Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 979 Stopping The Infighting With A Call**
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Chapter 979 Stopping The Infighting With A Call**

In the dimly lit room, melodious lewd moans continuously echoed. The source of it being none other than the Demon Queen herself.

She was bent over the table having the candle decorations and was getting her pussy continuously spread while her body swayed in response.

Lith and her both had lost count by now and didn't know what round this even was.

He didn't feel tired yet and he was sure neither did Lucifer.

Her body was sweaty and her inner thighs were covered in love juices, an indication of the multiple orgasms she has been through.

The room was messy as well with the bed being broken and the glass wall having a lot of stains.

No matter how much he pounded her, it still didn't feel enough. Lith was overstimulated by her sexy body glistening with sweat and the many red handprints on her plump buttocks.

Holding onto her love handles, Lith did a final few powerful thrusts and got herself to climax with a loud moan and exploded within her.

Lucifer slouched on the table, dropping the candles to the side and basked in her orgasm.

Lith breathed heavily and wiped the sweat off his forehead, his half erect shaft still lodged inside Lucifer.

"My, my… you've been going at it without break for a few days now," Lucifer turned her head to the side and said. "Do you love my pussy that much?"

Lith felt a tight squeeze on his limp little brother. Lucifer sure was having fun teasing him.

Lith didn't answer her and sat on the chair by the table while placing Lucifer on his lap, his shaft still lodged inside her.

Lucifer's perky breasts covered his face and didn't let him look at the table in front.

Lucifer shook her upper body, slapping Lith's face with her tits. "What is it? Still want to have a go at it?"

Lith pulled his head back and groped Lucifer's soft ass cheeks. He kissed her for a few seconds and breaking it, said while kneading her ass, "Do you know of the world situation?"

Lucifer stretched her hands up and said lazily, "Depends on what you're asking about."

Lith had a look at her smooth armpits and side body. It looked really sexy, so much so that…

"H-hey! No armpit licking!"

Although Lucifer said that, she didn't stop Lith and made a flushed expression as he licked her sides.

From the looks of it, this was yet another one of her weak spots. 'Interesting,' thought Lith.

So far, he knew a total of three weak spots of hers. One being inside her, the other being her armpit, and the last one being that slick black tail with a heart end swaying around.

Lith was tempted to hold it, but he suddenly had flashbacks of the time he did that and suffered a massive blow from his aunt. She sure could be a handful sometimes, not that he minded.

Lith let go of her and began squishing her love handles, making her eyes twitch. 'Does he think my body is a stuffed toy?'

Unbeknownst to Lucifer, she indeed was stuffed and behind toyed by Lith.

"I was talking about the chaotic things happening lately. How do you see the situation in Demon Society?" Lith asked and then latched on her ample breast.

Lucifer tousled her fingers over Lith's hair as he sucked on her tits and said with some pondering, "Hmm… I remember Adriel mentioning something like gluttony, envy, and pride houses are collaborating to attack the lust and the sloth houses. I don't know, I could be wrong. There's also greed and wrath houses who are doing something."

Lith let go of her nipple, making some milk leak out. However, it stopped after a few seconds.

Lith stared into his aunt's abyss-like eyes and said, "How do you not know a single thing about your society? Aren't you the Queen?"

Lucifer shrugged. She contracted her insides, massaging Lith's dick lodged inside her pussy and said, "I am a busy lady, you know? And those idiots keep fighting, there's nothing new about it."

Lith held onto his aunt's hips and slowly grinded to poke her g-spot. While doing so, he replied, "Busy? You?"

Lucifer smirked in response and her tail swayed playfully behind her. "What do you know? I've been cultivating lately and training my daughters. They are so cute that I feel like hugging them at all times when I see them! Due to the training and cultivation, I could not even masturbate… that's how busy I am lately."

Lith raised his eyebrow in amusement. "You sure have changed, aunt."

