The Transmigrated Author

Chapter 9: Club Enrollment
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Chapter 9: Club Enrollment

[Lyra is frustrated with your responses earlier, 10 PPP has been rewarded.]

[The class has noticed your abnormality during lessons... 32 PPP has been rewarded.]

Hehehe... suckers. I couldn't wipe the smirk off my face as I strolled down the hall; nothing could dampen my mood today.

As I headed out towards the academy cafeteria there was still quite an amount of people there but my class hadn't even left yet.

But I'm curious what can I also do to get the most out of these point features? if PPP influences the change in how the story originally goes can I also use that to gain more power in the middle of canon events and such.

But with QP I can modify the rewards of a quest but the scaling of the quest would grow more difficult so I would need to find a loophole to change some rewards that I get especially since the characters would need their main weapons. It would be best if they get them early.

Stepping into the main academy cafeteria for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the array of cuisines on offer. I had envisioned an opulent setting for the cafeteria, complete with menus boasting rich-kid fare, Starbucks, boba shops, and more. As I scanned the area, my gaze settled on "Allen's Cafe," the establishment where all the main characters tended to convene. In the novel, it was portrayed as a special sanctuary that eased the mind of anyone who crossed its threshold. Although it provided temporary relief from worries and stress, the looming spectre of reality would inevitably return. However, that wasn't my primary objective today—I simply wanted to experience it for myself.


Espresso Creations:





Today's coffee Specials!

Caramel Macchiato

Vanilla Latte

Hazelnut Mocha

Honey Lavender Latte

Iced Beverages:

Iced Coffee

Cold Brew

Iced Matcha Latte

Raspberry Mint Iced Tea

Specialty Teas:

Chai Latte

London Fog

Blueberry Green Tea

Peach Passionfruit Herbal Tea


Breakfast Options:

Avocado Toast with Poached Egg

Smoked Salmon Bagel

Greek Yogurt Parfait with Granola and Berries

Breakfast Burrito with Spinach and Feta

Sandwiches and Wraps:

Turkey and Cranberry Panini

Caprese Wrap with Pesto

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Veggie Hummus Wrap


Oh my God. I never imagined I'd find myself in heaven. The menu, the place, the aesthetics—everything is simply wonderful. If I could, I'd sample everything on the menu, but for now, I'll rein in my hunger.

"Welcome to Allen's Cafe! What can I get you?" the attendant chirped.

"Can I get a Large Vanilla Latte and, uh, a Smoked Salmon Bagel, please?"

As she jotted down my order, I couldn't help but admire the overall ambiance of this place. I felt the weight of stress and worry lifting from my shoulders.

"Sure, that would be $10.30, or 8745 won. Will that be cash or card?"

"Ah, card, please." I tapped my watch onto the presented scanner.


"Thank you, sir! Here's your table number, and your order will be out in 10," she said with a polite voice.

I settled at a table by the window, where I could watch students streaming out of their classes. A few minutes passed, and before me appeared the epitome of perfection in my eyes. I gazed at the salmon bagel before me, and suddenly, a window popped up.


[Peaceful Salmon Bagel. Effects: Eating this will calm all your nerves for an hour.]

[Perfected Vanilla Latte. Effects: Drinking this will enhance your awareness for 2-3 hours.]

"Is it possible for me to replicate these recipes' system?"

[You certainly can! To copy a recipe, the cost would be 10 ppp :D.]

"Sure, I can do that."

[You have spent 20 ppp on recipe replication! By doing this, the recipe of the item will be stored within your memory.]

Wonderful, nom... nom... nom. I savoured my meal peacefully and left the cafe feeling satisfied. On my way out, familiar faces traversed the hallways—Jan and Bazz appeared to have finished their quiz, followed by the infamous trio: Valencia, Camila, and Lyra.

"Oh, Jan, are we joining a club this year? I heard some of the clubs offer opportunities to travel abroad."

"Hmm, that sounds interesting. Should we go see what clubs there are after school and apply for one?"

"Eh... sure." Bazz's tone suggested reluctance, but he relented, knowing Jan would drag him along anyway.

As I passed Jan and Bazz, our eyes met, and Jan offered me a kind smile. I nodded in return; Jan truly was one of a kind.

Oh, that reminds me—I have to join the same club as the main characters, but I'll likely need a solid application to secure my spot. I'll have to pull some strings.

But who could help me get in?

As the trio also walked by me, Valencia once again gave me the biggest side-eye, but I don't really think she does that on purpose—probably just a reflex. Without making eye contact, I could tell Lyra was still ready to pester me at all costs.

Wait a minute. Lyra was also a member of the club Jan joined since she was an exclusive member. It would be best for me to try and ask her for help. but how? I'll figure it out next week since applications close next week on Wednesday.

[Pinnacle Students, In the afternoon there will be a Club Expo at the front courtyard of the academy if you're interested I urge you to participate or join a club for your student resume.]

Oh, that reminds me that after our main characters graduate from Pinnacle Academy they would all split off to their respective guilds and by joining clubs this would also be boosting their student resume.

For now, I'll just wait until the evening hits so I can join 'that' club.


