The Transmigrated Author

Chapter 16: Battle Arena (3)
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Chapter 16: Battle Arena (3)

Bazz, with a fierce roar, launched the Gustful Fist toward me. The ground trembled as the massive form of a fist hurtled through the air, threatening to crush everything in its path.

In that critical moment, I activated 'that' ability. Lunging towards the oncoming fist, my hand radiated an eerie glow—a dark lightning that crackled with an intensity, Sparks of crimson outlined the shadows, dancing with each surge of the black lightning. A shockwave rippled through the arena, and for a moment, it seemed as though time itself had frozen. The impact resonated through my arm, but my grip held firm.

one second went by and another passed, as I kept holding onto the fist that could've beaten me long ago... it felt like a year. and the system response echoed in my consciousness,

[Successful Parry!]

[Luck has manifested! The parry has been sent back 2x stronger.]

I couldn't believe it. As the Gustful Fist, now redirected, soared back toward Bazz.

His eyes widened with surprise as his skill became a weapon against him. The holographic screens captured the dramatic turn of events, and the announcer's voice boomed, "Unbelievable! Absolutely BREATH TAKING! ShadowWriter turns Bazz's power against him with what looks like the perfect counter! Are you guys seeing this? He's just an Archer???"

In a split second, the manifestation of power crashed into Bazz, sending shockwaves through the arena floor. Bazz caught off guard, attempted to stop his attack, but the sheer momentum proved insurmountable.

The moment of impact was chaos. The Gustful Fist, a swirling maelstrom of unleashed power, crashed into Bazz with a thunderous roar. The arena reverberated with the force of the collision, sending shockwaves through the air.

For an instant, the gusting winds merged with Bazz's aura, creating a breathtaking display of elemental fury. Spectators could almost feel the sheer force of the wind, a tornado in the form of a fist, as it clashed against Bazz.

Despite his strength, he wasn't strong enough in the face of his ability. The impact sent him staggering backward, his attempts to resist the force proving insufficient. The crowd, witnessing the spectacle, held their breath as the Gustful Fist launched Bazz straight towards the wall and crashed towards it.

As the winds subsided, leaving only echoes of the wind, Bazz lay sprawled on the arena floor. With just a small ounce of luck, the creations of what was my imagination were now unconscious, I had beaten A Main character.

The holographic screens blinked, and the announcer's voice declared the victor. The arena fell silent.

I stood there exhausted, hurt, and bloody. Breathing heavily, I stood victorious, bruised and Injured. The crowd erupted in cheers, And I could barely walk as the workers of the Organization escorted Bazz and me out of the arena.

[Main Story Quest Completed. Quest: Knock Bazz out of the tournament!]

[Rewards are now being transferred... Transfer complete!]

[All Stats with numerical value have been given a 1+! (Percentage) or (Point)]

[55 Battle Points Have Been Awarded.]

I was really pleased to see how far I'd come, but I don't think I could survive against Bazz, who was weak at the beginning of the story. I knew I could manage, but I still needed to get even stronger if I wanted to return home one day.

The workers, clad in their black attire, approached. One of them, a technician, spoke up, "ShadowWriter, amazing work out there. We will be taking you to the Hyper Stasis Chamber." he said in a formal yet serious tone as he put my right arm over his shoulder and walked me out.

"Ah yes thank you," I said in a polite tone, acknowledging the workers who were now escorting both Bazz and me out of the arena.

As the crowd's voices disappeared we walked through the D-League Lounge room and straight down the corridor.

As we reached the hyper-stasis chamber, the workers gently guided Bazz into the healing room. The technician spoke to me, "You did something incredible in there. We'll take care of BadAzz, and you should get some rest too."

With a simple nod, I entered my healing chamber. The cool embrace of the technology enveloped me, and the healing process began. The workers initiated the sequence, and I could feel the injuries gradually mending.

As the healing chamber worked its magic, I was laying on the bed they provided as each part of my body healed quickly I was able to get back moving again.

Exiting out the room another worker was waiting for me.

The worker, dressed in black, escorted me to the waiting room. The atmosphere was now quiet as the day's matches had concluded. The worker shared some details with me, "The matches are done for today. The semifinals and finals are scheduled for tomorrow. You can stay here for the night, and all expenses are covered, including food and living. Feel free to use the training facilities we have here."

I expressed my gratitude, "That's generous. I appreciate the offer."

The worker nodded, "It's our pleasure. You've proven yourself today, and the Dawnblade Organization takes care of its participants. Follow me; I'll take you to a different lounge room and to your room where you can rest."

As we walked through the vast corridors of the arena, he continued, "This lounge room is reserved for participants who are staying overnight. You'll find everything you need here, and the training facilities are open 24/7 if you wish to prepare for tomorrow's matches."

We entered a different lounge room, distinct from the D-League lounge. The atmosphere here was quieter, with a more relaxed ambience. Comfortable seating, refreshments, and various amenities were available for the participants.

"Here is the main lounge we will be starting our Dinner buffet section shortly, so please dig in for the food while we go find you a room." the worker informed me before taking his leave.

