The supporting character's harem is very normal

Chapter 334 Lady, have some self-respect
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Chapter 334 Lady, have some self-respect


Suddenly, the car compartment door was opened violently, and then a black shadow rushed into the car compartment.

"Lathel! I miss you so much…" Lilith hugged Lathel tightly, her two mountains began to cover all the space around his face, preventing him from breathing.

"Um… um…" Lathel tried to struggle. Nora, who was sitting on Lathel's lap, was also startled and moved aside.

"Do you know how much Alec makes me nauseous? Sakuth also makes me feel nauseous…huhuhuhu…"

"Okay, Lilith… Let me go first." Lathel tried to push Lilith away.

After a while, after Lilith calmed down, she slowly let go of Lathel.

Suddenly, she glanced at Nora: "Are you the girl that was disguised as Sakuth?"

Nora was startled, feeling the terrible magical power radiating from Lilith, and was scared, stammering: "No... I... I'm not disguised as Sakuth. Lathel… Duke Lathel helped me disguise myself as him."

Lathel sighed and said: "Nora, you go out first; I'll talk to Lilith for a bit."

Nora felt a bit reluctant to leave Lathel's side, but he gave her an order, so she had to obey.

After Nora left, Lilith pouted and said, "Why don't you use me? I can do better than that girl."

Lathel shook his head: "That's too risky. You are his teacher; if I let you carry out that mission and Alec finds out it was you, he will hate you."

"If he doesn't die, you will be in big trouble. However, Nora is different. She is a Succubus, no one knows how to disguise and deceive men better than her."

"Besides, even if Alec discovers her, with just a small amount of money, she could leave this place and go to another kingdom to live a peaceful life."

"Aww!! Lathel, are you worried about me?" Lilith smiled happily.

"That's right; after all, you are my teacher, I don't want you to get into trouble."

Lathel's words startled Lilith: "Wait! You said that…"

"Uhm! You are my teacher, is there anything wrong with that statement?"

"Ack! It's not necessarily wrong, but..." Lilith pursed her lips tightly, and she began to regret using this relationship to approach Lathel.

"Lathel…" Lilith sulkily hugged his hand, stuffing it between her two mountains, continuously rubbing it, making Lathel feel a bit aroused. 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

"Did you know… the relationship between a teacher and a student is also very stimulating."

"Sorry, I already have a more stimulating type of relationship." Lathel immediately stopped her words.


"Okay, Lilith, what are you looking for me for?" Lathel sighed and said.

"I miss you; why can't I look for you?"

"No, I always welcome you; you are my teacher." Lathel kept emphasising the word 'teacher' so that Lilith could keep her distance from him.

Anyway, the bet between him and Viva is still going on, and he doesn't want to lose.

Lilith also felt that Lathel was a bit strange because he constantly emphasised that she was his teacher.

'No! Akna said that… because of Alec's existence, Lathel doesn't want to approach me.'

'If Alec dies, my status as the heroine will be annulled; at that time, Lathel and I will... hehehehe...'

Lathel saw Lilith suddenly laughing greedily and was afraid, feeling that something very scary was about to happen.

"Lathel… What was that blood you gave Alec to drink?"

Lathel then sighed and said: "I'll tell you, it's the blood of someone infected with a disease common to prostitutes."

"Common diseases of courtesans?" Lilith tilted her head, confused.

"That's right." Lathel nodded and said: "I don't know where this disease comes from; I just know... this is a common disease of prostitutes."

"In brothels, the number of prostitutes infected with this terrible disease is not small. On the contrary, there were so many of them, they were locked in a separate room until they died."

"Even though this disease is not transmitted through the respiratory tract, people are still extremely scared of this disease."

"And… people often call that disease 'Destiny of the Courtesan', or 'withered flower'."

"Symptoms of newly infected people are fever, fatigue, body pain, night sweats, swollen glands, etc. What's more terrible is... the incubation period for this disease is not the same. "

"Sometimes it takes a long time; sometimes it's very fast. After the disease develops, the patient will fall into a state of extreme weakness. At that time, even a common illness like a cold would be enough to kill that person."

"Wow!" Lilith was startled and said: "I didn't think you knew very well about that disease. However, for normal people, it is probably very dangerous, but for magicians or especially pharmacist enchanters like Alec, it is different."

"He can find a way to cure that disease, or at least, he can use magic and the Black Rose Flame to suppress the disease's ability to grow."

