The Transmigrated Author

Chapter 6: Weapon Selection
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Chapter 6: Weapon Selection

Here on what I call the 'Perfect Earth,' a realm where the balance between good and evil is delicately preserved. Forged by the very typing of my keyboard, it's a world where the strength of villains can only be matched by the mightiest of heroes and where a calamity will strike there will be one equivalent to the same force of its own.

our main protagonist, Jan Ates secures a second chance at life to stop the impending threat that obliterated his world once before, I find myself entangled in the same struggle, fighting for the preservation of my existence. The danger in this world is scary.

Many groups of evil were waiting to attack the world or parts of the world soon like the devil worshippers, Syndicates Organisation, and the Salvation tribe these were right now the things I should be worrying about.

Mainly the final threat is still in hibernation, waiting to deliver the final, devastating blow that will tip the dangerous balance.

And even if the time comes I know I'll have to resort to 'that' method if it comes to the worst. Its origins and consequences are shrouded in unknown, 'that' method remains the last, desperate gambit against all evil.

The 'Perfect Earth' isn't just a world for heroes and villains; it's a dynamic, ever-shifting landscape. A futuristic society where advanced technology clashes with ancient mysticism, the very fabric of the world contributing to the balance that rocks on the edge. A utopian face that hides the constant struggle beneath, where heroes fight against the darkness threatening to engulf everything.

[Saturday 5:32 am]



This is seriously pushing my limits. Deja vu hits hard with that dream where I'm explaining my novel over and over — Well, that's how deep the rabbit hole goes... for now.

But hey, it's the weekend, and the more I wonder how things could spiral into chaos, it reminds me of that one wild Friday night, back when life had a touch of unpredictability.

Ah, the good old days. Yet, this week has been relentless, keeping me on the edge with non-stop training and the constant change of character was far from the novel writing I initially expected.

And as for a good night's sleep? Seems like a distant memory, slipping away like sand through my fingertips.


[K-1 Classroom GC]

<Ly4ra: 5:36 am> Guys are we ready for this week's assignment :3

<BadAzz: 5:37 am> Lyra it's 5 in the morning go back to sleep

<Val.Freya: 5:37 am> Bazz that's not a nice thing to say be more polite.

<BadAzz: 5:38 am> Apologies Valencia. Lyra can you pleaseeee. go to sleep.

<NoahTheArk 5:38 am> So everyone's a morning person now huh?

Are these people clinically insane? this is the 4th conversation in a row that has happened in the morning.

Why did I make them all like this? why?

\Here's a recap of what happened in the past week/


[Tuesday 9:30 am]

[Pinnacle's Selection Weaponry]

"Weapon Selection is today. These are your partners for the year, so choose wisely. Sign the sheet by the exit with your choice. Assemble at the Team IDS room immediately after. We'll be putting those weapons to use."

As I scanned the expansive weaponry room, the attention to detail stood out. The four corners were an impressive array of weaponry, from blades crafted from rare enchanted metals to the most intricately designed firearms.

The materials used in the weapons caught my eye. Firearms seamlessly blended advanced polymers with magical enhancements, creating a harmonious fusion of modern technology and ancient craftsmanship.

Interactive holographic simulations dotted the room, allowing students to preview the performance of the weapons. Some even offered augmented reality scenarios, enabling students to virtually wield the weapons in combat situations.

The room buzzed with activity as students engaged with these elements, making choices based on their preferences and combat styles.

The room was well organized, with dedicated sections for different weapon types. The melee weapon section showcased an impressive collection of swords, axes, and maces.

Another area catered to ranged weaponry, displaying an assortment of crossbows, magical staves, and intricately designed firearms. This thoughtful arrangement heightened the diversity of choices available, ensuring students could find the perfect weapon for their skill set.

At the centre of the room stood an instructor's station, elevated for a clear view of the entire arsenal. An experienced instructor, dressed in the academy's distinguished robes, offered guidance to students, answering questions and providing insights into the nuances of each weapon. The central station served as a focal point for the selection process, enhancing the educational aspect of the weapon-choosing ritual.

Magical barriers shimmered around particularly dangerous weapons, preventing students from accessing them without proper authorization. Clear signs and guidelines were displayed, emphasizing the importance of responsible handling. These safety measures reassured students and added an element of realism to the potentially perilous room, underscoring the academy's commitment to preparing its students for the challenges that lay ahead.

As each member of the main cast approached the designated sections, ready to make their selections.

