The Transmigrated Author

Chapter 7: Monster Hunter
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Chapter 7: Monster Hunter

Argh, this is unbelievable. Why did I end up with the dead weight on our team? I could've had Valencia, Jan, or even Louise, but it seems fate has a twisted sense of humor. Perhaps this is the first test of perseverance that I need to conquer, a challenge to prove myself, especially to my parents who questioned my decision to attend this academy.

Dealing with dead weight usually involves removing it, but in this case, we can't just leave him behind. Glancing back, I notice that Rel is already falling behind. Despite rumours of his non-stop workouts, the reality is different – he's struggling to keep up. It's surprising, considering he was last in all the fitness test examinations. I had hoped for improvement, but it seems my expectations were misplaced.

"Rel, are you okay? We need to stick together!"

He nods and replies, "Yeah, just getting used to the crossbow. Go ahead, I'll catch up."

Well, that was unexpectedly easy. Perhaps he's aware of his limitations. It's no surprise, though; he holds one of the lowest ranks in our year.

"Let's advance forward then."

With my other two teammates in tow, we leave Rel behind as we approach the looming forest. The distant sounds of the monster's presence become more pronounced.


"Remember, stay on your feet. We don't know what this monster can do."

I offer this caution as we move forward, assessing our surroundings. At the center of the forest, our target comes into view.


[ you have located the monster! Hornsby: Grade: C+ ]

[Time Remaining 36 Minutes 21 Seconds]

The watch signals that this large creature, Hornsby, is our opponent today. It's the first time I've faced a monster without my usual guild members, so I'm curious to see what my current teammates can bring to the table.

The towering monster, equipped with drills for hands and a stinger on its back, poses a significant challenge. We'll need to strategize carefully to keep it grounded since it can fly.

I pulled out my weapon, the Academy Fans, Dealing with this monster should be easier with the advantage of using my wind attribute. Now, with my team and our diverse set of skills, we stood ready to face Hornsby, the looming C+ grade monster in the heart of the biome.

"Alright, team," I declared, taking the lead, "we've got Hornsby, a Grade C+ monster, to deal with. Pedro, Danny, make sure you're prepared. Pedro, what weapon did you choose?"

Pedro, a bit hesitant, showed me his choice, a sturdy iron staff. "It's the best I could handle," he admitted.

"That's fine. Danny, what about you?"

"I went for dual short swords," he said confidently.

"Good choices," I nodded. "Now, here's the plan. Hornsbee is airborne, so we need to ground it. Pedro, use your staff to create obstacles and divert its attention. Danny, aim for its wings with your short swords. Since Rel isn't here yet, we'll have to adapt. I'll take the lead and use my fans to deal damage. Keep an eye on the time; we have to finish this ASAP."

The monstrous silhouette of Hornsby came into view, its wings buzzing ominously as it prepared to take flight. I took a deep breath, my fans at the ready, and the plan set in motion.

"Pedro, Danny, on my mark," Lyra commanded.

The forest echoed with the ominous buzzing of Hornsby as we advanced. Pedro created barriers with his staff, effectively disrupting the monster's flight path. Danny, dual short swords in hand, skillfully aimed for Hornsbee's wings, causing it to momentarily falter in the air. The initial moments gave us hope, a sense that we could control the situation.

I unleashed the power of my wind attribute fans, creating sharp currents to damage the Hornsby. We seemed to be in control, dodging its attacks and slowly pushing it towards the ground. The monster, initially agile, struggled against our coordinated assault.

"Great job, team! Keep it up!" I encouraged, my voice cutting through the disarray of the battle. Pedro and Danny nodded, their determination matching mine. However, as the minutes ticked away, the toll on our stamina became apparent.

Hornsby, resilient and enraged, retaliated with intensified attacks. Its drills whirred dangerously, and the stinger on its back posed a constant threat. Pedro and Danny started showing signs of fatigue. The initial momentum we had begun to wane, replaced by the harsh reality of the prolonged battle.

