The Transmigrated Author

Chapter 5: Training Session
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Chapter 5: Training Session

[Pinnacle Training: Aetherium Nexus]

{Jan's POV}

In the heart of Pinnacle Academy's new training facility, the Aetherium Nexus, I confronted a holographic version of myself.

The room was filled with advanced holographic projectors that breathed life into a near-perfect replica of my fighting style. However, a subtle sense of incompleteness remained.

The simulated Jan mirrored my every move with precision, creating an echoing symphony of blades clashing within the facility. The Aetherium Nexus, a technological marvel, aimed to push students like me to their limits.

A relentless duel ensued between me and my holographic counterpart. Each strike and parry met calculated precision, turning the confrontation into a true test of my swordsmanship. The holographic Jan countered with a skill level that demanded quick thinking and precise execution.

Choosing to tap into only a fraction of my talent, I unleashed "Absolute Swordsmanship." The atmosphere quivered in response as a radiant aura enveloped me, transforming my blade into pure energy a mix or qi and mana.

The holographic counterpart, a mere reflection of my true prowess, stood defenseless against the overwhelming force. The slash connected with unparalleled force, shattering the illusion into radiant fragments. Luminous remnants dispersed through the air, leaving a lingering trail of vanishing light.

Exhaling, I mused, "Technology has yet to reach the ability to mirror someone's utmost talent. Impressive, indeed."

Unlike my other world, obtaining such training equipment would've required saving the whole world. The Aetherium Nexus provided real-time analysis and feedback, dissecting my every move. It wasn't merely a physical exercise; it was a mental challenge, forcing me to explore new tactics beyond relying on my talent.

Exiting the Aetherium Nexus, Bazz awaited me outside.

Yo, Jan, wanna grab some food at the academy's food court? There's a cafe I want to try out."


Bazz and I strolled through the bustling courtyard of Pinnacle Academy, the echo of our footsteps mingling with the lively chatter of students. The academy's food court was a popular gathering spot, a place where students from various classes converged to share meals and stories.

The aroma of different cuisines wafted through the air as we approached the food court. The lively atmosphere hinted at the diverse backgrounds of the students at Pinnacle Academy, each bringing their unique experiences and talents to the table.

We slipped into a cozy café tucked away from the food court. The smell of freshly brewed coffee was everywhere. A low hum of chatter filled the air – perfect for a quiet catch-up. We found a corner table, and the place just felt... right.

As we settled by the window, I spotted Camilia and Lyra deep in conversation at a nearby table. Bazz gave them a little wave, and they came over to join us.

As we chatted about our day, Camilia, with both her hands under her chin, turned her attention to me. "So, Jan, did you dazzle the holographic world with your sword skills today?"

I chuckled, "Well, I wouldn't say dazzle, but I did hold my own. The holographic Jan is no slouch."

Camilia smirked, her tone casual, "I'm sure you were amazing as always."

Bazz, on the other hand, recounted the training session with a touch of excitement. Camilia's eyes, however, seemed to shift to a colder demeanour when directed at Bazz. It was a subtle change, but one that hinted at an unspoken tension.

While we sipped our drinks, Lyra, with her sweet and childlike voice, chimed in, "Hey, Jan, do you think the dungeon assignment is going to be as exciting as they say?"

I smiled at her innocence. "Well, Lyra, dungeons are full of surprises. It'll be a great opportunity for us to put our skills to the test."

Camilia, still playful, leaned in. "Jan, you're always so calm about everything. Are you sure there's nothing that gets your heart racing?"

Bazz interjected, "Except for maybe a challenging opponent. That's when Jan really comes alive."

Lyra, wide-eyed, added, "Like a hero from a story!"

As our meeting at the cafe came to an end, Lyra, with her childlike voice, suggested, "Hey, why don't we exchange our student numbers? We can create a group chat for our class. It'll be easier to coordinate and share information about the dungeon assignment."

Jan, always practical, agreed, "That's a good idea, Lyra. It'll help us stay connected and plan more effectively."

Camilia, still maintaining her casual tone, teased, "Well, Jan, looks like you've got a fan club forming already."

Bazz, rolling his eyes, added, "Enough with the fan club talk. Let's just get this group chat set up."

Lyra, with an innocent smile, said, "I'll start. Jan, can I have your number first?"

The rest of us followed suit, exchanging numbers and creating a virtual space for our class to connect.

With virtual ties established, we headed back to our dormitories. On my way back, a gentle breeze carried their voices from the distant courtyard bench. The murmur of their conversation echoed quietly through the courtyard.

My eyes weren't deceiving me; it was Louise and Valencia. What could they be talking about around this time anyway? My feet moved slowly around the bushes, and I strained to catch a few words, hoping to decipher the undertones of their exchange.

Their words reached me in fragments, snippets of a conversation that hinted at a tension I couldn't quite grasp.

