Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 978 A Warning From Lucifer**
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Chapter 978 A Warning From Lucifer**


Lucifer woke up with a heavy head. She rubbed her temples but while doing so, felt another hand on her.

Opening her eyes, Lith's smiling face greeted her. "Had a good sleep?"

Lucifer sighed and slouched on Lith's chest, not answering the question.

"I knew there would be changes, but it was to a much greater magnitude than I anticipated. Sorry for ruining this…"

Lith chuckled and kissed her head. Rubbing her back, he said, "That was just the first round. There's still a lot more to go. Why are you disheartened?"

Lucifer pouted, showing an expression Lith had never seen before. Her puffed up cheeks seemed so cute that he felt like poking them.

Lith refrained from doing so.

Lucifer moved her hand down and inserted a finger inside herself. Moving it around, she sighed again. "It really happened. You took my virginity, it's the absolute worst."

Lith's smile vanished. "What? Why?"

Lucifer harrumphed and taking out her middle finger from her pussy, shoved it inside Lith's mouth, making him taste her.

"You can now feel a lot of things about me. There's also the fact that you have some control over me. Of course, the reverse is true too. Who controls who depends totally on one's strength," Lucifer explained.

Lith, while tasting the lewd juices, raised his eyebrow in interest.

Lucifer continued, "Hmph, there's also the fact that you have access to all my holes from here on. I feel like I'm going to get used as a cum dumpster in the future. Let me warn you, I'm no cheap woman, and I may seem easy, but that's also because you're my nephew. If another man even dared to look at me, I would gauge his eyes out and shove it up his ass."

Lith's eyes twitched. 'Is she giving me ideas to make her my cum dumpster or is she threatening me?'

Lith had no idea.

Lucifer continued on, "And also, let me remind you…" She rubbed her lower body on Lith's. "If you fail to satisfy me from here on, I'll lock you up in a room and suck you dry until you're almost on the verge of death."

'Ah, yes, the revered death by snu snu trope,' Lith thought. 'It's not like I haven't experienced it already…'

Lith vividly remembered the day Lucy got jealous and did exactly what Lucifer threatened she would do.

Was Lucifer a yandere too?

Lucifer then took her finger out of Lith's mouth. She made it slither down, but this time, choked his dragon with her demonic claws.

Squinting her eyes, she said, "Now that you have complete access to me, don't even dare to have any ideas to club me with other women…"

Lucifer began stroking Lith's shaft, while still holding it firmly.

"I'm fine with a few threesomes and foursomes here and there, but I absolutely condemn you to club me together with girls I don't even know of. And also, the max people I am fine with are three. Not more."

Lith blinked and wondered if she just said what she just said. Was Lucifer right in the mind? He didn't even say anything and she was giving him all the wrong ideas!

Clearing his throat, Lith asked, "Are you saying three because that's the many sisters you have?"

"Obviously," Lucifer replied. "I know you can't control yourself from taking us sisters together, so I am not stopping you from doing that. Agalea's a softy, she'll do anything you ask her. Your mom… she's even worse than Agalea. As for Mayzin, it is yet to be seen what her respone would be. You've anyway not bagged her yet, have you?"

Lith smiled awkwardly. What sort of conversation was this?

Lucifer sighed and shook her head, making her big red horns poke Lith's face and scratch it.

The scratch healed itself almost instantly.

"She's not going to be easy to conquer, so you better hurry up. I've also restrained myself from going over to her and banging her, all for your sake. There's also the fact that I don't need to bang her anymore since you're there to help me channel my lust," Lucifer said, as a matter-of-fact.

Lith blinked stupendously.

Noticing his expression, Lucifer smirked and said, "What? Don't look at me like that. Mayzin's just about as horny as me. Why do you think she allowed me to come to her anytime I wanted?"

'That's not what I was thinking…' Lith thought to himself.

Licking Lith's lips seductively and stroking his shaft faster, Lucifer continued, "I honestly don't need any of my sisters to vent anymore. I'm also starting to like this love-making thing I have with you. It's much different and… passionate."

Lith felt if he let Lucifer talk, she would go on and on. To shut her up, he rolled to the side and got on top of her.

Raising an eyebrow, Lucifer said, "Are you going to fuck me again?"

Lith spread her legs and rubbed his finger on her moist slit. "What does it look like?"

Lucifer smiled. "Well, go ahead. But there's still a few important things I need to talk about."

"It can't wait?"

"No. Put that thing in and come back here," Lucifer instructed, giving no room for rejection.