After enjoying a satisfying dinner, the worker returned and said, "Now, let me take you to your temporary apartment room. It's within the Dawnblade's Luxury Complex area, providing you with convenience and privacy during your stay."

We walked to a separate section of the arena, and he guided me to a well-appointed temporary apartment. "Here you go. If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck for your semi-final match tomorrow," the worker said before leaving me to rest in the cozy surroundings.

After settling into my temporary apartment, I decided to take advantage of the 24/7 training facilities available at the Dawnblade Arena. I was curious to see what kind of state-of-the-art equipment a multi-billion dollar organization like this would have to offer. As I made my way to the training area, I was excited to continue improving my skills.

Upon entering the expansive training facility, I was impressed by the wide range of high-tech equipment available. The sound of machinery and weights clanging in the background created a perfect environment for anyone looking to enhance their abilities.

As I approached the weights section, I knew that today's training would be focused on my shoulders and arms. The holographic displays on the equipment allowed me to customize the intensity and focus of my workout. I began with a set of dynamic warm-ups to ensure that my muscles were ready for the upcoming session.


My consciousness slowly returned, and I found myself in an unfamiliar place. The antiseptic smell and the soft hum of medical equipment filled the air. Opening my eyes, I realized I was in a Hyperstasis Chamber within the Dawnblade Organization.

Every part of my body ached, and my head throbbed. I tried to sit up, but dizziness sent me back onto the bed. Memories of the fight flooded back—the Gustful Fist, my ultimate skill, deflected? No way... he shouldn't have been able to dodge it.

Damn it, even with our identities hidden behind masks, I could tell he was around my age. An archer deflecting an attack with his bare fist? There was no way someone like him existed, Isn't an archer supposed to be a support? like what even was that? Maybe he was a smurf in the tournament, But security should've caught him before that. Was it just luck?


My hand instinctively went to my chest, feeling the soreness from the impact. Holographic displays in the room flickered, showing my vital signs and monitoring my condition. The subdued lighting added to the clinical atmosphere, casting an eerie glow on the sterile surroundings.

The door slid open, and a Dawnblade Organization medic entered. Dressed in a crisp white uniform, they approached with a reassuring smile.

"Good to see you awake, Bazz. How are you feeling?" the medic inquired, checking the readouts on the holographic display.

I grunted in response, the soreness evident in my voice. "What happened? Did I lose?"

The medic nodded, "Yes, ShadowWriter managed to redirect your Gustful Fist, and it hit you back. You took quite a hit, but the healing process is going well. Physically, you're all healed up, but you might still feel the injuries from the battle. It'll take some time for everything to settle."

I scowled, the bitter taste of defeat lingering. "I never expected an archer to pull off a move like that."

The medic chuckled, Yes, I don't think anyone expected to see an archer pulling that off in broad daylight. There are many rumours of him being a smurf within the arena, but many analytic experts doubt this, so it's safe to assume he's probably an Academy Star Prospect from somewhere." The medic paused to check her clipboard, ticking off items as she stared at me, then looked back at her list before continuing.

"The Organization's boss watched the match in awe. He was impressed by young talents like you and that Archer. But don't let it get to your head. Just take it easy for now, and when you're ready, you can leave anytime."

As I rested my head, I wondered if he went to our academy. If he did, I needed to see his true power upfront because nothing leaked out of him during that fight—no faint traces of mana or qi.

Who could be such a talented archer? Maybe it was Jae Yoona, but that's impossible. I'm certain Shadow Writer is a guy. Perhaps it's the lunatic in our class? No, he uses a crossbow, so it couldn't be him. I chuckled and laughed it off. There's no way a low-performing student could be as strong as Shadow Writer, that damn skilled Archer.


[Dawnblade's Main Stage Arena]

"I am proud to announce that Shadow Writer has advanced to the D-League's Grand Finals! A triumph for a rookie who uses the bow and arches like Robin Hood himself. Incredible!" exclaimed the announcer.

After winning my semi-final round, I faced off against Silent Phantom. Though he was tricky to figure out, he was a no-named character, so I knew I could dispose of him with ease. All I had to do was spam vulnerability reader to find his weaknesses and defeat him. It was already hard enough to beat Bazz with just sheer luck, but I already knew who my final opponent was.

As I watched the fight that followed, I saw an imposing figure standing six feet tall with a muscular build that spoke of countless hours spent honing his body. He carried a long broadsword that seemed almost as tall as me. It was Jasper, one of the fodder villains, who I created as a stepping stone for the main characters.

However, it was way too early for them to meet Jasper since he would be over at the first destination of the breakfast club's activities, France.

But the time wasn't right now since I had a week to think about the plans of Jasper.

As the hour approached for my confrontation with Jasper, I found myself in the waiting room. Looking at the final part mission for my quest. The air was thick with anticipation, and it would be wise to rest and gather my thoughts.


New Ability Learnt!: Projectile Disarm: The ability is a precision-focused skill that allows the user, to actively deflect or parry incoming projectiles with remarkable accuracy.

>Health: 67 -> 68

>Strength: 20.5 -> 21.5

>Stamina: 33.5 -> 34.5

>Speed: 62 -> 63

>Luck: 0.08% -> 1.08%


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