[3:30 pm Wednesday]

The classes dragged on as usual, but the prospect of making a good first impression on my seniors propelled me out of my seat and towards the front courtyard. As I stepped into the lively scene, the air was filled with the buzzing excitement of students eager to join various clubs. The aroma of cooking from the food clubs wafted through the courtyard, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Navigating through the vibrant scenery, I immediately recognized the stand I had envisioned back in my high school years – the "Histories Breakfast Club." It seemed normal among the others, but the reason for its uniqueness lay in its focus on exploring the history of heroes, artifacts, and renowned places worldwide. I threw in the "breakfast" aspect for food enthusiasts like Valencia. The common thread binding our main cast was their shared interest in heroes.

Observing from a distance, I saw them all lined up, standing out conspicuously without a single extra in sight. Clearly, they were all here for the same reason. The club was led by a third-year named Lan Villerion, Louise's cousin, soon to become the second in command for the Villerion heritage Trinities Centurion's Guild. Louise, too, was destined to rise through the ranks and eventually become the successor.

Focused on the present, Lan explained the details of the Histories Breakfast Club to the interested members...

"Oh, and at Histories Breakfast Club, we go on frequent club excursions! This year, our destinations include France, Italy, and Australia, so if you guys want to join, it would be my pleasure," Lan's voice carried enthusiasm. Tension hung in the air as Jan and Louise shared the same vicinity, but they paid no mind, engrossed in Lan's words.

Valencia, as usual, posed a nonchalant question, "Ah, why is it called breakfast club?"

Lan answered, "Good question! The reason is that we always bring the best freshly made breakfasts from around the country, and all the costs will be covered, of course."

"Ohhhh, I see," Valencia nodded in understanding.

Lan turned to the group, "So, are all of you here to sign up for the club?"

"Yes," they all responded in unison.

"Ah, me too, please," I chimed in, raising my hand. Lan handed me the application form, and I felt the gazes from my classmates. Showing up unannounced might not have been the best idea.


Did someone click their tongue at me? Glancing at Valencia, her face revealed a contorted expression. She must hate me a lot, hehe. Well, there was no other way, and keeping it this way was much better.

I filled out the application without much trouble. I handed the completed form to Lan, who accepted it with a nod. Everyone else busily filled out their forms, and as I stared into space, I coincidentally locked eyes with Valencia.

"Is there something to be looking at?" She said in a serious tone.

"Sorry, I was just looking at the food stall from across you," I replied nonchalantly. Valencia turned to see there was nothing to her left, leaving her a bit embarrassed.

"Pfffttt," Jan stifled a laugh, seeing Valencia easily deceived.

Her face reddened, and she gritted her teeth, but I figured she deserved it for treating her creator this way.

"Ehem," Lan let out a fake cough to break the tension while collecting everyone else's forms. "Alright, welcome to the Histories Breakfast Club! You guys are the only first years to join our club, so congrats," Lan announced with enthusiasm, and the tension dissipated. "As you know, we advise that you attend the club once a week in the morning for information about our travels, as we also provide breakfast made straight from our Academy's top chef."

He continued, giving us information about our room location and our first trip, which was to France, promising a challenging foe yet to reveal himself. Jan, always resilient, would undoubtedly overcome whatever challenges lay ahead.


[Thursday 8:58 am]

"Morning class! Today, I will be revealing the rankings for the quiz you did yesterday. Please don't take these rankings to heart but use them as a way to motivate yourself to do better," Kolek announced, projecting all the rankings and marks on the board.

As the numbers appeared, I felt the muscles on my face involuntarily flex into a smile. I couldn't allow anyone to see it. I must not. I had to remain calm, acting as if I was expecting the mark.

With everyone's eyes now focusing on me, a silent uproar echoed within the class, just as I anticipated.


[Defense Class Quiz: Rankings and Marks]

1st - Rel Laurence: 50/50

2nd - Alice Elizabeth: 48/50

3rd - Valencia Freya: 45/50

4th - Louise De Villerion: 43/50

5th - Jae Yoona: 42/50

6th - Miya Takeo: 41/50

7th - Jan Ates: 40/50

8th - Camila Diana: 39/50

8th - Lyra Anett: 39/50

9th - Noah Davies: 37/50




28th - Bazz Wong: 31/50



A small gasp reached my ears, and looking to the very right, I saw Alice's surprise. She kept stealing glances at me. While it wouldn't really affect her, she should have been the only one topping everyone in terms of theory. But now that I'm here, there was no way she would be able to beat me.

I also noticed Valencia's surprise at the sight of my marks. She wore a confused, shocked expression that seemed to say, "Is that even possible for a first quiz exam? We had only just touched base on the material."

Though doubts lingered in my head about disrupting the main storyline, I had to be good at something in this academy to be noticed. However, this was only a quiz, and the real challenges for the students in this academy had yet to come.

With Kolek finishing up the discussion on answers and marks, he advised us to study and train hard for our upcoming first assignment.

"So today's lesson is 1 On 1 Scenario," Kolek declared with crossed arms. "Everyone here will spar with one person, so make sure you find someone worthy of your strength. Follow me out as we are heading to the training grounds," his authoritative voice commanded attention, prompting everyone to get up. 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝖜𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝖒

Argh, I could feel my face shrinking at those words. "What the actual fuck? If I get matched up with the main characters, I'm gonna die," I mumbled to myself.

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