The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

Chapter 889: Inheriting
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Chapter 889: Inheriting

Hearing that, everyone followed Kusu and flew towards the highest point of the Creating God Star. In Universe 1, Kusu had much higher access rights to the Creating God Star than anyone else, even slightly surpassing the God of Destruction. Under her leadership, they quickly arrived at the 1000th floor of the Creating God Star.

This has the smallest area in the Creating God Star, infinitely smaller in scale compared to the floors below.

Just like the Creating God Platform that Xiaya saw in Universe 6, looking around, apart from a protruding platform rotating in the center, and the faint purple light floating around it, it was completely empty. After all, only the newest inheritor of the God of Destruction can ascend to this highest level, and once they reach here, there is no need for any other trial.

Then, they climbed the platform, and on that platform filled with a sense of vastness, a majestic and ancient, sacred altar appeared in front of them.

There were tadpole-like crooked golden characters and various strange and abstract patterns engraved around it, giving a profound feeling filled with historical vicissitudes.

“Xiaya-sama, please stand in the center of the altar with Meifei. God of Destruction’s inheritance ceremony is about to begin,” Kusu pointed to a small area on the altar that could only accommodate two or three people.

Xiaya nodded and took Meifei’s hand as they walked towards the altar.

The two sat cross-legged facing each other on the altar. Kusu walked between them, waving her scepter and solemnly muttering something. Below the altar, Whis and the others became serious as they saw the inheritance ceremony begin.

As Kusu chanted under her breath, the entire altar suddenly burst forth with a faint purple light. The purple radiance linked together, forming a dragon that soared into the air and hovered over the highest level of the Creating God Star. At the same time, countless specks of light transformed into snowflakes and drifted down, filling the entire platform with a wondrous and dreamlike color.

As Meifei looked around at the dazzling and colorful scenery, her bright and watery eyes wandered here and there. She was about to reach out and grab them when suddenly, Kusu’s scepter snapped down onto her hand.

“This is a crucial moment for the God of Destruction’s inheritance. Please remain calm and composed,” Kusu glanced at Meifei and said seriously.

“Oh,” Meifei nodded her head, calming down a little.

As time passed, a faint purple light began to envelop Xiaya and Meifei, and God of Destruction’s energy gradually passed from Xiaya’s body into Meifei.

As Meifei had never received the Energy of Destruction before, her body had to slowly endure the process, which was very long.

Although the inheritance of God of Destruction is not as time-consuming as Supreme Kai’s inheritance, it still takes a considerable amount of time.

After sitting for a long time, Meifei began to feel sore all over her body, a burden that came from continuously receiving the Energy of Destruction. God of Destruction’s inheritance ceremony was said to last for more than ten hours, and Meifei became increasingly fidgety as time passed.

Seeing this, Xiaya naturally knew that Meifei’s endurance was not so weak. Seeing her twisting and fidgety, it was probably her restless nature at play! So, he had no choice but to glare at her and grab her hands, place them on his knees, and then accelerate the transmission speed of energy.

“Calm your mind and carefully feel the power of Energy of Destruction.”

Xiaya’s voice echoed in her ears, causing Meifei to pout. Since her hands were held tight, she couldn’t do anything else. She nodded and began to focus, quietly experiencing the benefits of the Energy of Destruction.

As the constant flow of Energy of Destruction poured into her body like a stream, Meifei felt light and weightless, as if her soul was wandering through the universe.

This dreamlike state caused her realm to soar rapidly.

If only energy were simply being infused, it would be impossible to elevate her realm. However, one must know that this is the Creating God Star, and Meifei is in the place where the God of Destruction’s inheritance takes place. Coupled with Kusu, an Angel personally presiding over the ceremony, multiple forces are at work. With the transfer of the divine position and the power of inheritance, the laws of the Multiverse automatically elevated Meifei’s realm, gradually allowing her to advance from the second level of the Divine Realm to the third level.

After about three hours, a complete portion of Energy of Destruction was transferred from Xiaya’s body to Meifei’s, and now Meifei can be considered a preliminary God of Destruction.


As Meifei became God of Destruction, the Legendary Super Saiyan power within her body also erupted uncontrollably. Her pitch-black and shiny hair instantly turned into a vibrant green, rising high and fluttering in the air.

When the power of “god” merged into her body, the clash between the power of ‘god’ and ‘demon’ produced a fierce “chemical reaction”. Meifei’s aura became stronger and stronger, to the point where even Beerus and Champa began to faintly feel pressure.