"Hahaha… if it was that simple, I wouldn't have wasted any effort to carry out this plan." Lathel smiled and said: "The blood vial that the Succubus girl gave Alec to drink has been upgraded by me."

"It can be said that the power of the pathogen in that vial of blood has increased by 20 times."

"If that type of disease is at a normal level, it can only be spread in three ways: sexual intercourse, blood, and from mother to child if she is pregnant."

"But the pathogen that Alec contracted was much more terrible. As long as his saliva, sweat, or blood touches anyone's skin, that person will be infected."

"Of course, the symptoms that Alec will suffer will also be much more painful, and the onset of the illness will also be much faster than usual."

After Lathel finished speaking, he felt lucky because he possessed the 'adaptation' talent and the 'Simulated Space' function.

After realising that he couldn't confront the male lead Alec in a normal way, he thought that... he would slowly erode Alec's life.

First, the best way is to use a terrible disease, a disease for which there is no cure.

On Earth, until now, there has been no medicine that can completely cure this disease, which is enough to show how terrible this disease is.

First, Lathel entered the 'Simulation Space', and spent all his time inside that space, simulating the vial of blood containing the pathogen that Tinryss had given him.

Then, he used his body as a test subject to evolve that pathogen.

Of course, inside the 'Simulation Space', even if he were infected with any kind of disease, it would not affect him in the real world.

If he fails, he can commit suicide and then start over.

Finally, he mastered how to evolve the pathogen in the blood that Tinryss gave him.

After combining with the blood containing the vampire's power and his 'adaptation' talent, the pathogen became 20 times stronger than normal.

Lathel was forced to do this because Alec is the main character. If he uses normal pathogens, everything will be like Lilith said, Alec has countless methods to cure himself.

But... if this pathogen was 20 times stronger, and had the ability to spread faster, then even if Alec were the main character, he would still be in big trouble.

Of course, Lathel chose this disease for another reason... he wanted to eliminate all the women in Alec's harem.

Alec is a man who is greedy for beautiful women. If any woman joined his harem, he would definitely sleep with that woman.

But... even if that person doesn't sleep with Alec, if that person comes into contact with Alec enough, that person will still be infected.

The infected main character may not die, but if the people around him die, no one will be able to help him.

A main character's biggest help comes from his harem. If the male protagonist loses his harem, he is like a headless snake, not far from death.

Lilith was startled when she heard that. She didn't think that if Lathel was serious, he would be so frightening.

"Wow! Lathel, you're so cool and handsome right now..."

Lilith couldn't control herself, so she hugged him tightly, using her two soft mountains to try to suffocate him.

"AAA!!! Let me go!"

A moment later, Lilith suddenly remembered something and let him go, asking in confusion: "Wait! What if Alec can spread that disease to us?"

"Don't worry, I have a vaccine… No, I mean… an antidote." Lathel said as he took out a glass bottle the size of a finger, filled with blood.

"This is my blood; it acts like an antidote. Just pump this amount of blood into your body, and you won't have to worry about getting infected by Alec."

"Wow!" Lilith's eyes shone; she immediately snatched the glass bottle from his hand, then drank all the blood in the bottle.

"Oy!" Lathel forced a smile: "Do you really trust me so much that you don't need to confirm whether that vial of blood is an antidote or not?"

"No need!" Lilith licked her lips, smiled, and said: "I trust you."

Lathel: "…"

'Oy! You're doing this to make me feel ashamed for not returning your feelings.'

Lathel sighed and said: "Okay, are you with Alec right now?"

"That's right." Lilith pouted, her face showing a pitiful expression: "I'm really worried, Huhuhu, Lathel, do you know that he always uses his lewd eyes to look at me?"

"But I also use lewd eyes to look at you…" Lathel frowned and said: "Don't you feel that?"

"Heh?! Do you like my body?" Lilith was suddenly happy and immediately hugged him tightly, letting her soft mountains press tightly against his chest to the point where they deformed.

"Lathel… Do you like my breasts? I heard that men really like women with big breasts."

"Lathel… Look at me. Look at me with those lewd eyes of yours… That look makes me feel very aroused."

"Don't misunderstand… Only your eyes make me feel happy."

"Ah! Or... I'll take off all my clothes so you can see more clearly."

Lathel: "…"

He didn't know what to say at this moment except... Lady, have some self-respect.

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