The villain's side of the novel

Chapter 169 The Funeral
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Small recap ---

Nora and Mia and Isabel are the only remaining wives of the previous head in the Palace.

Nora, has one daughter, Elisa Parada.

Mia has one young boy named Noah.

Sophia has one girl in his teens her name is Olivia


The next morning, the Parada family members, mansion servants, and knights gathered in the solemn confines of the mansion's infirmary room. The atmosphere was heavy with grief, casting a somber shadow over everyone present. Inside the room, Mia's lifeless body lay peacefully in a white robe, emanating an air of sorrow.

Noah, Mia's young son, was overcome with grief. His anguished cries reverberated throughout the room, his delicate frame quivering with profound sorrow. His tear-stained face mirrored the depths of his pain as he clung desperately to his mother's lifeless hand.

"..." Aya, with a pale face on her face, looked at the young boy unable even to react to her surroundings.

"No, Mama! Please, don't leave me! Wake up!" Noah's voice trembled with raw emotion, his words pleading and filled with a heartbreaking sense of loss. In his tender innocence, he struggled to grasp the harsh reality of his mother's absence.

Isabel, Nora, Sophia, Olivia, Elisa, Sina, Isha, Adam, Casper, Norman, Montaser, Giam, even Aya, and every member present in the room looked upon the young boy with empathy and compassion. Although tragic events were not uncommon in the family's history, for some reason this particular loss felt uniquely painful, casting a somber shadow over their collective hearts. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

"You!" Noah's voice cracked with anger as he turned towards Fray, who stood beside the bed. His innocent face contorted with fury as he directed his accusing gaze toward him. "You took her away! You killed my mama! How could you do this?!"

The room fell into a heavy silence, punctuated only by Noah's angry accusations. The eyes of everyone present turned towards Fray, his emotionless face seemingly unaffected by the boy's outburst. His gaze remained detached, his silence a stark contrast to the storm of emotions that engulfed Noah.

Nora, her heart breaking for the young boy, stepped forward, her voice filled with sympathy and resolve. "Noah, Noah please calm down everything will be alright"

But Noah, consumed by grief and anger, refused to be comforted. His voice rose, filled with tears and deep sorrow. "No! I don't want to call down, I want my mother back! You took her from me!" Noah pointed an accusing finger at Fray, his voice trembling with a mix of anger and despair.

Fray's gaze remained impassive, his face an enigma, seemingly unaffected by the boy's outburst. The room filled with uneasy tension as the tragedy and raw emotions collided, creating a heart-wrenching atmosphere.

Sudleny admit his screams Noah's anger began to subside, giving way to exhaustion and an overwhelming longing for his mother's presence. With tear-stained cheeks and a heavy heart, he collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

As the family members rushed to Noah's body, Fray, followed by Montaser, silently made his way toward the exit of the room. The heavy atmosphere seemed to have no effect on Fray as he continued on his path, his expression remaining stoic and unaffected. Just as he reached the large corridor outside, the sound of approaching footsteps caught his attention. He turned to find his mother, Isabel, standing there, her face displaying a complicated mix of emotions.

Isabel's eyes held a mixture of concern and reproach as she locked gazes with her son. Her voice carried a hint of desperation as she questioned him, her voice trembling. "Fray, why did you do it? Why did you take Mia's life?"

Fray met his mother's gaze, his voice devoid of emotion as he replied, "She violated the family rules."

Isabel's expression softened, a mixture of sorrow and frustration crossing her features. "But Fray, there must have been another way. She had a young could you do such a thing?"

Fray, unaffected by Isabel's words, turned away without answering, his footsteps steady and resolute. Montaser stood faithfully by his side.

"Montaser, I need you to send someone to Nizar immediately," Fray commanded, his voice filled with an icy determination. His cold expression matched the intense aura of death that emanated from his being.

Montaser, ever loyal and efficient, nodded in acknowledgment. "Understood, sir. I will dispatch someone to Nizar promptly. They will keep a vigilant watch on the northern side of the continent and report back to you with any significant developments," he responded, his tone respectful and unwavering.

Isabel watched her son's retreating figure, her eyes filled with a complex mix of complicated emotions. As Fray and Montaser disappeared from sight, Isabel remained rooted in place, a sense of unease settling within her.

------Several hours after

In Iskar City, a massive crowd had gathered on the streets, surprised by the unexpected event unfolding before them. The Parada family servants carried a black wooden coffin on their shoulders, followed closely by the Parada family members themselves. The mournful procession made its way through the city, with faces etched with respect and steps filled with deference.

The crowd stood in hushed reverence, each person expressing their own form of affection and respect. Strangers and acquaintances alike had come together to support the grieving family, even though they did not know who rested within the coffin. The city seemed to hold its breath, acknowledging the gravity of the moment, and a palpable sense of melancholy hung in the air.

The procession made its way through the bustling streets. Shops and businesses had closed their doors, their owners joining the throng although they don't know who was inside that coffin they wanted to support the family that changed and cared about them, thus, The city seemed to hold its breath, as if acknowledging the gravity of the moment, and a palpable sense of melancholy hung in the air.

As Adam marched alongside Fray, Elisa, and the rest of the Direct family members, his thoughts swirled as he looked at the crowd. He couldn't help but ponder the changes he had witnessed Iskar city has changed at the hand of Fray, reflecting, (If this had happened a year ago, no one would have cared.) Adam's gaze lingered on Fray, his 1s he continued his thought. (Why did he do this? Just when the family had begun to trust him. This will undoubtedly shatter that trust.)

Meanwhile, Isabel's heart ached as she watched the young boy, Noah, her thoughts drifting to another painful memory. Her eyes filled with sorrow as she observed Noah's devastation, a profound empathy washing over her. (It reminds me of him,) Isabel whispered softly to herself, her voice filled with a mix of sadness and nostalgia. She couldn't help but feel the weight of the situation, knowing that the loss of Mia would leave a lasting impact on Noah's life.

As the procession neared the eastern side of the city, it turned towards the Parada cemetery. Bathed in golden sunlight, the cemetery exuded a serene beauty, nestled amidst rolling hills and adorned with ornate gravestones. It was a place of tranquility and reverence.

The crowd followed closely, their footsteps echoing in unison as they approached the cemetery gate. However, their progression was halted by a servant from the Parada family who stood in their path, commanding attention and respect. With a raised hand and a firm voice, the servant announced, "I'm sorry, but the cemetery is reserved for family and close friends only."

The crowd, filled with a mixture of disappointment and understanding, paused at the servant's command. They recognized the need to respect the family's wishes and allow them to grieve in privacy. Slowly, the crowd dispersed, their steps heavy with disappointment but ultimately respectful of the boundaries set by the Parada family.

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