“Would Meifei suddenly surpass me?” Beerus felt sour in his heart and wore a look of disbelief on his face.

Whis smiled and said, “It’s not impossible, you know. She’s a Legendary Super Saiyan, and no one can match her in terms of energy eruption. Plus, with the Multiverse’ laws giving her a boost, the God of Destruction’s divinity is constantly tapping into her potential and fusing with the Energy of Destruction.”

“The fusion of ‘god’ and ‘demon’, I’m also looking forward to her future.” Vados said, looking at Meifei on the altar with a bright expression.

Upon hearing this, Beerus smacked his lips and envy flashed in his eyes.

Meifei’s sudden growth was really beyond his expectations.

Champa, on the other hand, watched attentively. He was so stunned that he seemed to have been rendered speechless.

While Whis and the others were discussing how far Meifei could go in the future, Kusu lifted the scepter on the altar and increased the energy output, causing the purple light of the inheritance to glow even brighter.

Normally, at this point, the inheritance of a typical God of Destruction would have ended and the new God of Destruction would need to familiarize themselves with their powers. However, Xiaya and Meifei were not ordinary people.

It’s worth noting that Xiaya possesses two portions of Energy of Destruction – one acquired when he inherited the position of God of Destruction, and the other when he disrupted Dark Angels plan. Since Xiaya has relinquished his God of Destruction’s position, both of these portions needed to be passed down. Moreover, as all current Gods of Destruction were extremely powerful, Meifie being his daughter could not afford to be too weak. 𝖋𝖗𝖊𝖊𝔴𝖊𝖇𝔫𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑.𝖈𝖔𝖒

Of course, if Meifei were just an ordinary girl, her body might not be able to withstand the second portion of Energy of Destruction, so the extra portion would have to be scattered. But fortunately, she was a Legendary Super Saiyan, and surpassing her limits was a piece of cake for her.

With this in mind, he also began to transmit the second portion of Energy of Destruction.

As the energy continued to surge forth, crackling and sparking with arcs of lightning, Meifei’s realm increased and she began to grow stronger and stronger, fueled by the endless flow of energy.

Beerus watched from below, his face full of amazement. “Tsk, Meifei is so lucky to have received two portions of Energy of Destruction at once. Her divine body has been fully developed, surpassing even my own.”

There’s not much else to say. Meifei is lucky to have a great father, and she also has enough talent to handle this power.

Vados watched as Beerus reacted to Meifei’s display, and couldn’t help but stifle a chuckle behind her hand. “Now Beerus-sama will have to continue to be at the bottom of the Gods of Destruction rankings. That doesn’t sound very pleasant.”

“Right, right, Beerus, why don’t you just retire? Being a God of Destruction among these monsters is very stressful and unpleasant.” Champa added fuel to the fire from the side.

Currently, there are five Gods of Destructions. The newly promoted Meifei, the veteran Klein and Bomen, the terrifying newcomer Jiren, all of them are monsters among monsters. At Beerus’ level, it may be a bit overwhelming.

“Should I really retire and become a carefree god like Champa?” At this point, even Beerus himself was confused.

“Hehe, if Beerus-sama wants to retire, I can recommend a few successors.” When it comes to the future God of Destruction successor of Universe 5, Whis and Vados become serious.

“You mean Goku and Vegeta?” Beerus frowned. Only they have the qualifications to become a God of Destruction in Universe 5.

Whis shook his head, “Goku and Vegeta are not suitable. They have enough strength, but they lack temperament. Goku is too kind and not ruthless enough, and in the end, he may end up like the disappeared Universe 9’s God of Destruction Sidra. Too simple-minded people are not suitable to be a God of Destruction.”

“As for Vegeta, he has enough ruthlessness and strength, but he is too prideful and not suitable to be a God of Destruction.”

“Then who are you talking about?” Beerus glanced at Whis in surprise. Besides Goku and

Vegeta, there are other candidates in Universe 5?

“Bulla, Goku’s daughter, and the Legendary Super Saiyan named ‘Angeline’ who recently appeared in Universe 5.”

After hearing Whis’ words, Beerus’ eyes lit up, nodding slightly as he memorized the names of these two people.

Beerus waved his hand and said, “Let’s talk about that later. Whis, when you have some free time, you can go and train them. Being a God of Destruction is not something that an ordinary person can handle.”

“Yes, Beerus-sama.”

Whis relaxed his expression and gave a light smile, his indifferent gaze shifting towards Meifei who was still absorbing the power of God of Destruction.

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