100 Days to Seduce the Devil

Chapter 445 Paternity Test Between The Two
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Day Fifty-One…


"What did you just say?" Nathan had conflicting thoughts right now. His mind didn't want to absorb what had just been said by now.

Chantha and Violet exchanged glances with one another. They were also surprised when they heard Axel's last remarks. They knew that Syphiruz Mafia had been eyeing to form an alliance with the Sawada Clan for years.

They had to curry the favor of Mr. Hiroshi, the godfather of the Sawada Clan, by finding his missing daughter. And who would have thought that Phantomflake might be the missing daughter?

"Is this a good thing or a bad thing?" Chantha whispered to her twin sister. The two ladies had been observing Nathan's reaction. They saw his mixed emotions. Maybe he was flabbergasted by this.

"Both!" Violet stated matter-of-factly. "Good… because if Phantomflake is the missing daughter, this means our Supreme Leader succeeded in his task given by Mr. Hiroshi. But the bad thing is that… Phantomflake is his mortal enemy. He wants to kill her. And now, we are torturing her. How do you think Mr. Hiroshi will respond once he learns that we hurt and torture his daughter?"

"This will become a war between Syphiruz and the Sawada Clan." Joker butted in.

The two ladies looked at him, taking a deep sigh.

"Then we should keep this a secret from the Sawada Clan. We can't tell them we found Mr. Hiroshi's daughter. Through this, we can avoid the war." Spider suggested.

"I don't think our Supreme Leader will be intimidated by the Sawada Clan. He is stubborn. If he wants revenge, then he will do it his own way." Violet also expressed her thoughts.

Chantha bobbed her head in agreement with her twin sister. Nathan wouldn't care about going against a big organization. If he wanted to avenge the death of his beloved woman, Nathan would even kill Mr. Hiroshi's daughter. That's what they thought about their Supreme Leader.

"We should kill Phantomflake before the Sawada Clan learns about her existence," Joker said with conviction. "Supreme Leader should not hesitate."

"This is not our call. Let's wait for his final decision." Violet just focused her attention on Nathan who was still talking to Axel.

"They have generated ten images… and upon checking and tracking their identities… Phantomflake is the one that appeared on our data bank. The other photos got rejected because the AI-generated photos do not have identities." They heard Axel explaining to Nathan.

"What are we going to do now, sir?" Axel knew the possible consequences of their action. Axel didn't know if Nathan would kill Phantomflake after getting the name of the mastermind. But one thing was for sure, if Phantomflake happened to be the missing daughter of Mr. Hiroshi, they shouldn't let the Sawada Clan know that they held her as a hostage and made her suffer.

Nathan crumpled his face. He was displeased by this situation. He promised Abigail that he would help Mr. Hiroshi to find his missing daughter. But he didn't expect that Phantomflake might be the one they were looking for.

"Calm down. We haven't confirmed it yet. It's just based on AI-generated images. For now, we have to do a paternity test between Mr. Hiroshi and Phantomflake. But we must do it discreetly, He must not know that we already found a possible match for his missing daughter." Nathan gathered his emotion, analyzing the situation critically.

"Okay, sir. I got it. I will contact Mr. Hiroshi. But I am worried. Mr. Hiroshi is very keen and sharp even in a simple detail. He is meticulous. What if he will notice something once we try to ask for his DNA sample?" Axel expressed his concern. It was also hard to get a sample DNA from Mr. Hiroshi without his consent. The members of the Sawada Clan and his right-hand man were very protective of him.

"I will talk to him… myself." Nathan simply said, rubbing his temples. He suddenly got a headache because of this.

Then Axel glanced at the closed door of the Dark Room. Phantomflake was still inside. Nathan already read what was on Axel's mind.

"Let's stop for now. Transfer her to the white room. And bring the truth serum." Nathan gave his order.

Phantomflake was willing to cooperate now. He could no longer see the resistance in her eyes. It seemed like the person in front of him was different from the Phantomflake he knew. Why did she suddenly become vulnerable? Two years ago, Phantomflake held so much pride and ego, choosing death over being captured by Nathan alive. She even tried to take her life just to avoid Nathan's revenge.

Spider was a little bit disappointed. He was enjoying what he was doing a while ago, inflicting pain on the infamous assassin. But now, they had to stop the torture. He couldn't defy their Supreme Leader's order.

"Okay, Sir. I got it." Axel responded.

Nathan went back to the Dark Room to finish his conversation with Phantomflake. However, to his surprise, the woman sitting in the chair had fallen asleep. She was so exhausted from the torture she received from Spider. Her physical body was still trying to adjust. She was still frail and weak.

Furthermore, Jane finally let her guard down when she saw Nathan. She felt secure just seeing his presence and she finally let her body fall asleep. She didn't fight the dizziness and sleepiness anymore. For some unknown reason, she found her comfort because of Nathan's arrival.

Spider and Joker stepped forward to carry Jane when Nathan stopped them using his hand gesture. Then he looked at Stephen, his right-hand man, motioning him to carry Jane, instead of the two men.

Axel quickly followed Nathan's every command. Axel removed the cuffs binding her hands and feet. And just when he was about to lift her up, Nathan removed his jacket and used it to cover Jane's soaked body.

"Chantha, Violet… make sure to change her clothes. Let her rest for a while. We will continue the interrogation with the truth serum… tomorrow." Nathan notified the ladies.

Everyone was puzzled why Nathan suddenly became generous toward Phantomflake. He even let her use his own jacket to cover up her upper body.

Even Nathan didn't know why he acted that way. His body just reflexively moved on its own accord.

Maybe, subconsciously, he remembered that this woman was important to his best friend, Stephen. Or maybe, because she might be Mr. Hiroshi's daughter. Nathan wasn't certain about either of the two. Or perhaps, he thought that Phantomflake was a bit different from the assassin he knew before.

'Does the life or death situation change her? She's been a coma for two years.' Nathan thought to himself as he watched Phantomflake being transferred to another prison room.

"Boss, you shouldn't be here. You must go back to the hospital. You haven't completely recovered yet," Violet approached Nathan.

"It's fine. I have a score to settle. I must confront Phantomflake, myself."

Violet and Chantha just nodded their heads.

"Anyway. Did Madam Lu confess?" Nathan recalled the second reason why he went there.

"Yes. She confessed to hiring another hitman to hurt Abigail. I already dispatched our elite team for this manhunt. They are now tracking the hitman's location." Violet informed Nathan.

But Nathan still had a nagging feeling. Aside from Madam Lu, there was another person behind Abigail's accident before. What if they were still targeting her until now? But what was the real motive?

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