"We need to finish this, now!" I urged, charging at the monster to its limits. But the monster, fueled by instinct, fought back fiercely. Our coordinated movements became disjointed as exhaustion set in.


The timer on our watches continued its relentless countdown. With every passing second, the battle became more desperate. The situation now seemed precarious as Hornsby's strength appeared to surge.

Despite our efforts, Hornsbee managed to break free from our attempts to ground it. It soared higher, gaining an advantage in the fight. The tides had turned, and the realization of our impending defeat loomed over us.

"We can't let up! Stay focused!" I shouted, trying to rally the team. But the strain on our stamina and the relentless assault from Hornsby proved too much. The initial hope had transformed into a bitter struggle for survival.

The intense battle with Hornsbee continued, and the initial sense of control slipped away. The dynamics of the fight had shifted, and exhaustion crept into our every move.

In the chaos, Hornsby managed to corner me, its menacing drills whirring dangerously. Attempting to evade, I twisted my ankle on uneven ground. Stifling a cry of pain, I stumbled, realizing the dire situation I was in. Hornsbee, seizing the opportunity, lunged forward, its stinger poised for a fatal strike.

I closed my eyes hoping I'd get teleported back to the IDS room... But it never came.

"Are you alright?" Rel's voice cut through the chaotic sounds of battle, his concern evident in his eyes.

I had realised that he saved me from the Hornsby's attack and I could feel the weight of his arms holding me. "Yes," I affirmed as he gently placed me back on the ground.

"Can you still fight?" Axel asked.

"Of course."

"Then keep fighting the Hornsbee; I'll cover you." Rel's words seemed to have brought me a little relief.


Haah, haah, haah...

I'm puffed... I can't run anymore I just need a few more minutes and I'll be good. I looked at the timer on the watch as I kept moving towards the centre of the forest

[29 Minutes 34 Seconds]

Ding!, Ding!, Ding!

[Quest: First Impressions, Save Lyra from trouble and beat the monster: Hornsby Grade: C+, Reward: Precision Stat, 5+ Stamina, 2+ Strength,]

Damn, I had hoped to sit this one out, but it looks like the monster isn't a walk in the park. With a C+ grade, and considering Lyra's strength is on par with C-grade monsters, I'll need to help them.

As I went deeper into the dense vegetation, the chaotic sounds of the battle grew louder. Suddenly, through the thick foliage, I had seen Lyra, backed against a tree, and the Hornsby charging at full force. π”£π–—π”’π–Šπ”΄π–Šπ”Ÿπ”«π”¬π–›π”’π–‘.𝔠𝔬π”ͺ

Without hesitation, I ran as fast as I could, closing the distance in an instant.

Luckily for me, I was faster just by a millisecond and as I carried her into my arms I had let her down softly.

"Are you alright?" I asked in concern about her ankle

"Yes," she replied immediately

"Can you still fight?"

"Of course."

"Then keep fighting the Hornsby; I'll cover you," I said knowing that my match-up with the Hornsby was well anticipated.

As the Hornsbee shifted its attention from the other teammates to us, I seized the opportunity. With agility honed through relentless training, I darted towards the monster, my crossbow poised for a precision strike.

With impeccable timing, I unleashed a barrage of bolts at the Hornsbee. The projectiles whizzed through the air, finding their mark with a satisfying thud as they embedded themselves into the monster's tough exoskeleton. A triumphant surge of points flashed across my vision.

Meanwhile, Lyra seized the moment, her eyes reflecting a fierce determination. Ignoring the pain in her ankle, she lunged forward, wielding her Academy Fans with a speed that belied her delicate appearance. Each strike landed with precision, a dance of blades and wind that left the Hornsbee reeling.

The Hornsbee, now injured and disoriented, attempted to retaliate, its monstrous drills whirring dangerously. In a strategic move, I positioned myself between the Hornsbee and the rest of the team, absorbing the brunt of the monster's assault with my crossbow.

With teamwork and strategy, our coordinated assault continued. Pedro and Danny, sensing an opening, attacked from the sides, distracting the Hornsby and creating opportunities for Lyra to unleash more devastating blows.

