The Warmhearted You

Chapter 9: Jealous
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Chapter 9: Jealous

He Yu was setting up the autumn-themed products, placing some of the cranberry biscuits and treats she bake last night into a bamboo basket. When a customer ordered a drink, two pieces would be given out, free of charge.

Later, closer to evening, the weather suddenly turned gloomy, the winds blew like crazy, and it became gray outside as if announcing a heavy rain was about to start.

Ye Xun had not arrived yet. He Yu narrowed her eyes as she looked up at the gray sky. She remembered that Ye Xun didn’t bring an umbrella with her. If it rained, she would have to pick her up. fr𝚎𝗲𝐰ebnov𝐞𝐥.𝐜o𝗺

It was a little past 5:20, meaning there were less than ten minutes left of class.

After hesitating for a long time, she asked a student she was familiar with to look after the shop for a while, then took the umbrella out, and within a few minutes, dark clouds covered the sky, and the raindrops sprinkled onto the ground.

She sent a message to Ye Xun as she walked, asking Ye Xun to wait at the gate of the building.

The campus was rather large, and since classes had just finished, it was crowded, and the intensity of the rain continued to increase. The raindrops landed onto the umbrella and splashed onto the ground, some splashing onto her legs as well. By the time she reached the building, her back was drenched in water.

Ye Xun stood in the hallway, waiting when she saw He Yu coming, and frowned. She walked forward to receive the umbrella.

The door swung back and forth on the hinges, the wind slamming into He Yu that she couldn’t help shrinking and shivering a bit. Her back felt sticky and uncomfortable, so she shifted her clothes, trying to fix them.

Ye Xun embraced her shoulder.

“Don’t let yourself get wet.” she took a half-step towards the door and looked at the weather outside. “Stand here for a while, and wait for the rain to subside a bit before we go.”

She finished speaking, Ye Xun took her away from the doors and pulled her into her arms, pressing her close.

The closeness between the two of them made several students glance at them as they walked by. Ye Xun let go after they were safely behind the doors, away from the cold.

“Is it cold?” She asked softly.

He Yu shook her head.

Because of the sudden heavy rain, many people were trapped inside the hall. Ye Xun moved behind He Yu, and helped cover her wet back with a half-hugging posture. This move of her attracted a lot of attention, but Ye Xun acted utterly unaware, and stood indifferently, only when He Zuo looked at her did her eyes soften.

About five or six minutes later, the rain was getting lighter. He Yu looked up at the sky and saw the clouds were slowly receding.

“Let’s go back to the shop first.”

Ye Xun nodded and held the umbrella open, still walking a half step behind to help cover her back.

Because sometimes drinks could be spilled and stained her clothing, He Yu always had two sets of clothes in the back room, so she changed into a fresh pair of dry clothes.

The student who helped watch the shop was glad that she was back. When she saw the rain outside, she asked two sentences about He Yu, asking her if she was okay. He Xie whispered in a soft voice, gave the other a cup of hot drinks and cookies, and started a conversation as she worked.

The student chatted with her and smiled as they sipped their drinks.

Ye Xun stood to the side, silent, but when she heard He Yu laughing at something the other party said, she raised her eyes, and her mouth formed into a thin line. She still said nothing.

The atmosphere wasn’t quite right, but the classmate didn’t seem to notice the mood changing.

He Yu gently told the student that she was busy. The student understood and would not bother the other, so they began playing with a mobile phone for the time being.

Ye Xun stayed silent and walked over to stand behind the bar.

“Do me a favor and grab the contents inside the left-hand drawer, please.” He Yu said, making another drink.

Ye Xun didn’t say anything, but still did what He Yu said–inside the drawer was a small piece of tiramisu with exquisite packaging, and it seemed to be reserved for her.

“Try tasting it,” said He Yu pushing a drink in front of her, “and this new autumn product, I want you to try them and tell me how it tastes.”

Ye Xun stood still, looking down at the tiramisu.

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