The Transmigrated Author

Chapter 15: Battle Arena (2)
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Chapter 15: Battle Arena (2)

The holographic display flickered, and the unexpected change in the storyline sent a jolt through me.

Bazz Wong, one of the main characters of the story, now stood as my quarter-final opponent.

The cheers of the crowd took on a new intensity, and the weight of the added quest for the main storyline quest reverberated in my mind.

I took a deep breath, steadying myself against the surge of nervousness. This wasn't just another battle in the D-League; It was Bazz — soon to be one of the strongest in this world. But the possibility of winning seemed very slim. The stakes were high for me as the pressure intensified.

The holographic announcer's voice cut through the tension, "Good evening Ladies and Gentleman, we are here to announce the final match for today's tournament with the semis being held at 1:30 pm tomorrow and finals being at 3:00 pm. Now today we have 2 challengers reaching the finals. One, a highly renowned bruiser with Gloves to show the daunting beauty of brawling, BadAzz!" The crowd was screaming and shouting towards Bazz as the announcer continued. "And here on the other side is the One that walks along the shadows where the arrows ask for his permission. Ladies and gentlemen, the underdog and Super Rookie! Shadow....Writer!" his voice echoed with a dramatic twist that had me questioning the very foundations of the tournament. The crowd's excitement heightened, as their chants were directed towards us. I glanced toward Bazz, who wore a confident smirk that spoke volumes about what he was going to do.





Bazz, my unexpected opponent, closed the distance with speed. His fists blurred in a flurry of strikes, forcing me to dodge and weave with every ounce of agility I possessed. The crowd's cheers reverberated in the colossal arena as the clash of archery and hand-to-hand combat unfolded.

"Thought you could get away from me, didn't ya?"

Bazz sneered, a grin on his face as he lunged forward, using his attribute of wind to create a shockwave that made powerful winds. I tried avoiding the attack, narrowly avoiding his strikes, but his knuckles grazed my side as he closed in again, leaving a stinging reminder of the force behind each punch.

Internal thoughts raced through my mind as I dodged and countered, "This isn't just a battle; it's a dance with death. I can't let nerves get the better of me." The holographic screens displayed the ongoing battle, detailing our every move. The announcer's voice heightened the drama, narrating the intensity of the confrontation.

"Incredible agility from ShadowWriter! BadAzz, the powerhouse, shows no mercy in this unexpected clash. Can the archer withstand the relentless assault?"

Despite my efforts, Bazz's blows landed, and I could feel the toll of his fists grazing. The crowd's roars intensified with every exchanged blow, and the atmosphere charged with anticipation.

I gritted my teeth and retreated to create some space between us. The pain pulsed through my body, aching from the hits. "Focus, You fuck." I immediately began shooting arrows, but the sides of my body were aching so badly.

I needed some space, but Bazz anticipated my movements beforehand; he kept countering me. His relentless pursuit forced me into close-quarters combat.

With each swing of his fists, shockwaves of wind rang out, banging against my shielding bow. I tried to kick him during irregular patterns, but it was no use; his body was too sturdy.

I used clockwork of time to shoot more arrows towards his body but they would just bounce off him like he was using part of his mana to shield his body from attacks. it was nearly impossible to penetrate through his defenses; he would be able to brush it off like it was nothing. What could I do? I needed luck.

"ShadowWriter has been pushed into a corner! How will he get out of this situation this time?" The announcer said with shock.

That's when it hit me. As his fist knocked me towards the edge of the arena, I felt the adrenaline now kicking in. I had this realization that if I had the stat 'luck,' all I needed was to keep shooting him until something 'lucky' happened.

But my body wouldn't let me get up. Everything was hurting so much... there was already a lot of blood coming out of me.


[Tenacity has been activated! your willpower has been increased! Let your current worries fade and fight with all your might!]

[Evasiveness has been triggered! Your speed will be enhanced...]

Ah, the migraines and the pain on my sides were fading; my vision was a bit shaky, but I could still see Bazz right before me.

I had to survive... haah, I took a deep breath as I steadied myself. Bazz stood there with a smile on his face, seeing that he was interested in how I was still standing.

