The Princess Wei Yang

Chapter 143.8
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Chapter 143.8

Despite what it seemed to be, it was not done out of kindness. Leaving Jiang Hua alone in this world was more akin to an extremely cruel punishment by letting him live to see all his relatives die. But how did the other party do it? The Jiang family was centuries old and they had many Secret Guards hiding in the dark, making the family rather heavily guarded. Jiang Xu and Jiang Yang, who originally planned to greet Duke Jiang but returned halfway; even Jiang Li who returned home only half a month ago— they were all generals that had skills comparable to Gods. How could they be killed just like this without them being aware of it? What kind of terrifying force was this?

A series of questions circled in Yao Changqing’s mind, which made him nearly lose himself in confusion. He had no choice but to step forward and ask Jiang Hua, fully intending to know the truth from him.

Jiang Hua slowly raised his head and stared at Yao Changqing. His gaze indicated that he saw him, but it also seemed like he didn’t. Perhaps it was neither as he didn’t really care anymore and merely stood up.

Yao Changqing went up to stop him, but Jiang Hua’s strength surged from nowhere. The officer was knocked to the ground whilst the other roared angrily! It’s Mo Bei! Jiang Hua knew that this stunt was from Mo Bei since those people left behind a wolf totem! On his father’s face, a wolf totem was carved!

Yes! He, Jiang Hua, had close contacts with the people of Mo Bei. It could even be said that he had already betrayed his own country, but this was no simple betrayal that only idiots would think about! The line of capable and admirable royal family members had long since declined, so there was no doubt in his mind that they were going to be replaced one day. The Jiang family had made great achievements for generations and also produced a large number of talents. Therefore, why couldn’t they be the ones to take over the royal lineage? Even though Jiang Hua thought that way, never once did he mention his thoughts to anyone; not even his grandfather.

Jiang Hua had been secretly contacting the people from Mo Bei and Nanjiang. No matter who they were, as long as they were useful, he contacted and used them all! Mo Bei had arranged a group of secret forces in Da Li for many years and it was none other than he, Jiang Hua, who trained them! He trained those men with his own hands just for their skills to come in handy someday! He had strategies whereas Li Yuan Heng had ambitions; one of them wanted the Jiang family’s eternal glory while the other desired the hegemony of Mo Bei.

They were close partners. Although they were wary of each other, when necessary, he secretly helped the other nurture some secret weapons. The end result was a group of men capable of killing without blinking an eye to deal with the Eldest Prince of Mo Bei. In exchange for the men, the other party also sold Mo Bei’s military newspaper to him for suitable benefits! They could very well be considered traitors, but at the same time, they were all manipulators of the war! It sounded unbelievable, but it was nothing but the truth!

Even if Li Weiyang was the one who forced him into this state, Jiang Hua never thought of using this team of deadly soldiers. That was because these Mo Bei people must not appear in the capital only unless it was absolutely necessary! He wasn’t going to give up the scenario he’s been planning for years just because of a stupid woman! But now, look what Li Yuan Heng had done! He actually used the Secret Killers trained by Jiang Hua to kill all the members of the Jiang family in turn! Yes, everyone was dead except him, Jiang Hua! It was actually quite ironic how ridiculous of a fact this was!

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