Lucifer let out a soft smile. "I have indeed. But for the better this time. I'm somehow back in the learning phase due to suddenly becoming a mother. This phase feels like I'm back to being a freshly ascended immortal and having a lot to look forward to."

The statements were wholesome and Lith could figure that it came straight out of her heart. Watching her be happy made him happy as well.

As Lucifer paused in her speech and reminisced about her past experiences, her brows suddenly furrowed and her face darkened.

Lith noticed this and asked, "Is something up?"

Lucifer snorted and her insides gave a tight squeeze to Lith, making him 'oof' in response.

"I suddenly realized I don't really like the idea of being a freshly ascended immortal. I remember that day… that day when that damned geezer, instead of congratulating me and being happy, made me work extra hard to consolidate my cultivation."

Lith smiled and shook his head. His aunt's mood sure changes rapidly.

"Anyway, if you want me to do something, say it. I'll have Adriel brush me up on the current affairs and see what I can do," Lucifer said.

Lith held her hips and making her slowly move up and down on his shaft, said, "It's fine. The work I need you to get done doesn't require the Demon involvement. Though, it would be better if they ceased the infighting for a while."

Lucifer nodded. "Say less."

She continued to ride Lith slowly in a cowgirl position and taking her phone out of her space ring, called Adriel.

In just a single ring, her secretary picked up the call and said, "How may I help, Your Majesty?"

"Make the houses stop fighting," Lucifer said.

"Will be done. Anything else?"

Lucifer looked at Lith. "Anything else?"

Lith, who was used to such speedy movements, didn't feel surprised. Similar things happened back at home on a daily basis. He nodded his head and said, "Make them focus on the Angels."

"Shift their focus to the Angels," Lucifer instructed Adriel. f𝚛𝚎𝗲we𝗯𝗻ovel.𝐜om

"Will be done as well. Anything else, Your Majesty?"

"That's all for today," Lucifer said and hung up. "It's done."

Lith chucked and kissed her moist lips. "You sure are reliable sometimes."

Lucifer snorted. "Sometimes, you say?"

Lith didn't elaborate on it further. "Can the Devils fight too?"

"Yeah. But it'll be a big ruckus," Lucifer said. "And a hassle too to get them back in the Abyss floors."

"Well… If you can release a handful of them in the Human Society, it would be really nice. I want to eliminate a bloodline completely," Lith's expression turned serious by the end of his statement.

Lucifer's eyebrow raised in interest. "Who offended you?"

Lith squinted his eyes, somewhat feeling his anger swell up. "The Supreme Rank Darren Whitter."

"Heh~… how did you come in contact with him for him to offend you? Now I'm really interested in this tea~"

Lith was about to shift to the bed to explain everything in a comfortable position, but realized the bed was all messy and broken. The same was the condition of the entire room.

Lith wrinkled his nose. "Give me a second, I'll tell you."

Saying so, he took his phone out and called Bella. She was now serving Lucifer, so wouldn't have any problem in coming here.

Within an instant, she was in the room and saw Lith and Lucifer in an intimate position, completely naked.

Lith gestured to her to get this place tidied up and she got to work immediately.

Lucifer watched her work for the first time with a curious look. She worked swiftly as if someone had installed a 10x speed button in her and got everything cleaned up.

The room glistened with an even cleaner look than the time they arrived.

Bella then bowed and took her leave, not wanting to disturb her Prince and lady.

After she was gone, Lith got up from his chair and shifted to the bed, lying down on his sides with Lucifer in tow.

She faced him and placed her leg over his, giving him an easier access to her holes. This sideways position was a bit risky as the shaft could slip out and enter another hole. But Lucifer was fine with it. If it turned into anal, then so be it.

Lith clasped her soft thigh and going back to penetrating her slowly, said, "So the story is that I haven't been directly in contact with him, but he's caused a lot of trouble to my loved ones. Let me narrate from the start…"

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