Versatile: Alternate World

Chapter 779 The Answer
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The discussion we have done is finally finished and tomorrow will be the day we depart for the Kamikaze continent. Lucia will be coming along as well but she wishes to continue transcribing the diary for a while so she will remain holed up in the summon's area to keep herself busy. The others will be ready to support though.

Queen Tori already made a way to enter the continent's borders so all that is left is for the two to finish their preparations. As for me, I continue to raise the level of my cooking skill my EX Job had to be able to properly cook the food I needed for the wife of the shogun which will come in handy later if she refuses to join in our cause. The only thing is that it almost took me a whole day to finish the task I made for myself.

And once I am done, I decided to return to the real world this time. I am getting hungry as well so might as well go back to the real world for now.






I opened my eyes and I am back to the real world. Kind of exhausting, to be honest, and I am starting to find myself being estranged after going back and forth between the two worlds now that I felt like I am still in the Alternate World. Perhaps I am now not sure when I started feeling like this but it seems that my view of the real world and the Alternate World is starting to merge together and I don't think I am liking it as now I am confusing both worlds due to this.

Stretching my body for a bit, I checked the windows, and its raining. It's not that strong but the temperature is getting colder. With the wind blowing into my window, I decided to close it as the temperature in my room suddenly went colder than before while I kept the window remain open. Somehow, even the rain seems to be similar to the rain in Alternate World as well.

I shook my head and I don't know whether this was just a me thing, or perhaps the two worlds are starting to merge together as one. Because if they do, it will be a big disaster to this world and to the Alternate World and there will be no more saving grace left once that happens.

Checking the time, it's almost 4 in the afternoon. I skipped lunch entirely, but I am not worried as I have eaten lunch in the Alternate World. Since the Alternate World is just another world, eating there is the same as eating here just the same. But I think eating another one would not hurt, I guess. ๐“ฏ๐‘Ÿ๐“ฎโ„ฏ๐˜ธโ„ฏ๐˜ฃ๐‘›โ„ด๐˜ทโ„ฏ๐“ต.๐˜ค๐‘œ๐‘š

Rubbing my stomach, I went out of my room and went to the kitchen to grab some grub. I was out of it while walking I didn't notice the girls were in the kitchen along with the elves. Even the two siblings were there as well. The only one who is not present is Janus.

"Oh, speak of the devil, he is here indeed," Riko immediately grins as she saw me walking to the kitchen.

"Come, Manato. It seems you are going to eat, we are having some snacks. Care to join us?" Rika invited me by showing me a slice of pizza in her hands.

"You guys call pizza delivery?" I asked.

"Nah, we just made our own. Rika knew a recipe for one pizza. Looking at the ingredients and finding out that the ingredients are present, we decided to cook it and by following her instructions, we produced the food and it came out pretty well. Now, we have food to eat," Sora answered as she savored the pizza like it was from delivery.

I went over to their table and the pizza looks like it doesn't come from a delivery indeed. Based on how messy the toppings are and how some of them have varying shapes and sizes, it's clear this is a homemade one.

Sitting down beside Pandora, Rika was the first one to give a sign to the elves to disable the tattoos. The elves understood what she meant and immediately and in a snap of their fingers, all of our tattoos were disabled.

"Wow, that was faster than before!" Riko was amazed as the elves just did a single snap to do that in which before, they have to manually do it one by one with their hands.

"We managed to find a way to do it easily compared to before but we still have yet to finish up the spells so we are still not that big on breakthrough on this one. We can do things like this now though so that's that," Renatta smiled.

The siblings were surprised at what happened and are confused about what is happening while the rest of us are no longer surprised.

"I already made a decision, Bladeheart. Although at first, I was hesitant, after finding more answers to my question, I can confidently say I can join in on your trials on this one. You saved me before so now that you are going to ask for help, I will lend my strength as well. Once the plan is ready, I am going to join you on this one as well."

Pandora also had her answer and this time, she already have written them on her sketchbook and she handed it to me for me to read. It's a bit of a lengthy one.

"I was hesitant at first since if I accept, my brother who doesn't plan to have a Reality Verse added to him will be left behind. However, he encouraged me about joining you on this. He wanted me to explore new horizons and leave his wings so that I can go out there and be free from anything. If joining you would increase my chances of exploring other places without my illness hindering me, then I will join. I am certainly and will happily lend a hand on the cause."

I looked at her and she gave me a warm smile, which I am happy that they are joining as well. Who would have thought they would be joining? Especially for Pandora who was usually with her brother.

As I return the sketchbook, Suhei appeared and saw me. He approached the table and he pats me on my shoulders.

"I am counting on you to take care of my sister once the plan is carried out alright? If everything is good, please come home safe with her."

"Wait, are you sure about this? She might not come back for a long time..."

"Yes. I know there will come a day when she will no longer require my assistance. As her brother, I am not here to chain her down. I am here to encourage what path she is going to take and I am going to support it whatever it is. And based on what she said to me, it seems this will be a grand adventure and for her to participate in that willingly without me is a big thing already. Now that she has friends to support her, I think it is also time for her to venture out into the bigger world. I am limiting her potential if she just remains by my side."

"You are a good brother, Suhei-san. I hope my brother was as good as you, to be honest," Rika sighed.

"Haha, not really. I might be a good brother but I am not a good son. But I think it is better this way I guess."

After that, he left while he grab one slice of the pizza on the table.

"Enjoy your talk guys, I will be taking one piece. It looks good."

He left while eating the pizza in his hands. We are left silent after that when Akira breaks the silence.

"Uhhh... can someone bring us into the loop? We are still lost on what the heck is happening?"

I felt bad for the two who are out of the loop so I immediately gave them a rundown on what we are planning and what we are about to do. It's going to be a big decision so I didn't want to rush them from joining me and took my time explaining what will happen. But it was immediately answered by the two.

"We will join. If you are all planning a big event like this, then we will not miss this one. There is no way we will just let you guys leave us here. Brother, you helped us in times of our need, so we will pay you back on this as well. In fact, I don't think we can even pay you back for how much you have done for us," Sora immediately explained.

"What my Sis said, Brother. You are not alone in this battle, we will be joining and if it is for the sake of the world, then we will, not hesitate to join in."

I was not expecting the answers to be this positive but that only means the recruitment of the people who will be helping me is expanding. The plan is now sailing smoothly.

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