You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 984 (Ye Hua is a Bit Naughty)
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Chapter 984 (Ye Hua is a Bit Naughty)

Ye Chen and others watched as Cheng Tian left.

He was so powerful when he arrived, full of momentum.

But upon seeing the big brother, it was like a mouse encountering a cat, instantly losing courage.

You are still the emperor's guard, is this your demeanour? Have you lost all your bottom lines and professional ethics?

In the Spirit City, fighting is not allowed, but what is happening now?

Isn't this considered a fight?

What else would be considered a fight? The entire Ye family has become like this, oh my god!

With big brother's return, the whole Spirit City will be turned upside down.

"Ye Hua, have you eaten? Mother made food for you," Yue Jing said, satisfied with having both her sons by her side.

Ye Hua is a bit awkward now, not sure how to answer.

"Mother, big brother and I are both hungry," Ye Juetian said happily.

With such a powerful big son, who wouldn't like him? Much more promising than him.

After hearing this, Yue Jing quickly said, "Mother will make food for you brothers. Ye Hua, you wait for mother, don't leave, understand?"

Ye Hua nodded but didn't speak.

Yue Jing felt that Ye Hua's attitude was normal. After all, they haven't seen each other for so long, and he has lost his memory. He is truly a pitiful child.

Ye Hua watched Yue Jing happily leave and then looked at Ye Chen and others. The latter shrank, unable to meet his gaze.

"Why are you still here? Stay for dinner!" Ye Hua said coldly.

Ye Chen, Ye Liangcai, and Ye Zhe immediately bowed and then quickly left, probably to find their fainted father and figure out a solution.

This big brother is too arrogant, they must...

Protect themselves!

Ye Hua and Ye Juetian walked into the back room.

Ye Hua surveyed his mother's room.

Very small, very ordinary.

His own mother has been living in such a run-down place, it's simply an insult to her status!

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Ye Juetian handed a glass of water to Ye Hua.

Ye Hua sighed, "Has she been living here all this time?"

She, Ye Hua, still couldn't bring herself to call her mother.

"Big brother, don't be so formal." Ye Juetian poked Ye Hua with his hip.

Ye Hua narrowed his eyes, and Ye Juetian seemed indifferent. After all, they are brothers, what's wrong with joking around a bit?

Does big brother still want to hit him?

"Big brother, since you disappeared, mother has been living here. Except for me coming to visit, there hasn't been anyone else." Ye Juetian said helplessly and then sat down.

Ye Hua couldn't help but think of his mother just now, and suddenly felt a bit heavy-hearted.

Maybe he should take her away.

Living in the palace of the Voidless Empire, this room seems to be filled with desolation and bitterness.

"Big brother, you hit father, and even the Ninth Prince, and just offended Cheng Tian, who is a favourite of the emperor." Ye Juetian couldn't help but worry.

Big brother offended a lot of people.

It's only been an hour. If it continues for a day, he might offend everyone.

So daring.

So bold.

Ye Hua chuckled after hearing this, "Just a bunch of clownish characters. You need to get rid of your fear of trouble."

After saying that, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

Big brother is cool, even this action exudes a certain style.

No wonder he can't catch up with big brother's pace, a bit behind.

"Big brother, give me a try."

Ye Hua took out a cigarette for his younger brother, "This is called smoking."

"Smoking? Sounds cool."

Ye Juetian lit it, took a puff, and immediately choked. It seems even an Overlord can't handle it. Maybe it's better to quit.

"It's not easy to smoke." Ye Juetian frowned.

Ye Hua shook his head, "You, young man, don't understand. Smoking is a kind of loneliness."

Ye Juetian looked at his big brother.

Mystifying but admirable.

This kind of style is indeed something he can't learn.

"Big brother, little brother has learned." Ye Juetian also imitated Ye Hua's expression, deep and melancholic.

Ye Hua casually said, "You have a lot more to learn in the future."

"Big brother, please teach me more."


Suddenly, the door was pushed open.

Ye Hua and Ye Juetian were smoking, looking at Yue Jing entering.

At this moment, the small room was filled with a hazy atmosphere, like a heavenly place.

"What are you two brothers doing!" Yue Jing scolded like a mother, making a face at her sons.

Ye Juetian's hand trembled, immediately extinguishing the cigarette. It was like the rhythm of swift and fierce revenge.

Ye Hua played along, discreetly stomping out the cigarette and then said in a deep voice, "Ye Juetian, don't give me these things in the future. It's not good for health."

Ye Juetian: "?????"

Yue Jing looked directly at Ye Juetian, "Little Tian, how could you do this? Your brother just came, and you're misbehaving. If anything happens to your brother, I'll make sure to punish you!"

Ye Juetian: "??!??"

Ye Hua sat silently on the side.

Ye Juetian looked at his big brother, then at his mother.

You guys.

Bullying people.

"Ye Hua, your brother is mischievous. Take good care of your brother in the future." Yue Jing placed the cooked dishes on the table.

In Yue Jing's mind, these were the three dishes that Ye Hua liked the most.

Stir-fried shredded pork with green peppers, spicy tofu, and braised pork.

Ye Hua looked at the dishes his mother cooked, feeling warm inside.

Much better than what Qing Ya and the others could cook.

Yue Jing served the meal next to her son, saying, "Ye Hua, try it. Mother hasn't cooked in a long time."

"Mmm." Ye Hua responded and picked up the chopsticks to taste.

This feeling...

Why does it feel like eating Auntie's pancakes from years ago, that warm feeling, willing to endure her nagging.

It's been a long time since he felt this way.

Ye Hua likes to deceive himself. He seeks warmth from Auntie, but he just refuses to admit it.

For family affection, Ye Hua acts indifferent, but deep down, what he desires most is family love.

"Is it delicious?" Yue Jing asked softly, her beautiful eyes filled with care, as if afraid her child would go hungry.

"Delicious." Ye Hua said with a deep tone, feeling deeply moved.

"Then eat more. From now on, mother will cook for you every day." Yue Jing was almost beaming with joy and satisfaction.

Ye Hua nodded and slowly enjoyed the delicious meal.

"Mother, what about me?" Ye Juetian asked dumbfoundedly. This is clearly a situation of favouring the older brother and neglecting the younger one.

Dear mother, you can't be so biased.

"Little Tian, why are you here making trouble? Quickly, go pour water for your big brother."

"But... Mother~"

"Hurry up, you really make me worried."

Ye Juetian was speechless; this favouritism is too blatant.

Ye Hua is now very happy, he hasn't felt this happy in a long time.

But when someone is happy, someone else may be facing tragedy.

Ye Shen is one of those facing tragedy.

And so is Cheng Tian.

At this moment, Cheng Tian hurriedly arrived at the emperor's sleeping palace.

"Your Majesty, something big has happened!"

Lights were on inside, but there was no response.

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