Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 977 Plucking Lucifer’s Flower**
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Chapter 977 Plucking Lucifer’s Flower**


Lucifer let out hushed moans as Lith pinned her to the glass wall and licked his way down on her body.

After the dance, Lucifer's body was warmer and also had a strong scent and taste to it.

Lith encircled his tongue around her nipple and sucked on it hard. Milk naturally gushed out and without wasting a single drop, he swallowed it fully.

Lith's other hand paid attention to Lucifer's unoccupied breast while his lower body was constantly rubbing against hers.

With such attacks everywhere, the moans Lucifer was letting out were not something in her control. She had suppressed her physique to the King Rank and bearing the brunt of Lith's powerful moves.

Satisfied with her tits, Lith licked his way down again until he had reached the forbidden area.

He pulled his head back and using his fingers, spread her folds and had a good look at the unexplored pink region.

A tiny hole drooled while a sensitive bud seemed to be asking to be flicked.

Lith controlled himself from doing that and first admired his lady. It was a must for every man before they went deep into intimacy. Pun intended.

Behind Lucifer, through the glass wall, Lith could see the sea and a cliff along with the crimson-silver moon.

The landscape was amazing and coupled with his lady in front, the night couldn't be any better for Lith.

Lith finally dived in and kissed Lucifer's flower, making her tremble.

Lucifer involuntarily clamped her legs as Lith licked her, but he gently pushed them apart and sucked on her sensitive pink pearl.

"Ahh~" Lucifer moaned and clamped her legs again.

Lith parted them once again and continued to taste his lover's sweet, succubus pussy.

A few moments later, Lith raised Lucifer up on his shoulders and continuing to eat her out, took her to bed.

Lucifer fell flat on her back and Lith's face was gripped between her legs.

The constant cunnilingus made Lucifer clutch the bedsheets. She was on the verge of climax and biting her lower lip, said, "Lith, don't continue. Come up."

Lith, who planned to let Lucifer have her first orgasm from eating her out, stopped. He turned his gaze up and saw her serious expression.

Raising an eyebrow, Lith wondered what was up, but complied nonetheless.

As the two faced each other, Lucifer held Lith's face and said softly, "I've been waiting for this day for a long while. I can't anymore. Give it to me."

Lucifer's eyes turned hazy and with this, Lith realized her patience was fully gone.

Chuckling, Lith kissed her softly and said, "Alright."

Parting her legs, finally, Lith placed the crown of his shaft on her pussy's entrance. Both were wet enough and there was no need for lubrication.

Lucifer's legs were spread in the air and leaning down, Lith held hands with her and pinned them to the side.

"Ready?" Lith asked.

Lucifer nodded, somewhat nervous, but she didn't show it on her face. Instead, she knit her brows and said, "Make sure to thrust it in one go, then start ramming."

Lith blinked in befuddlement. "It'll hurt."

"Doesn't matter, just do—NGGHHHH~!"

Lith didn't let her stay in suspense anymore and thrust his cock deep inside her cunt in one powerful thrust.

He felt a barrier breaking, then a lot of warmth on the inside. There was also a strong crushing force all around his raging dragon, and had Lucifer not suppressed herself, it would've been turned into paste.

Lith was about to start ramming it in as per Lucifer's instructions, but he suddenly felt a strange tingle.

It came from deep within his soul.

Lith ignored it for now thinking it was nothing and focused on Lucifer.

Her eyes were closed and her brows furrowed. Lith wondered if she was alright, but in the next instant, her eyes snapped open.

Instead of the usual black, her eyes had a blood red shade to them, as if she was in a crazed state.

Lith didn't know it, but his own eyes had changed into the same shade as that of Lucifer's.

As her virginity was finally broken, Lucifer formed a bond with Lith, going into a crazed state as she found a partner for herself.

Lust took over her mind, making her mind go blank. She held Lith's face and aggressively kissed him. Her legs tightly wrapped around his waist, and her demonic side erupted in full force.

Lith didn't think there would be such drastic changes. He was just glad she had suppressed her physique, otherwise he was dead meat today.

The passionate love-making turned into full blown crazed, wild sex.

With how tightly Lucifer's legs were clamping him, he couldn't move much.

Feeling dissatisfied, she rolled to the side and got on top of Lith, taking the lead and bouncing her hips on his lower body while continuing to kiss him.

It was totally unexpected and ruined the romantic flow that was set up with such efforts. But it was alright. Lith loved Lucifer, and doing so meant accepting all of the flaws of their partner.

For the next couple of days, it was Lucifer doing her thing in a zoned out manner and Lith simply lay on the bed and received endless pleasure.

Once Lucifer was satisfied, she fell asleep on his chest, appearing totally harmless and innocent, as if she wasn't the same person a few minutes ago.

Lith smiled and shook his head. Maybe this was the reason why she was asking him to be a King Rank before he did anything.

The tingling sensation Lith felt in his soul was not out of nowhere.

A bond had formed, and it was exactly like a vampire blood bond, but with some differences.

The biggest difference was that it was a soul bond and not a blood bond. Lucifer got connected to Lith via the soul.

Lith could feel a lot of things from Lucifer as she lay down on him and her guard lowered while the opposite was true as well.

There was a lot to explore on this topic, but currently, Lith didn't feel satisfied enough with the wild sex. Lucifer wasn't in the right state of mind. He wanted her to be in proper health.

This was their first time doing this, he wanted to make good memories and also wanted to let her have something she would remember forever.

The dance was supposed to be romantic and then turn into a striptease thing. It ended up happening, but the pace was a bit too fast. Maybe the reason was that Lucifer wore minimal clothes with it being her blouse, skirt, and panties.

Shaking his head, Lith thought, 'Our date isn't over yet. The night's still long. I'll wait for her to wake up, then continue where we left off, fufu.'

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