"Why did you call me here today, Louise? You know I'm very busy." Valencia's voice filled with a hint of impatience.

"I just wanted to ask how your day was today," Louise replied with confidence,

"Louise, our families may be close but that is no means of a reason to call me out here without a reason. If you were here just for small talk then talk to me in class."

Valencia sounded a bit pissed off but her replies were pretty formal.

"Okay, okay, I'll get straight to the point. do you wanna team up for the dungeon assignment groups? I could rig the assortmentation of the groups if you want." Louise's tone of voice changed into a business-like manner.

"No. I'd rather not take an easy path even if it means being in your group but I'll kindly decline." Valencia got up from her seat but a stretched-out hand grabbed her by the wrist.

I was about to jump out of the bush it was until then.

"Let go," Valencia said with a bit of authority in her voice Louise held on for a few seconds but let go a few seconds afterwards.

"Right. I'm sorry." Louise seemed to rub his hand on his head in apology but Valencia walked off back into the dorms and Louise left shortly after.


{Rel's POV}

[8:38 PM]


I'm exhausted to the bone. The gym schedule I've been following to a strict routine had an overload increase in reps and sets. I'm at my limit for today, but it seems my points only went up by 1.


> Strength: 17.5 -> 18.5

> Stamina: 25 -> 26

> Speed: 58 -> 59


Nothing beats the feeling of improvement over the month. I started from being absolute garbage to just garbage, and now I've been improving my abilities ever since I got here. Today, I tested out my skills in archery, and the results were much better than I expected for a sharpshooting talent.

Not only can this talent handle the way of the bow, but I can use guns as well. Though I don't see the practical use of a gun in battle, I'd rather stick to a bow for now. Since it's still the first day of school, there are many more things that need to be done for this story to progress.

1. Jan and Louise must be in the same group for the assignment for them to clear the B Class dungeon.

2. The first infiltrators of Pinnacle will begin to plot on the students with the highest potential shipping them off to corrupted guilds.

3. Jan MUST acquire the sword of hope.

/A while ago, I tried to change the 'fate' of the groups being decided.

[The Alteration of the groups has been randomised! A special stat has been unlocked.]

[Special Stat: Luck: 0.08% - A stat that defies the natural laws of numbers!]


My voice echoed through the hallways of Pinnacle Academy, and shortly after, a teacher followed up with the disturbance I caused. I was told off for causing a commotion as other classes went on for longer.

Here I am now walking down the corridors of the dorm, and suddenly I was knocked to the floor by a slim yet strong figure I wouldn't forget who he was no matter if I tried to forget. It was Louise, and he seemed somewhat angry.

"Get the fuck out of my way, dipshit," he scoffed at me angrily, but what happened?

Following from behind our main character Jan seemed to have stumbled in front of me in surprise, but he extended his hand out, offering to help me up, and I took up on his offer.

"Ah, thank you, Jan. I appreciate your kindness," I said in a casual yet kind tone.

"It's no problem, Rel," he smiled as he continued walking down the corridors of the dorm.

Wow, he really remembered my name. So this is how his kindness is described—thoughtful and tender.

As the night descended upon Pinnacle Academy, Jan and I parted ways in the dormitory corridors. The encounter with Louise was still fresh in my mind; I headed towards my room, ready to call it a day. The common area was relatively quiet, with only a few students scattered around, engrossed in their own activities.

In the solitude of my room, I received a virtual message on my holographic MK 1 smartwatch. It was the group invitation to K-1's Class?

[Student Lyra U Anett has invited you to K-1's GC]

I wouldn't have thought in a million years that Lyra would send me an invitation to a class group chat. But I guess I don't have a choice either, so I'll accept it and probably try and increase my PPP to tamper with some other plots for the story.


**{Axel Saint Rel Laurence STATS:}**

Age: 17

Talent: Marksman Of Weaponry [Grade 8]

- You are able to use all types of weaponry that can fire.

- You have improved precision with bows

- You have 12% increase in fire rate

Affinity: Flame, Water

>Health: 62

>Strength: 18.5

>Stamina: 26

>Speed: 59

Intelligence: ? [Unlocks after theory exam]

Mana: ? [100 BP Required

[Special Stats:]

Archer: 2/10

Luck: 0.08%

???: ? / ?

???: ? / ?

???: ? / ?

[Special Abilities:]

Deadeye Grade 10, Sixth Sense 9, Aura Concealment Grade 8


Piercing Shot Grade 10, Vulnerability Reader Grade 8, Quick Shot Grade 10,


QP: 10, PPP: 13, BP: 0


Authors Notes:

- Rel follows a strict schedule, with sunday being his only day of rest to prevent physical setbacks.

- Jan can quickly replicate techniques.

- Bazz is a fighter who relies on his fists to win battles.

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