The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 919: Light/Glow
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Chapter 919: Light/Glow

Proofreader: Papatonks

Baili Jingwei turned to the ever silent Danqing Shen. Understanding his gaze, Danqing Shen came to his side and grabbed him before shooting for the light.

As a mere Ethereal Stage cultivator, he’d never catch up to the others with his meager speed unless he had a Genesis Stage expert helping him.

Shangguan Feiyun figured out the little brat still had his uses as a hostage. Without further ado, he also flew after them with Gu Santong in his clutches.

As for the other Genesis Stage experts, they followed without question.

Of the packed manor of experts so far, now it turned to have only five who were just staring dumbly. Shangguan Shangguan Feixiong, the three venerables and one tittering between life and death, Shangguan Yulin.

All of them felt weirdly at a loss seeing the others just ignore them outright over someone else.

[You’re telling me, that us big shots from eastern lands have no worth? They just treat us like decorations, not even locking their house.]

The clear humiliation got to these four oldies.

They had been hiding to stay alive all this time and now that they were given the cold shoulder their life was over. Talk about being self-critical.

Then again, Gu Yifan was so young and toyed with both parties like nothing; truly commendable, brave, amazing and extraordinarily talented.

In any other place, even they would’ve disregarded the Shangguan clan over the kid, since he was just too good.

First he snatched Soaring Sword, which was eye-catching enough, then there was his glorious talent that shone like no other here.

What if he were such a marvelous youth, what then?

That was of course paying close attention to such a dangerous element. And while these Shangguan oldies were tough, part of a bigger faction, it’s been millennia since such a gem appeared within their ranks.

Gu Yifan was like a younger Invincible Sword now, even if striking it out on his own, that infinite potential sent shivers down anyone’s spine.

It was for the same reason Baili Jingwei and Shangguan Feiyun went after the kid. The Soaring Sword might even be secondary…

Shangguan Feixiong sighed at the light pillar, “The new replaces the old as every generation surpasses the last one. I just can’t believe how the glory of our Shangguan clan has faded compared to some unknown kid… “

“It’s not faded, but overshadowed!”

One venerable nodded, “The stars shine brighter upon the night sky only because the clouds hide the moon’s glow. The moon can cast her light upon the world all because the sun has fallen beyond the mountains. When the moon comes out, the stars fade. When the sun rises, the moon vanishes. He is the sun and the moon, and as long as he lives past today, his light would be glorious.”

They all gave a nod at his assessment.

[The new dawn is herald by its new heroes. Our time… has ended…]

“Should we give chase? I’m worried about Yan’er…” Shangguan Feixiong pondered as he looked at the distant light.

One venerable spoke, “There’s no need. We’ve been in such a dangerous situation just now and we couldn’t even keep Yan’er safe, but the kid did. He easily walks the path he made for himself to escape so of course he will. Yan’er will be fine with him. While we can never catch up to him and get the Soaring Sword, going after him is pointless.”

“While we no longer take priority with him still around, once he’s gone, all that attention will be focused on us. Baili Jingwei will come with us hard once more and we hardly have the men to fight. Even if we do escape, there’ll barely be anyone left. Only a fool would do this, ha-ha-ha…”

Shangguan Feixiong nodded and sighed. [Kid, you’ve been wicked and shrewd, using us however you wished, but I haven’t exactly been good to you either. Yan’er isn’t like that, she truly cared for the two of you. I just hope you’ll take care of her and keep her safe and this old man will be content.]

Shangguan Feixiong sighed and turned a dark look at the slumped Shangguan Yulin in his hole,”Then, venerables, what about this bastard?”

“A traitor is to be taken back and fully questioned!”

One venerable’s eyes shone and snapped. Shangguan Feixiong nodded and went to lift a bitter, pleading and panicking Shangguan Yulin.

The four experts flew out of town.

They couldn’t mess with the matters as they stood, but a traitor was a different matter…

The four sported nasty smirks.

