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Chapter 333 The disease of the century
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Chapter 333 The disease of the century

Sukuth was riding a carriage to return to the castle when, suddenly, he felt the carriage stop and frowned.

"Come out!" Right at this moment, a voice rang out from outside, making him uncomfortable.

He opened the car door and saw a group of soldiers surrounding his car.

'What the hell?' Sakuth silently scolded. However, he still tried to stay calm. Anyway, he didn't do anything wrong, so he wasn't afraid of these soldiers.


Sakuth was about to say something when a woman suddenly appeared, looking at him with threatening eyes, startling him.

"I suspect there are banned substances in your car; I need to check your carriage."

"What?!" Sakuth heard that and was angry: "Are you slandering me?" Who are you? What right do you have to dare to inspect my cabin?"

"I'm Laura, captain of Karol's security team. Of course, I have the right to inspect any place I want." Laura smiled and said, her face showing contempt: "I even have the right to test your gender."

"You…" Sakuth gritted his teeth but didn't dare say anything because he knew the woman in front of him had more power than him.

Besides... that person also knows his gender and secrets very well. Finally, Sakuth gritted his teeth and said: "Good! If you don't find any banned substances in my car, you must compensate me."

"Compensate you?" Laura laughed loudly: "Hahahaha... are you really stupid or are you pretending to be stupid?"

"Coordinating with the security team to investigate and maintain order is the responsibility of residents in Karol. Anyone who opposes will have to pay a very high price, you understand… Sakuth."

Sakuth gritted his teeth; his hands were clenched so tightly that they turned white. He knew this woman was causing trouble for him.

However, he didn't know why she was doing this. After all, Sakuth has been in a deep sleep for many years. During that time, how could he cause trouble or make enemies with other people?

That's why he found it extremely difficult to understand why Laura was causing trouble with him.

Whatever the reason, Sakuth could not resist. He had to grit his teeth and endure Laura's disdainful gaze.

The soldiers began to enter the car, their shoes carrying mud. They stepped on the mattress and floor of the car; this made him so angry that he wanted to tear them into a hundred pieces. 𝒻𝓇ℯ𝘦𝘸𝑒𝑏𝓃𝑜𝓿𝘦𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝓶

Not only that, those soldiers also turned everything upside down, they used their swords, and slashed places they felt were suspicious.

Suddenly, a soldier reached into the torn pillow and pulled out a small cloth bag.

"Banned substance found."

"What?!" Hearing that soldier's words, Sakuth was startled, his face filled with disbelief: "No way! You deceived me, you slandered me!"

Laura smiled: "Arrest her… Ah, no, arrest him."

"No! Let me go!" Sakuth tried to struggle, but the security guards were much stronger than him.

They used some kind of magical shackles and chains to tie up Sakuth, and take him away with the carriage.

Sakuth was angry, he looked towards Laura and shouted: "Laura! You... you should remember today. I will make you pay a hundred times, a thousand times."

"Hahaha…" Laura shrugged, smiled, and said: "I hope you can do that."

"Put him in a cell on the 7th floor."

Even though Sakuth was dragged away, he still stared at Laura. Sakuth's blood-filled eyes also contained extreme hatred and anger.

"Laura…" Sakuth muttered: "I will remember this day well… One day… I will make you pay a very heavy price…"

At Bourban's castle, or, to be more precise, Alec's castle.

In the bedroom, Alec slowly woke up, feeling extreme pain in his body.

The pain was so painful that it made him think his body had broken into countless pieces. Especially… his 'daisy'.

"Weird… Why does my 'daisy' hurt so much?" Alec muttered.

His head hurt as if someone had hit it with a hammer, and it still made him unable to stay awake.

Alec tried to remember what happened yesterday. At that time... Sakuth kissed him, took off his shirt, and then...

"Damn it! What did I do then? Why don't I remember anything?"

Alec looked down, saw a blood stain on the bed, and felt extremely happy.

"Ah! It seems... Yesterday I took her first time. Damn it, but why don't I remember anything?"

"Okay, anyway, I took her first time. Next time, I'll slowly feel her body."

"Wait!" Alec suddenly realised something. He lifted the blanket and saw blood underneath.

Blood had soaked almost all of the bed sheets; the horrifying scene was like a scene from a murder case.

"What the hell?"

Alec screamed, suddenly he felt terrible pain in his 'daisy', so much pain that it made him think that his 'daisy' was completely torn.

He slowly brought his hand down there, touching his 'daisy' and feeling a slightly warm liquid.

This familiar feeling made him scared and worried. He raised his hand to look and immediately saw a yellow, brown, and red mixture that smelled so rotten and fishy that anyone who smelled it would want to vomit.