Jan, embodying the essence of a pure swordsman, confidently reached for a standard longsword. The shining blade reflected his determination, a timeless choice that spoke to his commitment to mastering the art of swordsmanship.

Valencia selected a standard katana. The elegant curve of the blade mirrored her precision, a nod to her preference for swift, precise strikes in combat.

Louise, exuding strength and ferocity, opted for a polearm axe. The formidable weapon matched his bold personality, signalling his intent to dominate the battlefield with powerful, sweeping strikes.

Alice, choosing a sabre, embraced the finesse of a weapon known for its swift and precise strikes. The shining steel seemed to resonate with her agile and strategic approach to combat.

Camila, the only mage in her year group, embracing a more mage-like path, decided on a wooden staff.

Lyra, excitingly, chose fans who suited someone like her with her lethal wind attribute.

Bazz, always seeking to amplify his strength, chose for Brass Gloves. The metallic gloves added both offence and defence to his fighting style, reflecting his straightforward approach to combat.

Noah, with his imposing stature, confidently wielded a large longsword reminiscent of those from tales of old. The weapon's sheer size matched his raw power, promising devastating blows in the hands of the massive figure.

Jae, a picture of precision, chose a bow. The elegant weapon symbolized her preference for engaging foes from a distance, showcasing a strategic and calculated approach to combat.

Miya, also selected the long katana. The extended blade hinted at his penchant for flashy yet effective maneuvers, promising a captivating display in battle.

In the sea of students selecting their weapons, I stood out like a sore thumb as I confidently opted for the Crossbow. Confusion and disbelief echoed around me as my unconventional choice drew puzzled glances.

"Is this guy crazy?"

"A crossbow? Seriously?"

"Isn't a regular bow way better than a crossbow?"

"I always knew he was a lunatic."

Their scepticism was not unfounded, and I couldn't blame them. The practicality of a bow over a crossbow was evident, but my decision was rooted in a stark reality—I lacked the physical strength to effectively wield a bow in prolonged combat situations.

You see, drawing and maintaining the tension on a bowstring requires a considerable amount of strength, especially in situations that demand a series of rapid and sustained shots. Unfortunately, my current strength level doesn't allow me to execute such movements effectively. Hence, the crossbow became the obvious choice, offering a compromise between range and the demands of my physical capabilities.

While it might not be the traditional or preferred choice, it is a weapon I can handle more effectively in the heat of battle, ensuring I play to my strengths rather than succumb to my weaknesses. But I know in the future I will be able to wield the bow when the time comes probably soon.


[You've Stunned the class in surprising fashion! 25 PPP added.]

That was worth the points. On my way out the huge double doors of the weapon, the room had closed shut and in my hand, I clenched onto the Silver material of a crossbow but thanks to the 'Perceptive mind' I was able to read information of artifacts, objects and even a person's emotions.

[Academy Silver Crossbow: A sturdy bow that's able to withstand the rigours of combat, specially crafted for the use of Academy students. This crossbow, adorned with intricate silver engravings, is designed to facilitate precision and ease of use. It comes equipped with a built-in scope for improved accuracy. Precision Stat is required to enhance a specific feature.]

With the Academy Silver Crossbow in hand, I made my way towards the designated Team IDS room, the halls filled with students, each discussing their weapon choices and the excitement of the upcoming test.

Upon reaching the Team IDS room, A large sign above the entrance read, "Team IDS: Strategies for the unforsaken." I pushed open the door, revealing a spacious room with electronic displays and interactive tables.

With many platforms of Instant Destination Stones across the room, it was clear that this practical session was the practice for the first assignment perhaps.

In one corner, Jan was deep in conversation with Bazz, both discussing their weapon choices and likely strategizing for the upcoming test. Louise stood nearby, examining the edge of his polearm axe with a focused expression. The room buzzed with activity as students formed groups, preparing for the first challenge of the year.

In the holographic Team IDS room, Kolek our teacher stepped forward, his stern gaze scanning the assembled students. A large screen flickered to life, displaying a list of names arranged in groups.

"Welcome, students, to your first practical lesson of the year," Kolek began. "Before we proceed, let me clarify that the groupings have been randomized for this exercise. As you can see on the screen, your teammates are chosen based on a combination of factors to ensure a diverse and challenging experience."

