there would be a chasm that he would not be able to cross, and it might only be achievable if he became one with the Primordial Record.

The Primordial Record could not lie.

Still, Rowan held on, for the future had not ended. The arriving Primordials saw a new candidate that could enter their ranks, and they did not welcome him.

The child had just undergone a violent birth and had not finished healing, it had barely had time to come into its powers, but the Primordials were not courteous guests, they attacked.

Their combined power fell on the infant and it resisted, far longer than Rowan thought was possible. The body of the child went through countless transformations in order to survive their combined might; rebirths, resurrections, transmigration, evolutions, and countless mystical processes that Rowan could not even comprehend.

The infant instinctively wielded powers and concepts beyond what Rowan thought was even possible, but it was meaningless. It was injured, weak, and confused, his eyes had not even opened to see this new reality, and he could not match all the Primordials.

In this unreasonable display of power, Rowan understood that the power of a Primordial was unmatchable, and more than one Primordial against this miracle of an infant was enough.

The baby died, but in his death throes, he no longer bothered with survival and he retaliated, seriously injuring every Primordial who gathered against him. Their dimensions were shattered to pieces and for a brief moment, Rowan thought he saw their true form, before everything ended.

Rowan shook his head, "Is this the future you want for me?"


Rowan went silent as the scene shifted and he witnessed reality restarting once more with the birth of the boy, and he realized with a degree of alarm that what he was witnessing was truly a new reality being created with the birth of the boy.


He needed a few moments to come to terms with what he had just seen and the truth was far too terrifying for him to grasp.

If he merged with the Primordial Record, his rebirth would cause the destruction of reality… not just the one in this universe, but all realities. His rebirth would end the great darkness.

He would end this universe and every universe in existence, except for the Primordials, everything would die as a new reality was born, similar to the times before the Primordial Era when nothing but Primordials existed.

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