"What the hell?!" Alec muttered: "Why… why is my 'daisy' like this?"

"Wait! Maybe I did it too harshly with Sakuth, causing my 'daisy' to tear again."

"Yes, that's definitely the case. Anyway, my 'daisy' hasn't fully recovered yet. If it's subjected to too much excitement or exercise, it will tear again."

"Ah! Damn it! I need to quickly treat my 'daisy'. I wonder if Sakuth saw this scene; if she did, I'm afraid..."

Alec gritted his teeth, feeling extremely embarrassed. He decided to find a cure for his 'daisy' first.

If not…

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Alec was startled and worried when he saw the bed covered in blood.

He used a blanket to cover all the bloody areas, then took a deep breath and said: "Come in!"


As soon as the door opened, an extremely beautiful woman walked into the room.

"Sakuth?!" Alec saw the person who had just entered the room and immediately said happily: "You... When did you leave? Sorry, I…"

Sakuth walked to Alec's side, gently placed his finger on his lips, smiled, and said: "Alec, stop talking, you... you make me so embarrassed."

"Ack!" Seeing Sakuth smiling shyly, Alec smiled and said: "This... I... I don't mean that. Sakuth… did I hurt you yesterday?"

Sakuth shyly shook his head: "No, as long as you feel happy."

"Hahaha… but… I don't remember anything from yesterday. Sakuth, do you know why?"

Sakuth used both hands to hold the dress tightly, shyly saying: "I... I don't know, maybe it's because of the recovery medicine."

"Recovery medicine?" Alec asked confusedly.

"Uhm!" Sakuth nodded and replied: "Maybe the pharmacist added some painkillers for you. That medicine also makes you easily lose control, so..."

Sakuth pursed his lips tightly and said no more. Her cheeks were as red as two ripe apples, full of charm, making Alec greedily swallow his saliva.

"Ah! I… I know, hahahaha… Sakuth… yesterday… I didn't feel anything today… Can we do it again?"

Alec said, his smile full of greed and lust: "This time, I will make sure to treat you gently, making you feel happy."

"Really?" Sakuth said in a low voice, she still bowed her head because she was probably too shy.

"Of course, I… I…" Alec suddenly felt extremely dizzy, and the scene in front of him suddenly rotated.

This scene was very familiar, it seems... He has experienced it once before.

Then... Alec fell into a coma. Sakuth was startled; she quickly came to his side and shook his body vigorously: "Alec! Alec! What are you doing?"

After confirming that Alec could not wake up, Sakuth suddenly smiled, full of satisfaction.

She took out a small glass bottle the size of two fingers from her space bag, containing a blood-red liquid inside.

No, it's actually blood.

Sakuth did as Lathel said, using a special mask she had prepared to wear. She then proceeded to wear gloves made of a special, waterproof fabric.

After confirming that her body no longer had any areas that could be contaminated with the blood in the vial, she opened the lid.

Right now, a stream of coloured smoke rose from that red liquid. The smoke turned into a red skull shape and then disappeared.

"Oh! What kind of medicine is this? Awful." Sakuth silently lamented.

She quickly poured the vial of blood into Alec's mouth. After confirming that he had swallowed all that blood, Sakuth immediately left the room.

No, she left the castle, went to a deserted alley, and stood there waiting for a long time.

About 30 minutes later, an extremely luxurious carriage stopped near the alley where Sakuth was standing.

Sakuth saw that carriage, immediately went closer, and then climbed inside the carriage.

"Duke Lathel, I have completed my mission, hehehe…" Sakuth said as her body began changing.

The outer layer of skin gradually turned into spots of light and then disappeared into space, revealing her true face.

"How did the process go?" Lathel sat inside the cab and asked softly.

Nora didn't seem to be afraid of him; she immediately came closer and sat on his lap as if this were a very normal thing: "Of course I did as the Duke told me."

"I protected myself very carefully. During the process of letting him drink that vial of blood, I never touched any drop of blood in the vial."

"I also threw that bottle into the well inside that castle; surely no one will find it."

Lathel heard that and nodded with satisfaction. However, he still gently placed his hand on her forehead, feeling something.

He did not see any notifications from the system appear. Which means she is not infected.

That's right, that vial was the blood of a person infected with an extremely terrible disease.

That disease, even when he lived on Earth, was a disease with a mortality rate of almost 100%.

There is no medicine or method that can cure that type of disease.

And of course, that disease only appears inside brothels, so he asked Tinryss to take blood from people infected with that disease.

That is... HIV/AIDS, a terrible disease that terrifies all humanity.

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