[Team 1: Jan Ates, Camila Diana, Rana <anno data-annotation-id="3a5c7e01-6594-85ed-9b24-eeb9c1f5ecbd">[???]</anno>, Nick [???] ]

[Team 2: Louise De Villerion, Miya Takeo, Jae Yoona, Dean [???] ]

[Team 3: Valencia Freya, Bazz Wong, Noah Davies, Alice Elizabeth]

[Team 4: Lyra Anett, Rel Laurence, Pedro [???], Danny [???] ]

Ah, you've got to be kidding me. I'm stuck with the rich girl and the one with the worst personality of all. She'll probably just toss me aside as she did with her guild colleagues.

If I were to make a list of people not to piss off, number one would definitely be Lyra. She was clearly one of those characters who had that super soft side on the outside and then she'd murder you without hesitation if she found out that her act would be exposed.

With this selection, it couldn't get any worse, but I guess being accompanied by other background characters as well would help heaps. Maybe I could get on her good side.

The randomness of the selection was evident as the students exchanged glances. Some were excited about the unexpected partnerships, while others faced the challenge of adapting to new teammates.

Louise didn't seem to mind, and the others appeared indifferent, but Team 3 was stacked, especially since they'd probably clear their monster within 20 minutes. The other eight teams would likely have trouble keeping up, as the main characters are always destined to shine.

"If everyone is done looking at the screen, I'll continue. Your goal is to work together, strategize effectively, and repel the monster in a specified area. Choose your positions wisely, and remember, teamwork is key," Kolek emphasized, gesturing towards the detailed scenario unfolding on the holographic displays.

"Now the number on the platform corresponds to the number of your team. I'm sure you know what that means. Everyone now moves off into teams, and if your timer exceeds the time limit, the gear you're wearing will transport your squad out of the designated location and back into the room."

Taking all the information into account, I went up to the platform, awaiting my teammates. One by one, they all arrived as I greeted them.

Pedro squinted at me, a frown creasing his brow.

"Wait, you're... uh, Rel? Right?"

"That's me." I managed a smile, despite the awkward start.

Danny gave me a friendly nod. "Sup, pleased to meet you."

Lyra, spoke in her sweet tone. "Hi there!" Her voice held a bright, welcoming warmth that helped ease some of the tension.

With a polite nod, I acknowledged my peculiar assembly of teammates, each with their own distinct personalities. Pedro seemed a bit befuddled, struggling to recall my name, while Danny exuded a casual vibe. Lyra, on the other hand, radiated an innocent charm with her sweet and friendly demeanor.

As our small group assembled on the designated platform, I couldn't help but feel a mix of uncertainty and curiosity. We were an eclectic bunch—Pedro, seemingly still puzzled, Danny with his laid-back attitude, and Lyra, a potentially unpredictable force beneath her gentle exterior. It was a concoction that intrigued me.

Our attention shifted to the holographic display, where Kolek continued his instructions, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and strategic planning. The challenge was clear: kill the monster in the specified area within the given time limit.

I observed Lyra's enthusiasm, her eyes shining with a determination that hinted at a depth beneath her innocent exterior. As the countdown to the practical began I checked if everything was all good and we were transported to another place on earth.


The IDS Beamed, and in an instant, the surroundings transformed. We found ourselves standing in a vast, grassy biome with rolling hills and scattered trees. The air was charged with an unfamiliar energy, and the distant buzz of the monster signalled the imminent danger we were about to face. The timer on our watches started ticking down, adding a sense of urgency to our mission.

Lyra, true to her enthusiastic nature, took the lead without hesitation. With a glance at the team, she outlined a quick plan, emphasizing the need for coordination and communication. As the grassy expanse unfolded before us, our group set off in pursuit of the elusive monster.

However, despite Lyra's proactive leadership, I soon found myself lagging behind. The crossbow in my hands felt slightly unwieldy as I struggled to maintain pace with the others. The uneven terrain and the unfamiliar weapon made it challenging for me to keep up, and I could sense the subtle frustration building within the team.

Lyra glanced back, her eyes widening in concern. "Rel, are you okay? We need to stick together!"

I nodded, trying to conceal my struggle. "Yeah, just getting used to the crossbow. Go ahead, I'll catch up."

With determined expressions, the rest of the team pressed forward, leaving me to navigate the grassy expanse at my own pace. The distant buzz of the monster served as a constant reminder of the ticking clock, urging me to overcome the hurdles and rejoin my teammates before it was too late.


<annotations style="display: none;"><li>Im not really bothered putting last names for these characters aka background characters.</li></annotations>

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