Yet, as the battle unfolded, it became evident that the Hornsby was more formidable than anticipated. Its stinger lashed out unpredictably, forcing us to adapt and dodge. The initial optimism began to wane, replaced by a growing sense of urgency as the monster revealed new, dangerous tactics.

Despite our efforts, the Hornsby's relentless assault took its toll. Lyra's agile movements became strained, and Pedro and Danny faced increasing difficulty avoiding the monster's attacks. The battle wasn't in our favour from the beginning.

"shit," I muttered to myself.

As the situation grew more dire, I knew we needed to rethink our strategy and find a way to turn the tide.

The Hornsby, pushed to its limits, unleashed a surprise counterattack. As it retreated, the back of its monstrous drill split open, releasing a swarm of miniature bees. The tiny, aggressive creatures darted toward us, a relentless wave of stingers poised for attack.

In that desperate moment, the swarm closing in felt like a manifestation of my failure, a consequence of my misjudgment. The weight of responsibility pressed down on me, and I knew I had to act swiftly to save my team from the impending threat I had unwittingly unleashed.

A surge of self-blame and urgency echoed within me. "This is my fault," I thought, my mind racing for a solution. The swarm, a product of my miscalculation, was inching closer, and I needed to find a way to protect us.

In that intense moment, an unfamiliar force responded to my desperation. The system's voice, normally distant, resonated in my eyes,

[Dire moments require strong wills! You've met the requirement for a hidden ability unlocked deep within the soul! Clockwork of Time. The ability to see the perception of time much more slowly!]

As if a veil had been lifted, time-warped around me, granting me a surreal clarity. The impending swarm slowed to a crawl, and with a profound sense of responsibility, I realized I could navigate this imminent threat.

"I can't let them down," I muttered to myself. "I need to save them."

The Clockwork of Time activated, plunging me into a surreal dance with impending doom. Time itself became a languid stream, and with a crossbow in hand, I embraced the urgency of the slowed moment. Bolts flew from my weapon, a frantic symphony against the suspended chaos.

Swarm after swarm, the countdown ticking mercilessly in my mind, I had mere seconds to navigate this temporal puzzle. Five, four, threeβ€”each heartbeat amplified the urgency. With relentless focus, I aimed and shot, the arrows finding their targets with a hair's breadth of time to spare.

I danced from one swarm to the other, a desperate race against the impending danger. The crossbow became an extension of my will, a lifeline to snatch my team from the jaws of peril. Each shot carried the weight of a split second, and with a near-bottomless supply of arrows, I fought against time itself to shield Lyra, Danny, and Pedro.

As the final swarm dispersed, the chaotic dance slowed, and time resumed its normal pace. The team, spared from the encroaching threat, looked at me with a mix of disbelief and shock.

The revelation of the Clockwork of Time left my eyes feeling as if I were going blind, an unsettling side effect. Wasting no time, I rushed towards the injured Hornsby. In a mere two seconds, I soared into the air, positioning myself in front of the Hornsby with my bow aimed at its head.

"See ya, you fucker."

A surge of power manifested within my body, an unstoppable force desiring to be released. With a decisive pull of the bowstring, a blast of fire erupted from the arrow, creating a dazzling explosion of light.

[Critical Hit!]

[Luck has manifested within the arrow; Flame Attribute has activated!]

[Hornsby has been defeated!]

[Time Completion: 24 minutes 32 Seconds]

[Quest Completeled! Rewards: Precision Stat, 5+ Stamina, 2+ Strength, 50 Quest points have been added.]

Huh, not bad hey? A flood of notifications was stacked in front of me but suddenly I could feel my body giving up and my world turned black.


Author Notes:

- When I was brainstorming monster names, the name Hornsby came to mind. Interestingly, I got inspired to use this name from a suburb in Sydney while I was drafting names for a flying monster. ???? Λ‰???Λ‰?? )?

- Rel's speed stat is multiplied by 0.25 when jogging and 0.50 when running.

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