Villain Is Bodyguard of Heroine's Poisonous Stepmother

Chapter 88: A Method to Kill the Protagonist
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Chapter 88: A Method to Kill the Protagonist

At the Wang family estate, Old Master Wang wore a look of grave seriousness.

How is Ye Chen? he asked.

His injuries are severe. Weve removed the bullet from his arm, but more concerning than the gunshot wound is the punch he sustained to his body, Wang Hong reported.

He presented a piece of alloy steel plate, deeply indented by a fist. Ye Chen had fortuitously worn this steel plate, which ultimately saved his life from Chen Luos potentially fatal punch.

Observing the fist imprint on the steel plate, Old Master Wang drew in a sharp breath. Was such damage really possible from a human fist?

Luckily, Ye Chen is remarkably resilient. A normal person would have likely died from such a force, he said, still astounded by the power of the punch that had deformed the hard alloy steel.

Moreover, Jin Sanye is dead, and Bai Meixiang has taken over the majority of his underlings, Wang Hong delivered another piece of troubling news.

Jin Sanyes death was not as crucial as the loss of his network. They could have replaced him with a new figurehead, but Bai Meixiangs takeover of his forces posed a significant problem. The Wang family now found themselves unable to intervene in Magic Citys underworld, with Bai Meixiang reigning as the sole queen.

Have we determined whos supporting Bai Meixiang? asked Old Master Wang, skeptical of her operating independently.

So far, no. Shes quite mysterious, replied Wang Hong, shaking his head. Despite utilizing the Wang familys extensive resources, Bai Meixiangs background remained a mystery. But one fact was indisputable, she had now solidified her position as the unchallenged queen of Magic Citys underworld.

He harbored thoughts of revenge against Bai Meixiang, but without any leverage or solid evidence against her, how could he act? Even if Bai Meixiang was implicated in Jin Sanyes death, they lacked concrete proof. Pressuring her might result in nothing more than a scapegoat being offered.

Bai Meixiangs rapid consolidation of most of Jin Sanyes power indicated a premeditated strategy. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to swiftly acquire such a substantial network. This underlined Bai Meixiangs exceptional skills, proving that Chen Luo had indeed gained a valuable ally in recruiting her.

Previously, Chen Luo had limited insight into the workings of Magic City. With Bai Meixiang at his side, it was akin to having an additional set of eyes that could observe the entire citys dynamics.

Well only understand what truly happened once Ye Chen regains consciousness, he noted.

They had discovered Ye Chen in a state of unconsciousness, heavily injured and barely managing to contact Wang Hong before succumbing to his injuries. Ye Chens continued comatose state left them in the dark about the precise events leading to his critical condition.

Hes awake now, announced a doctor, stepping out of the room with a mask on.

Thank you for your efforts, Dr. Li, Wang Hong said appreciatively.

Dr. Li was the Wang familys private physician, highly esteemed for his medical skills.

Its no trouble at all, Dr. Li quickly replied, mindful of the generous compensation he received from the Wang family.

Old Master Wang, what kind of phenomenon is this? His recovery rate is astonishing, almost seven to eight times faster than a normal person, Dr. Li asked, genuinely astonished by Ye Chens rapid healing, which seemed beyond human capabilities.

Dr. Li, some questions are better left unasked, Wang Hong said calmly.

Feeling a sense of foreboding, Dr. Li promptly ceased his questions.

Despite sometimes receiving courteous treatment from the Wang family, Dr. Li was keenly aware of his place and knew well that angering them could lead to his prompt dismissal, which would be considered a mild consequence.

Old Master Wang and Wang Hong entered the room.

What exactly happened, Ye Chen? Old Master Wang asked of Ye Chen.

Who is responsible for your injuries? Our Wang family will certainly seek vengeance for you. Could it have been Bai Meixiangs people? Wang Hong asked, his expression filled with fury, as Bai Meixiang had become an adversary of their family.

Her actions had effectively severed a crucial limb of the Wang family, one they used for handling unsavory affairs.

The one who hurt me is Chen Luo. Bai Meixiang is under his command, Ye Chen responded, his face dark with anger.

He suspected that the death of his mercenaries was also deeply entangled with Bai Meixiang. He lamented not investigating Chen Luos subordinates sooner. His fixation on Chen Luo had made him overlook the need to first dismantle Luos support system. Chen Luo was a challenging adversary, the best tactic might be to systematically weaken his influence before confronting him directly.

Ye Chen had already marked Bai Meixiang as a primary target for elimination. Initially, she was meant to be a heroine, but now she was firmly positioned as part of Chen Luos antagonist camp.

So its Chen Luo, Old Master Wang realized, recalling the young man who had once accompanied Luo Mingde to their house. He had sensed then that Chen Luo was not a simple character, and his intuition was proven correct.

Rest assured, we will definitely avenge this for you, Wang Hong told Ye Chen earnestly.

Their commitment to retribution was not solely for Ye Chens sake. It was also a matter of avenging their own family. They wouldnt allow their authority in Magic City to be challenged so brazenly.

You should stay with the Wang family for your recovery period.


Ye Chen pondered for a moment and agreed. Convalescing at the Wang familys residence did seem safer, as it was unlikely that Chen Luo would dare to attack him there.

Indeed, Chen Luo wouldnt recklessly assault Ye Chen at the Wang familys stronghold. Even in a state of recklessness, he wouldnt commit such an absurd act. The Wang family was not akin to Jin Sanye. Eliminating Jin Sanye, a character who operated in the shadows, was relatively straightforward. However, launching an attack on the Wang family would be a significantly different matter, with consequences requiring thorough consideration.


System, provide me with methods to kill the protagonist, Chen Luo inquired of the system.

His disappointment was palpable, having failed to eliminate Ye Chen this time. His intent had been genuinely murderous. Yet, Ye Chen had miraculously escaped, despite Chen Luos superior strength and expert marksmanship. Chen Luo was convinced that only the protagonists aura and luck could explain Ye Chens narrow escape from death.

Ding, the answer requires five million RMB. 𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖

Thats quite expensive, but Ill purchase it.

Ding, here are three methods for the host to consider.

First Method: Employ strength that the protagonist cannot counter. By killing the protagonist with an absolute overwhelming advantage, you can exceed the limits of their protagonist auras protective effect. The protagonist can still die if confronted by power surpassing this limit.

Second Method: Purchase a Destiny Antagonist Aura. This can negate the influence of the protagonists aura. The higher the level of the Destiny Antagonist Aura, the less affected it is by the protagonists aura.

Third Method: Gradually affect the protagonists fate, thereby reducing the effectiveness of their protagonist aura. Ye Chens protagonist aura has already been significantly weakened by the hosts actions. Any actions targeting Ye Chen can further diminish the power of his protagonist aura.

Ye Chens protagonist aura had already been substantially weakened due to Chen Luos maneuvers. Any offensive against Ye Chen would continue to diminish his protagonist auras influence.

It was fortunate that it had been greatly weakened. Otherwise, Ye Chens situation might not have been limited to just a narrow escape from Chen Luo. He could have potentially turned the tables and defeated Chen Luo.

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