The Primordial Record

Chapter 859 Bargain And Answers
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Chapter 859 Bargain And Answers

Any Immortal that was killed inside of it, no matter if they were members of a Supreme World or not, would all perish inside of it.

This change brought about an increasing level of stakes that was not previously present in this world. The threat he represented had just escalated from annoying to fatal.

Rowan had not expected such massive changes so suddenly, but he adjusted his plans, what would come next would be a far different battle, but it should buy him a little more time.

His perception swept past the expanding Dimension and frowned when he noticed that although the materials being sucked inside of him were precious, they did not fit in with his overall essence, that should not be a problem because, after a short while inside his Dimension, every essence would become converted to his own.

However, at this moment it would cause nothing but chaos and interfere with his ability to smoothly channel his power throughout the Dimension. Already he could feel his Sea of Ambrosia and Sea of Darkness slowing down as millions of chaotic essences began to mix with them.

The battle that was to come would no longer be fought with kids gloves and these new changes would complicate his ability to channel his power as effectively as he wanted, Rowan immediately channeled a lot of his consciousnesses to find solutions to this issue.

This chaotic essence was Aether from the universe. A million or even a billion Immortals put together would never have even a billionth of the Aether present inside a universe, and this universe had hundreds of times more Aether than an average universe.

For anyone else, this amount of Aether was a blessing as the universe's unique Aether was extremely nourishing to life, and was a valuable source of currency. Rowan had Soul Energy, and he did not need such a secondhand form of energy, it served as nothing but an unneeded complication that could be fatal if left unaddressed.

Rowan as a Dimension could hold this amount of Aether if given the time to digest it, but he did not have that time. This could end up benefiting him in the long run as his Primordial Seas would expand quickly enough to fill up the new size of his Dimensions.

Previously Rowan wanted to keep his bloodlines and his Aether to be extremely pure, but he had seen the end of that path. The Primordial Record had shown him that no matter how pure he kept his bloodline, he would still be stuck as an Eight-Dimensional entity in the future, he would be above everyone else, but still beneath the Primordials, bloodline purity was necessary, but it was not the answer. 𝔣𝔯𝔒𝔒𝔴𝔒𝖇𝖓𝔬𝖛𝔒𝔩.π–ˆπ”¬π–’

However, it did not matter if he had changed his mind if he did not find a solution to the hindrance caused by this unneeded Aether entering his Dimension.

Also, Rowan feared that even if his Angels had been able to kill the intruders quite quickly, they should have been able to send enough information to the outside world that would show that survival was possible for a brief moment, and if that was the case he should be expecting company.

He was not wrong, as the first of their heavy hitters smashed his way into his Dimension. Blowing apart hundreds of stars and thousands of worlds, this being did not hide as the others did before, why should it?

It was a Demon King.

"A new domain of Chaos?" the voice of the Demon King rumbled, "Impossible! Of all seven hundred fractals of demarcation and separation placed by the Celestial Court, nothing should escape their shiny gaze."

Rowan rolled his eyes, 'Great, we have a historian.' Then he paused as he contemplated that perhaps information had not spread as quickly as he had presumed.

This Demon King was too brash, and almost every Immortal that had just died inside his Dimension were Mages, if he knew those sneaky bastards, they would have withheld the true deaths of their Archmages from the Demons in order for these savage beings to test the water for them.

Even if the Demons suspected that something was wrong, a Demon King was supposed to be invincible, even death was difficult to come by for a creature that controlled Will.

The Demon King inhaled and dragged a vast amount of cold fog with his many heads and coughed in irritation as they irritated his throats and vanished from his chest to reappear all around him, blocking his vision, but he must have noticed something as he chuckled,

"Oh, but I see your shiny wings hidden inside the veils of darkness. Does the Celestial Court wish to go against their ancient pacts? If that is the case I want to know the Creator who goes against the Absolutes, you should come to the Great Abyss, you would make a fine Demon. Trust me I can get you a good deal." the Demon King crooned.

He had the shape of a gigantic eagle with eight heads and three serpent tails. He had no feathers on his body and his skin was pale and filled with sores. His cunning eyes looked around him with avid lust and growing expectation.

There was no fear in his eyes and Rowan became amused. He would not refuse the meal that entered his mouth, he was an accommodating host but he had his limits.

"What do you say?" The Demon King shrieked, irritation beginning to paint his tone, "You are surrounded and you know it, soon every force in Creation will descend on this place and take it apart unless you bow."

Hearing no answer, the Demon King sighed and spread his featherless wings, wishing to explore more of this place before others swarmed into it and then he screamed in pain as three Sovereigns appeared around him and they attacked.

In a flurry of moves too fast for him to properly react, they pulled off his wings and sliced off one of his heads. Only his speed and intuition as a Demon King after many Eras of conflicts had saved him.

However, that was the most he could achieve before he lost this battle.

What followed was a butchery. The Demon King was powerful, but against three Sovereigns, he was helpless, the Angels all worked with seamless cooperation.

One Sovereign blocked, diverted, and canceled all the spells the Demon King created, and another used multiple large flaming blades the size of buildings and sliced through the body of the Demon King, prioritizing the tails and the heads, the last stopped his mobility, even without wings the Demon King could still fly, but he could not run for more than a few miles before he was butchered, his body parts were scattered for miles and his dead eyes could only roll around in a daze before the light of life left them.

"You are making a mistake. I will return…"

Rowan's consciousness seized his Soul, "No, you will not."

Another massive Soul Mountain grew inside his Primordial Sea of Darkness and with the lessons learned from killing Ohrox, Rowan began sealing the Soul Mountain using the dead blood he had harvested from the universe.

Special Soul Mountains like this that contained Will was far too valuable and should contain resources that could enlighten his path in the future.

He dedicated a dozen Consciousness to sealing the Soul mountain and he watched his Dimension finally reaching its full size of half a billion light years in circumference. Still far smaller than a universe but larger than any living being supposed to be.

Others controlled the power of a Dimension, but he was the Dimension itself.

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