Shangguan Yulin was feeling worse and worse.

[What did I do to deserve this? No one wants me! I gave my all as a spy, I worked hard for the clan, but no one cares!]

[Is the world going to let this wrong go unanswered? Oh, snow in June…]

(StarReader: reference to ‘The Injustice to Dou E’, a play by Guan Hanqing of a girls unjust ending and vindication)

How fast had he forgotten just who he was really working for, even turning on everyone else. The triple agent had nothing helping him in his endeavors, no morals and not even loyalty for his own family.

Alas, all of these were secondary, paling in comparison to messing with the one man no one ever should, ending up as a stray no one would even take pity on…

Meanwhile, with the flash of the light pillar, Zhuo Fan and Shangguan Qingyan appeared in the backyard of the Gu household. With no time for her to make sense of everything, Shangguan Feiyun’s team had already shown up. A Genesis Stage expert’s speed was nothing to scoff at. He held Gu Santong and barked at Zhuo Fan inside the light pillar, “Gu Yifan, you didn’t want him, but I was kind enough to bring your son to you. Hand over the sword now or you can say goodbye to this brat!”

“Young Sanzi, we…” Shangguan Qingyan started despite how Zhuo Fan sported the same cold face, his hands making signs, “Merak!”


In another flash, the two were gone along with their light pillar. Shangguan Feiyun’s face twitched, “Shit! This bastard is hardcore, ignoring everything and just running off.”

“He didn’t care at all?” Baili Jingwei and Danqing Shen just caught up.

Shangguan Feiyun shrugged helplessly, his anger burning hotter than the sun, “He showed not the slightest hesitation. I’ve seen my fair share of stone cold people, but he’s to the point of being inhuman!”

Baili Jingwei frowned heavily.

He’d been using his sharp wits and quick tongue to come up on top every time, but Zhuo Fan wouldn’t even stop to listen. He couldn’t work his magic, not when the other wouldn’t even let him in.


Another beam of light was cast upon the world, down yonder. Baili Jingwei signaled at once and everyone gave chase.

Shangguan Feiyun huffed and took Gu Santong to find his dad.

“Gu Yifan, your son-“


Shangguan Feiyun’s roar reached Zhuo Fan first, but only the first words as he went away once more. The chase went on and on.

The glorious Flying Cloud City of the empire was given quite the funny show. The Flying Cloud manor was out in force trying to catch some light from the heavens, yet it kept slipping through their fingers.

Shangguan Feiyun, with a kid in his arms, was looking like a nagging old biddy chasing her husband to give him an earful. The only thing missing was shrieking and whining in the streets like a banshee.

[You coldhearted man, don’t just leave your wife and son in the harsh cruel world!]

It only helped to fuel Shangguan Feiyun’s anger, his turning face red.

[For god’s fricking sake! Isn’t this your damn child? I’m here giving him to you and you don’t want him? Do it again and I’ll just bury him!]

Of course he was only thinking about it and not putting it into action. They weren’t about to get rid of the one thing that might just tie Gu Yifan down.

On Zhuo Fan’s side, seeing how young Sanzi’s life was assured, he had no qualms about really leaving this place.

It might look heartless and cruel and harsh, but it was the smartest thing to do.

With father and son together, their chances were nonexistent. While if one ran with the Soaring Sword, the other was sure to survive.

Shangguan Feiyun dangled young Sanzi in front of him for the Soaring Sword so Zhuo Fan of course was going to use it as a way to keep him alive.

He was stuck on how to save young Sanzi so the only choice was to make the enemy keep him alive longer. As for a rescue, Zhuo Fan’s mind was still hard at work among the constant flashing around town.

Young Sanzi’s sacrifice to save Shangguan Qingyan was unexpected, outside his plan. To try again, he would need to lay serious groundwork first.

Soaring Sword was nothing much to him, not when young Sanzi was part of the equation.

Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed, his face filled with conviction…

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