Lith placed his shaft on Lucifer's vaginal hole and slowly sliding into the fluffy warmth, leaned his body on top of her. 𝐟reew𝗲b𝐧𝚘𝐯𝐞l.c𝚘m

Lucifer let out a soft moan as she felt herself get stuffed, then said, "Haah… this feels so much better than anal."

'A few ladies would beg to differ,' Lith thought. There indeed were a few who preferred anal over normal sex.

"Anyway, there's this one last thing I'd like to tell you," Lucifer said with utmost seriousness as she stared into Lith's eyes.

"Don't…" Lucifer's eyes shined with a murderous glint. "Don't eye my daughters."

Lith raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"I don't care if you secretly fuck my secretary or get her into a threesome with me or have eyes on any of the demons or devils I have control on, but don't even think about Roxy, Rosy, or Ruth. They may be half my age and a lot many years older than you, but their mental maturity is still like that of children. Do you understand?"

Lith was once again wondering why his aunt was the way she was. She could've said it normally and he would've agreed, why bring her secretary or others into this? Lith didn't have any interest in those three girls anyway.

They were his pup's mothers, it would be really weird to sleep with them.

Lith sighed and shook his head. "Well, I never had any interest in them, but I understand. I promise."

Lucifer's face beamed with a joyful smile. "Good. Let's fuck now!"

Lith smiled and shook his head again. His aunt was probably suffering from bipolar disorder or something.

Moving his hips and stretching Lucifer's tight pussy to fit his size, Lith groaned in pleasure and said, "Even after an intense session, your insides haven't adapted to my size."

Lucifer flashed a proud smile. "The ruler of all succubi in the world needs to be better than them, doesn't she? There's still a lot more to it like…"

Lith suddenly felt a crushing force, but it wasn't hurtful, rather, filled with extreme pleasure. Next, a strange sensation spread in his body from his shaft and made him shiver.

"W-what…" Lith was dumbfounded.

Lucifer giggled. "There's more!"

Lith felt tickled all over his dick, which was followed by a cold wind slithering around it like a snake, succeeded right after with a warm one.

"Oh shit…" This pleasure was something Lith had never experienced before! He almost threatened to explode.

Lith's reaction brought Lucifer greater pleasure. She let out a mischievous smile and pulled him in for a passionate kiss, while her insides did their work to defeat him fully.

A wave of tingling electricity was felt by Lith next, which was followed by a rough frictional feeling. The latter one felt like his dick was rubbed by sandpaper, but a much softer version of it.

Lith didn't know. He couldn't explain things properly into words.

It was only now that Lith was starting to understand why this being kissing him was called the Demon Queen!

In just two minutes, the attack from a Supreme Rank Demon overpowered this puny King Rank Vampire and made him explode. This was the fastest Lith had ever climaxed!

Filled to the brim, Lucifer broke the kiss and laughed evilly. "That felt good! That felt really good!"

Her comments were a big blow to Lith's Dao heart. He felt that he was truly lacking once again in the Dao of Shamelessness and must cultivate at once!

All this while, Lucifer had been holding back, but not today. She wanted to see Lith suffer for no apparent reason, her sadist dominant side taking over her.

Lith clicked his tongue and getting off her, flipped her on her knees, positioning her in a doggy style.


"Mhmm~…" Lucifer moaned in happiness. "Someone's annoyed?"

Lith didn't answer her and spanked her other cheek, eliciting another moan from her. He shoved his cock inside her cunt once again and began pounding her.

"Ahh… this… ahh… wait…"

Lucifer's body shivered.

Lith instantly caught on and thrust his dick in a slightly upward position, grazing on her upper inner walls.

"Ahh… wait… how… damnit!" Lucifer moaned and bit her lip.

Lith smirked. He had found her weak spot and was attacking it, she was bound to be surprised. He was an expert in the art of dual cultivation by now, such a skillful thing was nothing in his opinion.

He increased the tempo and as his body slapped onto Lucifer's buttocks, they jiggled along with her hanging breasts at the front.

Lucifer let out continuous moans and was not focused on making Lith quickly climax anymore. This feeling was far too pleasurable for her to make it stop!

"Ahh… more… more…"

"As you command," Lith smiled and answered, immediately stopping at once, confusing Lucifer.

In the next instant though, she was lifted off from the bed, getting surprised.

Lith hugged her from behind and got up, having her legs hang in the air and his shaft still lodged inside her.

Lith got down from the bed and took her to the glass wall, showing her the amazing landscape of the sea.

He started pounding her pussy again and while doing so, said, "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Ugh… this is embarrassing now," Lucifer grumbled.

'Success!' Lith laughed internally and continued on with his third round of the day.


A/N: Hi everyone, chapter was a bit long, but I didn't want to break it into two parts.

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