"heh, nice! You can still fight, archer. Then be prepared for what's coming."

He lunged forward towards me immediately, and I wasted no time in shooting my arrows as I activated Piercing Shot, Tak!, Tak!, Tak! With immense speed, the arrows were released before I could let go of the string.

The first shot hit him directly in the chest, the second arrow hit his lower left thigh, and the other grazed his shoulder. I could tell that the damage was nothing to him, but I just had to keep damaging him little by little.

He followed up with his signature move, enforcing mana into his legs and arms, dashing at such speed. But since I felt slightly faster, his Left, right, and right hook goodnight were avoided barely. Luckily for me, I was able to recognize such a combo since I was the one who wrote that.

Looking at his reaction, I could see that he was surprised at the way I avoided his attack so I kicked myself off his body to create more space, shooting more arrows towards him.

Tak, Tak, Tak,

It seemed that he wasn't looking to dodge my attacks and kept running head-on towards me. But little by little, the arrows were certainly working. With each attack, I launched several arrows that stuck onto his body, in hopes of <anno data-annotation-id="2c9fe3c7-3b59-4266-09ed-82a15c4b6dae">procing </anno>the ability.

Our battle unfolded across the arena, pure precision against raw strength. I managed to land a few calculated shots, causing Bazz to dodge my hits. But it seems the pain has caught up to him after 35 shots.

Then suddenly he appeared before me again, a swift uppercut left me reeling, and a follow-up kick knocked the bow from my hands. What was I gonna do now?

As my bow was knocked from my hands, I found myself on the defensive, desperately trying to regain control of the situation against Bazz's relentless assault. Internal thoughts raced, "Should I just give up?" Bazz, confident and relentless, closed in for another strike. I needed a plan but I can't think of one.

Maybe if I could force him to use his ultimate ability... I focused on evading Bazz's attacks, using quick movements to create distance. The holographic displays captured the dance of combat, and the crowd's cheers rose with each nimble dodge.

I spotted a few loose arrows on the arena floor. Without my bow, I grabbed them, and a plan began to form. I had to keep pushing him to use his ability if I just made him impatient.

Bazz, momentarily surprised adjusted his stance. I darted around him, feinting left and right, making him struggle to predict my movements. The crowd, sensing a shift, roared with anticipation.

As Bazz lunged forward, I expertly dodged, leaving him momentarily off-balance. In that split second, I unleashed a rapid sequence of arrow throws. Each shot, imbued with my flame attribute, aimed at exploiting weaknesses in his defence.

The holographic announcer's voice echoed, "ShadowWriter has used an attribute for the first time since entering this arena!"

Despite Bazz's attempts to counter, my swift and calculated movements kept him on the defensive. The crowd's excitement reached new heights as they witnessed the unexpected comeback.

Realizing the need for a decisive move, Bazz unleashed a powerful wind attribute-enhanced strike. I narrowly avoided the direct hit, feeling the force of the wind grazing past me. As he recovered, I seized the opportunity to reclaim my bow.

With bow in hand, I infused my arrows with the last remnants of Evasiveness, enhancing their speed and precision. The crowd fell silent as I launched a barrage of arrows, each one aimed with deadly accuracy.

The holographic screens displayed the unfolding drama, and the announcer's voice heightened the intensity, "Incredible marksmanship from ShadowWriter! Can Bazz withstand this relentless barrage?"

Bazz, now facing a hail of arrows, struggled to evade every shot. The pain in my body was still there, but my focus was unwavering. I pressed the attack, each arrow bringing me closer.

As the battle unfolded on the flat arena floor, Bazz, realizing the difficulty of breaking through my speed was useless, and he decided it was time to unleash his ultimate skill, Gustful Fist.

I knew he was using it as he stood still for a moment with a frustrated face, with heat rising from the top of his head, The atmosphere tensed as a colossal manifestation of his fist materialized, its sheer size making it an almost unavoidable force.

My body was screaming to move but I had a plan to beat this guy. With precision, I timed my response to coincide with Bazz's attack.

<annotations style="display: none;"><li>Proc is Process for short Proc-ess.<br>It also means to activate something.</li></annotations>

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