The Romantic Cultivator

Chapter 691 Welcome To Snowy Pavilion City
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"Two rooms!"

"We want the best rooms in this place!"

"And serve us the best spiritual food too. Mundane best food will also do!"

"We only want the best and the most expensive."

"We want a 2 month stay too!"

Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan had said at the same time as they grinned at the lovely maiden at the guest counter.

This lovely maiden also has golden eyes; she was wearing a low neckline bodice that clearly showed her perked nipples clearly and moreover the silk that she was wearing were also transparent.

Even her long hair could not hide her lack of modesty.

Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan were both trying drooling over her and trying to impress her with their 'profound riches'.

Ji Yuan chuckled, "Maiden, what is your name? How long have you been working here?"

The lovely maiden casually said, unmindful of their stares. "That will be 2000 high grade spirit stones a day or 120 000 high grade spirit stones for a 2 month's stay. Since there are two of you, that will be 240 000 high grade spirit stones. As for your food, how about 60 000 high grade spirit stones for the two of you? That will be 300 000 high grade spirit stones."

Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan were suddenly blinking their golden eyes before they stared awkwardly at each other; this was too expensive…

Ji Yuan slowly began to pat Xiao Muhan, "Brother Xiao Muhan, thank you for footing the bills for me. I really appreciate this…"

Xiao Muhan began to curse Ji Yuan softly, "Do you really think that I can afford to stay here? Why don't we ask what the cheapest rates are first?"

Ji Yuan warned him softly, "This will be quite awkward to our faces if we mention this."

Xiao Muhan weakly said, "Actually I am waiting for you to ask her about the cheapest rates and then I would say it is a good idea…" 𝐟r𝗲𝚎𝚠e𝐛no𝘃𝗲𝐥.c𝗼m

Ji Yuan muttered weakly, "I am also waiting for you to say the same…"

The lovely maiden asked curiously when she saw their looks, "Well. How is it? Have you decided?"

Ji Yuan quickly grinned back, "Erm, we are just discussing how much that we are going to tip you for your 'excellent' services. Haha…"

The lovely maiden began to smile, "I am more than happy to receive 10% of your payment as tips."

Ji Yuan laughed weakly, "10% is too little. It should be doubled. Haha…"

Xiao Muhan: …

Ji Yuan continued to laugh, "My Brother Xiao Muhan is really freaking rich here. But he is rather slow up there in his head when it comes to tipping the right amount. It depends on your performance, of course. Haha…"

Xiao Muhan: …

The lovely maiden began to smile; she immediately proceeded to shift her body as she leaned forward with her bouncing bunnies and with an amicable smile, "Is that so? Are there any other special demands that I can help you to fulfill then?"

Xiao Muhan and Ji Yuan were both staring at her bunnies and they were almost drooling; they were both thinking at the same time: I want a bed service…

Ji Yuan muttered, "Young maiden, what is your name and how old are you?"

The lovely maiden smiled with great loveliness, "You may call me Maiden Flower Ju. I'm quite young at 7000 years old."

The jaws of Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan had almost dropped in front of the table; this young maiden was actually older than them by scores of years!

Ji Yuan was blinking at his 500 years vs. this young lovely maiden 7000 years…

He began to mutter, "I wonder what is the cultivation realm of young maiden here?"

The lovely maiden giggled softly as she began to ponder with a soft sigh, "I am merely at the beginning of the Sixth Spirit Realm here. I am still so far from the 7th Spirit Realm and it will be a long time till I will be able to ascend to the Greater Spirit Realm. Alas, the Divine Consorts are all at the 7th Spirit Realm…"

Ji Yuan interrupted with a shocked look, "You mean there are more than 1 Divine Consort in the city?"

The lovely maiden returned a puzzled look at Ji Yuan, "You must be from the other outer world cities. We have 4 Divine Consorts in Snowy Pavilion City."

Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan were both gulping at the same time: There are actually 4 Divine Consorts in this city?!

Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan were both thinking at the same time: Actually, I don't mind seducing all 4 of the Divine Consorts at the same time…

Unknown to Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan, there was yet another cultivator that had come with them into the Spirit Divine Realm and he was drinking at a nearby table.

He was Jiang Guanzhong, a great saint from the Middle Celestial Kingdom. In that celestial fraternity, he was a great hero and the smartest cultivator too.

In fact, if there were a cultivation hero in the Celestial Realm, then the MC would surely be the Great Hero Jiang Guanzhong and he was perfect in all ways.

And his celestial title happened to be the Perfect Hero as well.

He had naturally recognized Ji Yuan and Xiao Muhan even though they may not know him from among the hundreds of cultivators that had come into this trial.

At this moment, he was cursing them silently: Are these two cultivators idiots? Why are they being so high profile in enemy's territory?

Don't they know that this mere 6th Spirit Realm young looking maiden is stronger than any great saintesses from our Celestial Realm?

Naturally he knows more about the Spirit Divine Realm than Ji Yuan or Xiao Muhan because he had been here 500 years ago previously and had failed the trial back then.

He was also aware that there were two other cultivators, Xi Huangdi and Gao Deyi that were also in the vicinity; he did not waste his time on meaningless things and he had actually taken the time to remember all the faces of the cultivators that were taking part in the trial so he would not miss any of his potential enemies or rivals.

He was the Perfect Hero of course. Therefore there were no details that were too small or insignificant for him to remember.

Naturally, it was going to be him as the Great Hero Jian Guanzhong that would emerge gaining the 100 Trust Points and complete this SS Trial to claim his heaven-defying cultivation fortune.

And with this though, he was secretly smiling as he toasted himself a cup of wine.


Author Note:

1. No wait! Maiden Flower Ju isn't the lead heroine in the Spirit Divine Realm.

2. There are actually 4 Divine Consorts in Snowy Pavillion City (laugh).

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